Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Disease

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's VD.

So freakin' what?

That's all.

Seriously. For now. Or maybe forever. I don't know. Kids are screaming. Typical. So what? Anyway. Not sure.

About much.

Is this confusing? to you? to me? To me. It is.

Hearts. Flowers. Cards. Kisses.


Hugs. I love you's.

What about tomorrow?

Fights. Screams. Whines.

I should be hoarse from the screams.

Pizza is good.

Is that all?

Or are you wondering where this is going?

Me too. Where is it going?

Have no clue.

Think I'll go. For now. For maybe ever.

Nah, just kiddin' witcha.

Witcha witcha coo coo.
Happy Valentine's Day to you.
Hope you got a little somethin-somethin.

Question: How many of you want sex for Valentine's Day?

Would you choose:
A. Sex
B. Candy and Flowers
C. Three uninterupted hours to yourself
D. Dinner out
E. Sleep

What's your answer?


KIM :-) said...

I pick C!!! Just want some quiet time to myself where I might also E. sleep! :-) HAHA

Funny mother in law calls this day VD Day, but not meaning actual venereal diseases, that's just how she abbreviates it on our cards, etc.... Cracks me up everytime I see it cause if she only knew what that really meant!! HAHA

Swishy said...

I don't believe in Valentine's Day. But I hope yours was good!

Kate said...

We're contientous objectors. Or spoilsports. Either way, I would pick sex or sleep. Maybe sleep then sex? I'm not a mom, though so I'm told that's why I'm still interested in the former. And a teacher which is why I'm interested in the latter.

Trish Ryan said...

My poor hubby was too worn out from shoveling piles of waterlogged snow from our long driveway for any celebratory nooky tonight...fortunately, there are 364 other days in the year :)

Anonymous said...

I pick C. Isn't that sad?? I figure, I can buy candy, flowers or dinner whenever I like. Well, sex too, technically, LOL. But nobody ever leaves me the hell alone, so definitely C!!

I will get "C" in exactly three weeks, since I'm going to NY/NJ BY MYSELF and leaving MY SWEET BABY (and hubby) home. Anybody have any advice on how to not feel like a total scumbag? I am going to Xanax myself thoroughly before getting on the plane ;)

Great poll MM! So good to have you back!

nikinpos said...

ooh, definately sleep and time to myself. My other halr runs a cemetary so refuses to bring me flowers ever...too many of them at work!

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

I got the sex (early thank goodness) and he got to stay home with the kids for the snow day!

I love them all, but MAN...I'd really want the time alone. More than 3 hours please.

Great post! We missed you!!!

cubmommy said...

I would definitely take C or E right now. I am going crazy. A is what got me in the condition I am in right now. I would like to stay away from that for awhile.

Alison Ashley Formento said...

Oh, I'd have to go with C, too, especially after the snow day yesterday and no time to myself. Besides, if you're married, doesn't wedding anniversary trump Valentine's Day? Love your blog!

stephhale said...

Your Cabo pics are awesome! The kids are SO adorable! It sounds like you had a great time. Now, quit whining and book your trip to Dallas. Oh yeah, and get to work!


mamashine said...

yeah, right now C or E. maybe both.

a trip to dallas, she says? come drink an appletini with me!!

domestic_valerie said...

Sleep for sure, and I got it...we passed out on the couch after dinner. Highly romantic, I know. ;)

B. said...

My hubby brought home strawberries and whipped cream for VD. However, he got the frozen ones, so I just made dessert with them. We had some sex in the middle of the afternoon since we both had a snow day. Happy VD to us!

TTQ said...

I want all of the listed choices. Just like very other day of the year. Wanting versus getting. I crack myself up.

Anonymous said...

like so many of you, i picked the three hours to myself, too. but for a different reason. can't all the other options fit into three hours to ourselves? hee. hee. i always want it all!

Slackermommy said...

Damn girl, how'd we lose touch? I pick c. The others are easy to come by but time by myself is a luxury.

Jenster said...

Oy! I'm such a dunce. I just left you a message on the other blog. You know. The one with one post. LOL

I'm not so big into VD. Or Valentine's Day, for that matter.

Two years ago I would have chosen Sex; Dinner Out; Three Uninterupted Hours to Myself; Sleep; and then Candy and Flowers. Now that my hormones are so completely out of whack I'll take Candy (chocolate of course); Three Uninterupted Hourse to Myself; Sleep; Dinner Out and can I have Candy again, please??

Thanks for coming to visit me at my blog. I'll be back. :o)

OhTheJoys said...


The Dummy said...

Well, I'm a guy, so my answer is probably pretty obvious, lol.

Hope you got that long-deserved quiet time from the craziness, MM.

Stephanie J. Blake said...

I pick 3 hours alone. And it sounds like you are kind of cranky. Post Vaca Disorder. Put on some Mojitos and snap out of it! Love the pics from Cabo! Sell that book, baby! The new Google Blogger password thing really irritates me. Why can't I just be logged in all the time?????

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

PVD--Post Vacation Disorder--


Anonymous said...

I'd pick tim tams or reeses over them all ... but hey that should be no surprise at all.....


David Amulet said...

A free verse post, I see. In the same spirit, I choose all of the options.

-- david

thethinker said...

E, definitely. I need sleep.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

considering we got an ice storm here on Valentine's Day, I was just happy to be shut in with my wife since we don't get to see much of each other with our crazy schedules...besides, after trying to split the ice out of the driveway, I was too sore to do much of anything else!