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Winner Announced!
Congrats to:
A.C. Morris
You've been coming here every single day in March so far and it's paid off! You're getting all five of Emily's books and I'm going to send you some cashola to see Something Borrowed when it comes out on May 6, along with some of your favorite movie candy! So congrats to you (Man, I wanted THIS ONE! Hahah!) so, send me your full name along with your mailing address so you can get your prize! And don't worry everyone, there are still SO MANY more FABULOUS authors to come! There are ELEVEN days in March left PLUS, I've got some EXTRA authors who wanted to be a part of this, so we're heading into April for this one!

Emily had me at hello. She just did. I love her more than anything. Since I lived in her hometown, I had the pleasure of meeting her a bunch of times. She sent me her very own ARC of Baby Proof just because I was nervy enough to ask, I've been out to dinner with her, she taught me how to smile properly (touch the back of your teeth or the roof of your mouth with your tongue as the camera clicks), and she let me cut in line in front of everyone the day before I had to move from Chicago to Scottsdale! I truly consider her a friend. I hope she says the same of me.

I think she treats everyone she meets the same. She's kind and gracious and such a talented author, but you all already know that. And when I asked her if she'd like to participate in the Book-A-Day Giveaway, she said I could offer anything I wanted. So, I figured you guys would want it all, right? So, that's what you're getting. ALL OF EMILY's BOOKS.


To win Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, Love the One You're With and Heart of the Matter, all you have to do is leave a comment here on something pertaining to why you love Emily Giffin, because I've already told you why I love her. Or why you love her books. Or why you would LOVE to READ her books.

So that's PART ONE.

Part Two is a little bit more intense, and you don't have to play along if you don't wanna win part two. Up to you.

Emily's first book, SOMETHING BORROWED is coming out on the BIG SCREEN (May 6th!), starring Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield.


I wanted to kick in a little something more so here's the second part of this giveaway:

--Go over to Emily's site and sign up for her e-newsletter here. You'll get a sneak peek at her amazing upcoming book WHERE WE BELONG if you sign up, and it's AWESOME! I'm already in love with her hottie guy character, Peter. And you'll also get exciting movie news in the e-newsletter too.

--At Emily's website, you'll find the answers to these two questions that I would like you to answer. I'm going to 'moderate' these questions in the comments section so no one can see the answers right away, but I'll make them all live after the qualification time is over, which you will have until Friday, March 18, 5:00 p.m., to answer.

1. What is the title of the young adult book Emily wrote before she wrote Something Borrowed that was never published?

2. In one of Emily's books, there is a main character with the same initials as Emily. What is that character's name. And what is that book? P.S. Emily didn't even know this until I told her!

If you answer these two questions correctly and within the timeframe, you will also be entered to win two movie tickets to SOMETHING BORROWED and I'll also send you your choice of candy for the movies if you're brave enough to sneak it in!

So, let's all get your Emily Thinking Caps on! Get on over to her site and sign up for her e-newsletter here and then find those EASY-PEASY answers and drop me a comment! Let me know why you wanna win ALL FIVE of Emily's fantastic books!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! I know it was a long one! And good luck to each and every one of you!

Love ya Emily, and if you don't get your arse out to Scottsdale for your next book tour, we are THAH-ROOOO! xo

(If that wasn't enough for ya, you can scroll at your leisure through all of this to read my previous posts about my antics with eg!)

PeaCe uP!

NOTE: Comment moderation is on, not to worry, your comments will be posted and accepted after the deadline time but do check back to confirm you are listed for the book drawing over the weekend!

ANOTHER NOTE: OK, SCREW IT! I'm too lazy to monitor comments and you all clearly know the answers anyway, and if you don't you can are lucking out now. Put the answers in the comment section along with why you love EG and you'll be entered for the movie prize package as well. eg would want it this way. BUT, go sign up for her e-newsletter too! xoxo

Please leave a comment, and all those who do will qualify to win Emily's books! I’ll draw the winner in a couple of days and I will post the winner’s name at the TOP of this post, in the highlighted area.

Come back and read about each book every day in March. Choose the books you'd like to win. Enter for any or ALL the books. Each entry will count as an entry toward the grand prize of winning ALL 31+ books at the end of the month. You can win the book of the day and still qualify to win ALL the books at the end of the month!

PLEASE be specific with your name in the comment section, and IF YOUR NAME is listed as the winner, you must email me at in order to claim your prize. Email me with your full name and address so I can have your book(s) sent to you.

Thanks, and GOOD LUCK! And come back tomorrow to see what book I’ll be giving away then too!

It’s MaNiC MoMMy’s March Madness Book-A-Day Giveaway! Read ALL the Rules and Details Here!

Sorry, only U.S. and Canadian residents only!


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Kristen Bailey said...

There is so much to love about Emily! I love the fun way she interacts with her fans on Facebook. She makes you feel like she is a real friend (although a very glamorous friend with insanely gorgeous shoes). She is an amazing writer - I think the rich character development and the human way she creates her characters is what I love most. And I LOVE how she is growing up with us; I am the same age as Emily, and I feel like her characters are growing up right along side us. I just read the first chapter of her new book, and was pleased to see the mother of a teenager as the main character. I can't wait to read the rest of that book! Oh, and the answer to the trivia are: "Lily Holding Time" and Ellen Graham in Love the One You're With...

BrendaBMarion said...

I added her latest book to my library queue after reading about it in the Book Pages newspaper at the library, a great source of all things book-related that they since cut from the budget so I read online, which is not as tactile-y enjoyable to, long answer, I would love to win all of her books! As for part two, Lily Holding True was her YA effort and Ellen Graham in Love the One You're With are my answers, along with m & m's as my fave movie candy, either plain or peanut!

Anonymous said...

I love Emily's books because she deals with real problems and makes them all pretty and tied up nicely at the end - love the happily ever after stories!

ChristineCet said...

I would love to read any of her books. I actually looked at all of the ones available at Borders and I couldn't decide. I wanted all of them! but I couldn't afford them all so I waited. maybe I will get lucky here! Cheers!

The Jagow Family said...

I was so excited when you announced on FB that you were giving away all of Emily Giffin's books....I LOVE her books, her writing! So good!

Okay, part TWO to this took me forever.
1. Lily Holding True (I thought maybe it was Rolling the Dice, but upon further investigation I found the right answer..or what I believe to be the right answer.)
2. Ellen Graham from "love the one you're with"

And if I'm lucky enough to win this one, my favorite movie candy is Junior Mints. :)

Thanks again MM!
michelle jagow

The Jagow Family said...

oh and I also sighed up for her e-newsletter too. forgot to mention that in my last post.

michelle jagow

Dawn from CA said...

I love Emily because I especially loved the book Love the One You're With..I've passed it around so much I don't even know who has it right now! I also like her because she just seems like a real, fun, down to earth person..and if MM likes her, my guess is she's a cool chick.
Answers to challenge:
#1 LILY HOLDING TRUE (I admit I cheated off other posts for that one because I couldn't find it! Maybe I was just too sleepy when I was looking!)
#2 ELLEN GRAHAM (that one I didn't have to look up!)

Thanks again, MM!

faithspage said...

Part 2
Lily Holding True
Emily Graham, LTOYW

Anonymous said...

My second attempt at posting :)

I love Emily's books! She was the first author I liked on fb :) I've read all her books and when I didn't have extra $$ to spend on one of her new hardbacks, I stalked our library so I could be the first to check it out, lol. And I was! I'm so so excited about seeing her new movie and feel like I know so much about it as she talks about it on her page! I feel like she is so personable! I really hope I can win the books and movie tickets, but let me be totally honest I really want to win all the books for the month! ha!

part 2 :)

1. Lily Holding True
2. Ellen Graham in love the one your with (which I loved).

Laura Kay

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I've read several of Emily's books and have found them laugh out loud!

katy finn said...

I love Emily Griffin books because she writes about real people and real things and I can never put an Emily Griffin book down!!

Hawkzter said...

I would love to read her books because I am always excited to learn about new authors. This looks like one author I do not want to miss out on!

Tammi Hawk

Siobhan F. said...

I haven't read any Emily Giffin, but I just love the way her books look, and obviously the on-going theme. Sorry, too tired to look up the answers to part 2, or to even get them from someone else's post!

Philadelphia said...

I've been wanting to read these books forever! I hope I didn't miss the cutoff!!!!

Lilianarenee said...

I love emily because she has a fabulous voice she writes with. She has brought together a group of girls that work for me that I feel need to read much more than they do. I passdown a lot of books through them and would love to have a new set to fill my shelves. And we are already planning a girls night when her movie comes out.

Wendi fr Louisiana said...

Lily holding true

Lauren Graham -


Wendi Fr Louisiana

Tia T. said...

PS: I forgot to answer the questions!

Lily Holding true and Ellen Graham from LTOYW


jpetroroy said...

I love how Emily can really get to the heart of how women feel

1. Lily Holding True

2. Ellen Graham in Love the one you're with

Ready To Be A Momma said...

I've been wanting to read some of Emily's books, just haven't had the chance to yet. Hope this is my turn!

Anonymous said...

I have ready many of Emily's books, each one gets better and better. jennyfromthecube

Unknown said...

I have only read one of her books....heart of the matter....and would love to read her other books! I have heard nothing but great things.

Taylor Morris said...

I would LOVE to win these!!! I always pick them up at the bookstore but ultimately decide to go with something else and immediately regret not getting them!

Nearl said...

Something Borrowed was an amazing book! I would love to read all her others as well. I will see what movie in a heartbeat, looks awesome!

CariLynn said...

Since it's still an option to win the movie tickets, here are my part two answers:
1. Lily Holding True
2. Ellen Graham in Love the One You're With


Anonymous said...

I love Emily because I get sad when I come to the end of her books (a sure sign of a good book - not wanting it to end!) which in my eyes makes her a great author!

1) Lily Holding True
2) Ellen Graham in Love the One You're With

I can't wait for the movie! And I'm all about sneaking in treats!


Dolly said...

I haven't yet read any of Emily's books so I would love to love her!!
(and I won't cheat & answer for the movie tickets!)

Sarah S. said...

I've had Emily's books on my wishlist for ages, I've only heard great things about them!

1. Lily Holding True

2. Ellen Graham in Love the one you're with

Sarah S.

Michelle said...

I want to read her books because I'm now sitting here trying to figure out how to smile right. Because I don't. And I don't get the tongue thing. Seriously, you gotta help me in SD this summer!

Unknown said...

1)Lily Holding True

2)Ellen Graham, Love The One You're With

SO SEEING Something Borrowed! I can't wait! Great prize package! I am totally excited...


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Emma S. said...

1. Lily Holding True
2. Ellen Graham in "Love the One You're With"

I love Emily because her characters are so relatable. I cannot wait to see her movie!

Stephanie said...


Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

why i want to win all?
b/c this avid reader doesn't yet but can't wait to have them")!
many thx for the opp!

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

pt 2? Lily Holding Time and Ellen Graham in Love the One You're With...

fxhawaii said...

Pretty effective material, much thanks for your article.

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