Wednesday, February 21, 2007


You did it! You got Manic to 100!

You all rock!

Part of the reason for me wanting to do this contest was because I am interested in what Y O U have to say, what Y O U are about. And thank you all for sharing so openly. Some of you have had some amazing experiences in your lives, some tragic, some hilarious, some sentimental, some life-altering, but don't you think that what you have shared here is something that has greatly shaped you to be the person you are?

Anyway, thank you for opening up to share a piece of you with me. I really appreciate it and think it's cool! And if any of you want to hold a contest like this on your own blogs, feel free to do so. This has also helped me to find some more interesting blogs to visit! There are MANY of you out there!

Stay tuned for the winners... sometime this weekend most likely. My celeb judges are busy people ; )

Peace UP!


Jenster said...


redmaryjanes said...

Looks like I totally missed something-that would be my luck!

Judy said...

I'm really glad you did this. It was neat reading what everyone had to say. :-)