Friday, October 17, 2008

iS iT WRoNG?

Is it wrong?

That on Thursday I sent the kids to the bus and went back to bed …

And slept until 1 p.m.?

Is it wrong?

That I then got up and went about my day as if it was the most normal thing in the world to wake up at 1 p.m. as if that’s the time I usually start my day?

Is it wrong?

That I served my family pancakes, leftover mac-n-cheese, pizza and pasta for dinner last night?

Is it wrong?

That this morning I woke the kids up and said:

“It’s Friday, who wants ice cream for breakfast?!” and then actually served them ice cream for breakfast.

Peppermint and Oreo flavored.

Is it wrong?

That when my friend Emacy and I went to donate blood we were both denied because of low iron but I still took my cookies and Diet Coke anyway.

Is it wrong?

That instead of being able to donate blood we went to the grocery store where I bought these items:

Two gallons of two percent milk,

a Venus fly trap,

a bottle of vanilla Smirnoff vodka,

and a bottle of this stuff cuz it was on sale and it looked good.
And I plan on drinking it over ice tonight.

Is it wrong?

That I bought nothing healthy for my family to eat?

Is it wrong?

That I was secretly glad to be rejected from giving blood because that meant we had time to get a pedicure?

Is it wrong?

That I was also secretly glad to be rejected from giving blood because that also means I have a good excuse to get me a big old steak or a burger in order to get my iron up!

Is it wrong?

That three of us had lunch and laughed and relaxed and enjoyed each others' company and didn't talk too much about being moms and our kids and stuff like that. Even though we all adore our kids and could never imagine not being moms.

Is it wrong?

That I did nothing but everything for myself today and felt not one ounce of guilt by doing it?

Is it wrong?

That Mr. Manic got home from work early?

Is it wrong?

That he just poured me a glass of that new drink on ice?

Is it wrong?

That he is taking the kids over to a birthday party?

And is it wrong that he is coming back home and we may just go upstairs and do a puzzle for about an hour or so?

Yep, it's definitely WRONG! But oh, so very right!

When's the last time you did everything for yourself without guilt? Is it time for YOU?


Anonymous said...

NO IT'S NOT WRONG!!!!... IT'S WONDERFUL to have "ME" time... and you SO deserve it!... especially after fielding "THE TALK" so successfully this week! Thanks for all your awesome posts and for making me laugh so much... I need a little more Manic in ME!!!...

BTW - LOVE your new pic on the side bar!...

Christine in NJ

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thanks Christine! Does that mean I can open my liquor now! Is it officially Happy Hour!?!? Hahah

Mommy In Pink said...

not wrong at all! great made me laugh!

MaBunny said...

Nope, nothing you mentioned in this post sounded wrong to me...
kids out of the house is always good puzzle time:)

Kirsten said...

Wow, a whole hour for puzzle playing? Really?? You might be a lucky girl. Let us know how that delicious looking stuff tasted over ice, would ya?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kirsten--notice the time of this comment ... it is tasting very good! The puzzle has been connected! : )

Anonymous said...

What kind of "puzzle" ? Jigsaw or crossword? :)

B. said...

To answer your question, it has been a very long time...

Kelli said...

the 2 and 3 year olds make it hard to do just me stuff. THEY are so demanding. I didnt get out of my PJ's today though. hows that! I did brush my teeth! just for me. hehe

Michelle said...

Oooo, that sounds so heavenly! I was totally with you but I probably wouldn't have been able to do the ice cream for breakfast. Dinner tonight (for the wee ones) was: waffles, banana with Rice Chex on slices, milk, and the last half slice of strawberry cake with chocolate frosting. Yep, it's allllll leftovers all the time.

But mmmm a puzzle and a steak and a pedicure and the liquer looks DIVINE (where was it on sale?) ;)

justme said...

i am feeling much better about my day...thanks !!

T with Honey said...

Hey, you've got to take a moment or a day for yourself every now and then. It think tomorrow sounds like a good day to have cupcakes for breakfast.

Christie said...

All I can say, is that I am very jealous. Husband gets an "alone day" today, when is my turn?

Hally said... cream for breakfast, pedicures, steak dinner and puzzles?!?! That's like a holiday for me! :) Good for you, and please tell me it's okay that I blew off running to cuddle the kids an extra 1/2 hr and watch Saturday morning movies.

My Two Army Brats said...

If that's wrong then I'm dying to be wrong!

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

Hey sista!!
No I don't think any of it is wrong...mostly b/c I went back to bed after the bus on Friday and slept until 11:30! YEEFREAKINGHAAWW!


simplynotso said...

that all sounds RIGHT!!!!

Amy said...

you sound like a pretty cool mommy to me! Ice cream for breakfast... mmm.. now you've got me craving some. Oh dear ;)

Anonymous said...

to your last sentence.......not in the past 12 years or so!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that post! It's never,ever wrong to take some time for yourself.Moms are selfless the other 364 days of the year.
AND you gave the kids PEPPERMINT ice cream it's exactly like brushing thier teeth.

Andie said...

well, I have a tendency to do this kind of stuff a whole lot... mostly because I don't have kids., But actually, when I go out to do things for "me"- I usually wind up doing stuff for others. I don't know... I think I'm scared to give up "me" time!

March2theSea said...

seems like a normal day...barring the vanilla vodka...

Stephanie J. Blake said...

It's 5:00 somewhere.
You deserve a break today.
Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Love it! And boy do I get it!

How did you know that I have a very close blog post in draft form waiting to publish? It's called, "I gave my kid cereal for dinner. Again"

The guilt.

Here's to YOU time.

noexcuses said...

It's NOT wrong, and you should do it at least every other day!

I used to love Mudslide Slushies (the chocolate is for medicinal purposes)!

Great post!

stewbie2 said...

Is it wrong that I want to move in with you?

stewbie2 said...

Is it wrong that I want to move in with you?

Elle Charlie said...

Totally inspirational!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I kept waiting for the punchline to be:

"Is it wrong?

That I shared my vanilla liquer with my kids for breakfast, and Mr. Manic had to hold our hair up as we crowded for space over the toilet?"

That might have been questionable, but otherwise this all looks right to me. : )

Michelle said...

I found NOTHING wrong w/any of that
Is it wrong that i enjoy your blog way too much?
Is it wrong that now i want to go do a puzzle?

violetvirus said...

Boy did I miss your 'is it wrong' posts!