Friday, October 30, 2009

THiS iS iT

If you've ever even liked a song or two from Michael Jackson, you will want to see this movie. Oh.My.God. The dude is AMAZING. AMAZING! What a freaking performer. We were only halfway through the movie and I was like, "I already want to see this movie again to see the dancing and performing and singing all over again."

I feel so badly for the guy. He didn't look sick. He didn't look malnourished. He didn't look like a freak. Heck, look at all those other performers out there. Look at Lady Guy Guy for crying out loud! Look at Marilyn Manson! Look at all those freak performers out there. Michael didn't even look weird in this movie. He looked like a gentle humble kinda guy just wanting to perform his best for an audience of people who love his music.

And he didn't get a chance to.

And Kenny Ortega, director. He did the High School Musical movies, and we all know how much I LOVED those. He's an amazing dude too, and you can tell in THIS IS IT that he and Michael had a great friendship. I'm sure he was devastated at the death of Michael.

In the beginning of the movie, they show the audition for dancers. These people traveled all over the world for a chance to dance behind Michael. What a dream. I think how they were given a life changing chance, and they didn't even get to see it through. What would it had been like to go on tour with Michael Jackson as a backup dancer, or a singer for Michael Jackson. To be hand-picked by the King of Pop?

And as I watched, I just kept wondering how Michael Jackson had changed these people's lives? There was a woman back-up singer who sang a ballad with Michael, and now I can't remember which one it was (I could google but am lazy), but I watched her and I'm thinking, "How could she not be DYING to be singing with Michael; how was she not so worried that she might miss a note and screw up?" Also an awesome blonde female guitarist rocked it when Michael sang Black or White. Did she ever think when she first picked up the guitar for the first time that she would one day be on stage playing an instrument so that Michael Jackson could sing to it? Just amazing!

And now the guy is dead.

And yeah, he was weird for a while. Why he was weird, we don't really know? Maybe he was weird cuz he was in the spotlight for his whole life. Maybe it was cuz his dad pimped him out to the paparazzi. Maybe he was abused and beaten down as a kid. Maybe he had strange relationships with young children. Who knows. We don't know for sure what happened. We will never know. All we do know is that he was an extremely talented gracious humble man who lent his talents to this world.

And that he inspired millions with his music.

Go see the movie. In memory of Michael. It's really worth it.


noexcuses said...


I just got home from seeing the movie! You nailed so many awesome scenes! It is very powerful and amazingly professtional for rehearsals.

I wanted to cry. I felt so sad that he didn't get to live out this dream of his. I feel so bad for all the people who were part of the documentary, and the fact that they came so close, as well.

Even though it was a movie, I felt the magic. It sounds like you did, too!

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

It would have been the concert of a lifetime. Those who had tickets would NEVER have forgotten the experience had they been able to attend.

I saw on local news this morning a guy who said he believe MJ was lipsinging in it most of the time. I don't agree - he was quiet in some parts, but then he'd sing a phrase or two, skip and then sing again... not lip singing.

I took my 13-year-old with me. He asked me many questions during the movie about MJ, and made some comments/observations too. It was clear that he understood just what a tremendous talent MJ had, and what a loss to the music world it was when he died.

My face wouldn't quit smiling when the new Thriller parts came on - looked like it would have been incredible! And the rainforest part made me want to cry with the intensity of the message.

I'm fairly certain this will be coming out on DVD (people like to make money!), and I will be buying it when it does.

Melisa Wells said...

Lady Guy Guy? Ooh, you're going to hate my post tomorrow.

(If you come to read it)


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

no excuses -- wasn't it great! I definitely want to go back and see it again! I wish I could have seen the real concert!

And DG -- You know, I do think that maybe when they made the movie they added some parts where they included the songs -- like it really did sound like the original Thriller, don't you think so? Maybe just for the fluidness of the movie. But in many of the scenes it was definitely him rehearsing. All three of my kids were with me. My 8 yo is dressing as MJ for Halloween.

I LOVED the scene where from The Way You Make Me Feel -- can you IMAGINE how that girl must have FELT!! OMG! And also the other girl who sang the duet with him -- what song was that -- when it was on, I was trying to force myself to remember but now I forget.

Melisa with one stinking S -- I WILL GO OVER THERE TO READ! WHY? DO YOU LOVE GUY GUY?!!? HAHAH!

And this is why I can't stop blogging. Love the banter.

DawnfromCA said...

My 9 year old chose to go see this for his birthday celebration. I'm taking him and 6 friends on Sunday! Friend who's a cake decorator made a cake with sequined glove and the hat. Kids are all wearing MJ buttons and one glove to the show. Party favor are mixed cds of MJ songs. I don't know who's more excited--me, or my birthday boy! Thanks for the great review. Can't wait!!

Stephanie said...

Dawn, what a GREAT birthday celebration -- you'll ALL have a blast!

I'm really glad my kids get a taste of the legend of Michael Jackson.

Vodka Mom said...

frankly I can't believe I'm saying this, but I DO want to see it.

He was a wacko, but musically he was a genius.

no doubt.

Unknown said...

I loved the movie and I was a big fan of MJ..just think of how much good he did and how many people he was able to help along the way. Come on the guy just wanted a true friend and to be able to trust...I bet he was a wonderful father to those kids..but I would like to see more footage..the stuff they cut out is what might tell the true story..wonder if we will ever know..great post..

Anonymous said...


Was it "I Just Can't Stop Loving You"?