Tuesday, June 19, 2007


That’s how many words I wrote in two three-hour stretches. I am psyched! It’s flowing! It’s such a cool feeling to be typing and not knowing where the story is headed, and then BOOM! There it is, and it just flew out of nowhere and I’m cranking away and the ideas are spilling out and whew, it sure beats a vacation to Disney.

Now, if I just had three straight hours to myself every single day, I could whoop out another book in no time! Because, while 40 Weeks is not dead, it is in a coma right now, a holding pattern, limbo for now. And I’m OK with it for the time being. I love my agent, I can’t even believe I have one, and she’s been great and enthusiastic and to quote Sally Fields, “You like me! You really like me!”

That’s a nice feeling. Aside from this next book, which, including the 5,527 words from today and yesterday, I’m up to 39,367 words, I’m also working on a non-fiction proposal, doing my other website freelance work, and also working on my (aghast!) 20th high school reunion committee. Add the three baseball/softball/tee-ball games tonight where I had to drop Ajers at his game first, then rush to get Diva to her game (where I completely FLOUNDERED and drove two miles past where I should have gone – and she plays at the same field every game!), and then bolt over to get Tukey to his game (where he got rammed in the face with a baseball and started bawling, but the parents all cheered for him when he left the field just like in the big leagues)…
Well, suffice it to say, my vacation from my vacation ain’t really happening.

And I’ve got that dreaded “It’s-day-two-of-counting-points-so-now-I-have-a-headache” headache, but I stuck to the points, and looked in the mirror, and got on the scale, and continue to know I have to work at this, and power-walked at 6:30 a.m. and will go to bed tonight knowing I am doing the best I can do with what God has given me and remember to thank him that although our vacation wasn’t the most spectacular trip in the universe, we managed to get through it, come home safely, and start getting back into some sort of routine, crazy as it all is.

What’s up with you for this summer? Hitting the pool? Going on vacation? Blowing some huge-butt bubble gum bubbles like Cory here, who is the winner of the Manic Mom First Annual Bubble Blowing Contest--

And I have to admit, I at first thought he had a balloon in his mouth, until I opened this photo:

So, Cory, thanks for playing, and hope the gum came out of your eyebrows! Send me your address so I can send ya a Manic gift.

And everyone else, let me know what’s up with you. I majorly went through Blogdrawl when I was away! It's good to be back.

Peace UP!


Kate said...

Fabulous pics! Cory deserves to win--just for the second picture alone. It takes a good sport to go to those lengths.

Good on ya for all that writing!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Holy cow, Cory! You win! Even though I didn't find time to play, there is NO way I could blow one that big.


That sounded dirty.

Way to go MM on the writing!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Enter Beavis and Butthead (That was their names, right?)...

"Heh heh heh, she said blow... heh heh heh."

Patti said...

WHOA!!! that is one big-ass bubble....

and go you on the word count.

Alicia said...

Cute pictures!!!
I'm impressed with your writing!
Keep it up and you'll be the next Danielle Steele popping out 500 books a year to desperate housewives!!!

The Anti-Wife said...

Holy cow! I thought I blew big bubbles, but he makes me look like a toddler. Good job Cory.

And good job Manic Mom on writing so much. You go girl!

CLH said...

I would so panic if bubble gum covered my nose. An irrational fear, I know, which is why I am one of those people that does the stretch-suck-in-pop with her gum. Still utterly as annoying to bystanders as blowing of outward bubbles, I know.

TTQ said...

I tried and tried with a pack of watermelon Bubbalicious. I got a sore jaw and funny looks from my husband..and I also wondered how the hell to get it out of my hair.