Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NeW MooN ReVieW

Thoughts on New Moon:

First and most important, while I’m not Ga-Ga for the Twilight series, I was thrilled to be able to say at the end of the movie that I am STILL majorly TEAM EDWARD, and I don’t care that his little English white belly is scrawny and I could take him down and put him in a pretzel lock with my own thighs, I still would take him over Jacob Lautner and his terrible Navajo weave any old day.

Honestly, I would take Edward’s intensity, charm and intellect over Jacob’s 8-pack o’ abs any day.

Oh, and that glitter and shine in the sunlight intensifies his beauty.

I would lay with him in a field of purple daisies and trace his face with my fingertips all day long if I was a confused teenager in love. Oh yes I would. And yeah, I'd sure as hell let him bite me. Anywhere he'd want to.

The line Bella says to Jacob, “You’re sorta beautiful” had me choking on my popcorn. Dumb, weak, lame, corny movie stuff. But am sure the tweeners will be hugging their pillows pretending to make out with them over that line.

I love Vampire Alice and want her for my BFF, plus I want her haircut. And her eyes. In fact, I want all the vampire’s eyes, except for the Volturi’s red ones. Oh, and their skin. I don’t want the Volturi vampire’s skin. They are extra pallid and white. I’m not into the just-painted-my-face-with-jar-of-Noxema look. But am OK with glimmer-of-flour-brushed-across-skin accents the Cullens go with.

I’m kinda intrigued with Victoria; like she's cool in that evil vampire chick way.

Also, LOVE the Cullen family. They just seem so vampirishly nice.

Didn’t enjoy the guy getting mad at Bella so he turns into a wolf and then Jacob turning into a wolf to protect Bella and them fighting, but I guess you need to put some action in there to keep the boys interested in the movie.

Bothered me a bit that in the first movie Bella’s all like, “Edward, you’re so cold,” and in this one, it’s “Jacob, you’re so warm.” While I like Edward so much better, and I’m totally on the vampire side, I like warmth better than being cold, so that’s kind of, well, not a deal-breaker for me, but a point of contention for me.

Bella has to get over those nightmares.

I have never read any of the books in the Twilight saga series. And after viewing New Moon, my first thought was, “Damn. I’m gonna have to wait like a YEAR till I can find out what happens next.”

Then I’m like, DUH. There’s a book. You can read it. Stupid, stupid girl.


GreenFairyLV said...

You haven't read the books? Well Eclispe, the next film/book, is already done filming and will be out June 30, 2010. So you don't have to wait too long if you chose not to read the books to find out what happens. And the last book, Breaking Dawn, is in talks to be made into a film. My fingers are crossed for it to be.
You probably think I'm lame. My husband makes fun of me for my love of the books and movies. But hey, he keeps buying me them.
Anyway I think the movies are better if you read the books, you know the whole story is all from Bella's point of view.
Sorry for such a long comment, I could go on and on.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Green--so the books are NOT from Bella's point of view? I do know they get married and have a baby, right? I think I will wait till June. that's not too far away! Thanks for the info, and no apologies for a long comment! Love it!

Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

Yeah, I just can't get past the fact that Jacob/Taylor is 17 IRL. Robert/Edward is not.

I actually prefer Edward's pale abs to Jacob's dark ones ... Edward and I would match. haha

kristi said...

You have to read the books!!! When i heard my college English teacher read and LOVED the books I had to read the and now I encourage my students to read them. The movies are nothing compared to the books. While new moon was a lot better than the first movie, the books are so much better and don't have as much of the cheesy factor. Seriously, YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOKS. They will suck you in and you will finish them in a matter of days and you will love them so much that you will want to read them again.

Kate said...

Ugh. I didn't like the book so well. I didn't think it was a horrible book, just not fabulous. The writing was not so great--her vocabulary was very limited. But Bella is so totally and completely a real teenage girl, complete with all of the sighing and longing and being self-obsessed and... Gotta love it. But lots and lots of people love the books. One of my male students last year asked if it was a "girl book" and could he read it. I told him to read it and see what he thought. He loved it so much that he choreographed a dance for the school's modern dance troupe that was inspired by Twilight. How cool is that?!?

Samantha Laury said...

Kristen Stewart is the perfect "Bella" .. All around the casting was perfect, everyone had so much so much angst that they fit the story perfectly

anymommy said...

I've read all four books, I'm ashamed to admit and they were REALLY fun. I saw the first movie and I agree, it's worth it just to pretend I'm young enough to have a crush on Edward.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I know. Everyone bashes Kristen Stewart saying she's a terrible actress or acts the same in all the movies--HELLOOOOO. She's acting the part of a teenager in love. DUHHHH! She plays the part PERFECTLY! I love her in both the movies! She's great in them.

Daisy Whitney said...

Yeah, I kinda felt like Jacob was just a hulking gym goon. His abs looked goods but his delts were way out of proportion and he kind of looked like a caricature of a guy who worked out!

stewbie2 said...

Welcome, my love. Welcome to the club. Edward is delicious. DELICIOUS. Read the books--he becomes even more delicious.

*the fact that i am a grown woman that is -this- close to having a PhD in Literature and I freakin' adore these books cracks me THE. HELL. UP. EVERYONE LOVES THESE.

Four in Costa Rica said...
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Four in Costa Rica said...

Long post ahead ...

I have not seen the movies, but I have read the books. I agree with Kate; I thought the writing was pedestrian. Stephenie Meyer needs to ban all forms of "chuckle," "growl," and a few other words from appearing in her books. I was fatigued with how often Edward chuckles and growls.

The characters lack development as the series continues. Edward is a control freak and Bella is incredibly weak, always the damsel in distress. At one point in the story, Edward physically restrains Bella from visiting Jacob, stalks her and orders her around; Bella is way too submissive. Jacob seems to give Bella an opportunity to think for herself, at least (whether she does or not, well, that's another story).

I think Meyer definitely has talent and I know I'm busting on her for some of this stuff--I also recognize that I'm not a teenage girl, so my views are bound to be different than those of a teen. I just wish that her main character, Bella, had more backbone/depth. She doesn't have any real interests outside of Edward and is indifferent to most things outside of her relationships with the men in her life. She is extremely selfish and repeatedly risks the safety or emotional health of others for her own love interest. (Risking her life to hear Edward's voice--her subconsicious speaks in his voice, not even her own!--is crazy.)

Bella is always crying, moping, getting injured. She hardly ever wins a disagreement and constantly caves in. She allows the men in her life--Edward, Jacob, her dad--to make most decisions for her. She only hangs out alone with girlfriends when she is forced to socialize by her father or when there are no boys available. She doesn't even walk by herself all the time, often letting Edward or Jacob carry her. She falls asleep and they tote her places, as though she were a baby. She is so unaware of her surroundings she doesn't even realize when graduation is a week away. In the start of the series she seemed like a smart girl ... that impression didn't last long beyond Twilight.

Through one storyline in particular it's as though Meyer is showing girls that if they fall in love deeply they have to lose themselves--lose their own identities -- in the boys they love. What kind of message is that?? I know Bella was not developed to be a role model, but I found her very disappointing.

Thank goodness for the addition of Jacob to the series, because his character (sort of) saved it for me.

Not Hannah said...

I read the first two book, died from the ughness of them, and then watched the first movie after Thanksgiving. The movie is pretty faithful to the book, which meant that I didn't really like it, BUT I'm kinda wanting to see the second one because the werewolf/vampire thing is intriguing. Plus, sick as this is, because he's, like, seven, Jacob is hot. I am ashamed.

CLH said...

I picked up the books for the mere research-factor... as an aspiring writer who dreams of seeing my books turned into movies that people say, "Oh, the book was so much better!", I bought the first book thinking, what the crap is it that people are forming cults for this crap? I think it's this: readability. An old story with a few new twists, written in language so far from Anne Rice's version of vampire lust that everyone from ten to one-hundred-and-ten can get in and out pretty easily. I was traveling when I read all of them, picking the next one up at the nearest airport bookstore every time I changed planes. I think Meyer's pace is just right for a broad audience, and really I don't think they can make the movies anywhere near as well as the books tell the stories- the powers of each vampire are really pretty cheezy and hard to identify on the big screen; especially the character of Alice. I don't see how they can possibly make the last two books adapt well to the big screen. I mean, how are they going to give Bella a big-invisible-protective-shield? OOops, sorry if I spoiled things for you. Anyway, the books are worth reading, if for nothing more than to wonder how to make an old story ridiculously popular. I'm currently working on a teen adaptation of Frankenstein, wherein the twenty-something zombie falls in love with the head cheerleader, but she is in love with Quasimodo, the monk at the local church.....