Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I love Swishy's random stuff and thought since I don't have anything major to say, I'd do a Random Tuesday post. And yep, Blogger caught up with me so now I have the supposedly new and improved Blogger crap.

We'll see.

Now, on to Random:

I don't feel well. It's not the flu but it might be. It's like a two-ton elephant is pressing his right foot below my breastbone, just lightly enough that I can still inhale, but hard enough that it hurts, and it makes me feel nauseous. It's not gas.

Chicago in February sucks. Snow day today. All this snow has taken away the after-vacation-glow and entered me into my usual winter depression.

I'm now afraid to take Xanax because of what happened on vacation.

Added: Just found out from my 16-year-old neighbor that I'm quoted in Glamour's March issue, about Mortifying Moments. Hellooo? I thought it was the quote about my first orgasm, which will air sometime in a later issue (Dear God), so when the neighbor called me to tell me this, I WAS MORTIFIED thinking it was the OTHER quote!

I can feel the rolls of my gut settling over the elastic of my underwear.

I haven't showered since Sunday.

I don't really feel like eating.

Now that vacation is over, I can focus all my thoughts on the NOVEL. Which is annoying as heck because I don't want to be all-consumed over an editor reading it and falling in love with it (see above Xanax reference and not taking it).

It's dark in my house right now.

I'm looking around my office to try to find something interesting to write about.

There is nothing.

It's pretty sad when a family of five runs out of Mac-N-Cheese, isn't it?

The day after we got home from Cabo, we booked a trip to Florida. I love Chicago, but I also hate Chicago.

Even though I was sick the first day of vacation from five+ margaritas with amaretto toppers on them, I still managed to suck back a bunch of the freshest mojitos you will ever have, and a handful of pina coladas with Kahlua toppers. (I'm big on the added-shot-bonus)

Our drink bill for the week was massive.

It's seems like there is so much to do, so much to get started doing, but I'm not up for a project.

These projects include: showering, folding laundry, and feeding my children.

Does this sound like a whiny, snivelling, pathetic and depressing post to you? Wouldn't you be depressed if just last week you were surrounded by scenery like this,

and now you're stuck inside the scenery that evokes images from The Shining?
Yeah, me too.


Ashley said...

Ugh...I've taken xanax and drank before...knocks me right out!!

TTQ said...

Anxiety over taking anti-anxiety meds. Been there.

Did you know you getting get sad in the winter even here in Florida where I am?

My husband went on a Mac & Cheese kick for awhile, now I have like 5 boxes. You can pick them up when you come to Florida.

TTQ said...

Was switching to the new Blogger scary? Did you lose anything? How long did it take?

Maybe I should take a xanax..

Swishy said...

I love random!

I knew they'd make you switch sooner or later.

I really need your Xanax if you're not going to be using it. Like, REALLY need it.

Unknown said...

You are a funny, funny girl.

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I recognize your handle from 'around'. In a good way! I promise.

I hope you feel better soon.

Kate said...

Winter sucks. I was thinking how whenever I want to move north again, I need to remember what it feels like when I'm walking in a dark parking lot and it's 45 degrees and windy. And I'm thinking it's bone chilling. I miss MI in the autumn, spring, and summer, but not the other 8 months of the year. Even though it's monsoon season and the sun is on vacation (in Cabo, it appears), it is warm here. I wish I could send you some warmth.

JR's Thumbprints said...

It seems the midwest is getting plenty of snow for a change. As for writing, there's always something interesting to say, sometimes the key is not to try so hard. Good luck with the novel and this new beta blogger bullcrap. I had to switch over a couple of weeks ago, even though I was perfectly content as an "old blogger."

Angel said...

I can feel my rolls too and I hate it...but do I do anything about it? NOOOOO!

Love the pictures...I would have run away so no one could find me just so they'd have to come home without me.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh I do feel bad for you with the after vacation blues.

Hope you feel better today! Happy Valentine's Day.. whoo hoo! :)


stewbie2 said...

I know it sucks, but welcome back...

Anonymous said...

It's so dangerous to let your fellow writers quote you...gatta do it, though!

KIM :-) said...

HAHA I just saw your "quote" in Glamour!! There is also the orgasm story, too, but they have changed the names on the "quoters", so yours might still be in there?!? Probably a good thing that they do that, so 16 year old neighbors don't know more than they should! haha Love Glamour! My fave magazine!! :-)

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

that second picture has me thinking of Carmel, CA and "Play Misty For Me"