Monday, October 06, 2008

Where To Start?

So, I was thinking how boring this blog has been lately because there's really not a ton going on and I've been super crabby and I'm thinking of just doing a free-form type blog post and see what comes out and I'm telling you I need a shower so badly it's not even funny. I can't even tell you. Last week sucked the big one. Tukey had Hand, Foot, Mouth virus and was off school from Tuesday to Friday. Diva came home from school on Friday. Ajers puked and had the you-know-what's at 4 a.m. Saturday. And then just when Tukey gets over the virus, he does something funky to his knee (and this same thing happened to him in July when I took him to the ER and he couldn't put any weight on his knee) ... so I took him back to the doc, and this time it's HIS OTHER FREAKING KNEE and the little guy has CRUTCHES! And he's getting an MRI on Wednesday. So that's pretty fun. Not the MRI, but he likes the crutches.

So yeah, whatever. And there's so much work-work to be done and I'm a freaking sinking ship there, not really, in case any of my editors are reading, I'M FINE, REALLY GREAT, NOT PULLING MY HAIR OUT OR ANYTHING!, I'll get through it, but man, it's hard when there's a sick kid and then all this other stuff.

So see, this is what happens when I free-write and I tell you I could just go on and on and bitch and make your ear bleed, but how much fun would that be? Not fun. Boring. So I won't. Cuz then you'll stop reading. And I don't want you to stop reading. Cuz you guys are what keep me blogging. Seriously! I got the SWEETEST notes in the real-live mailbox from Dawn and Kirsten the other day and those made my week! Dawn, I owe you a CD and will deliver it soon, I promise!

I also promise I need to do another fun contest on Manic soon.

But in the meantime, head over to my other place on the Web, come on! Don't tell me you don't know where I've been! Yep, over at because Allison Winn Scotch is over there giving away a copy of her NEW BOOK, Time of My Life, and it's a great read! Check out the contest/interview here!

And, I need to gear up for the second annual Manic Mommy Bloggy Blood Drive that'll be hitting the blog in January, so get those veins ready -- bigger prizes this year!

This weekend, I will have a chance to regroup and gain some perspective because I will quite possibly be spending my time in the fine company of any or all of the following:

a. Swishy
b. Jess Riley
c. Jen Lancaster
d Stacey Ballis
e. Appletini
f. Dane Cook
g. All of the above?

PS. Just threw in F to see who's all paying attention. I could really go for a combo E and F right about now! hahahah.

You decide.

PS. I need a life coach.

And a shower.



Kristabella said...

I'm so bummed I can't make the book thing on Friday night in my neighborhood to boot. It's my niece's birthday weekend and I agreed to help my SIL out on Friday night getting the party ready. Have fun! Sounds like just what you need after the week you've had!

My Two Army Brats said...

I'm jealous! And maybe all of you should go see Dane Cook?? That would be a fun bloggy outing! And I wanna come, I so need a night out and a stong drink!

MaBunny said...

Wow, your last week did suck. I got the sick kiddo home today - she had strept about a week and a half ago, now has a sinus infection. /sigh that time of year.
Hope everything gets better and you get a shower...

Michelle said...

Wow, I think you win the sucky week contest. I'm done complaining. Here's hoping that all are well soon!

Soooo since I messed up last year and donated before you started your drive, do you know the dates yet? ;) My next donation is scheduled for Nov 8, and I don't want to mess up my entry!

Barb said...

Man you have had one hellova week. I have to tell you every time I give blood now I think of you ~ not sure if that's a good thing or bad!

Kristin said...

So can I assume based on your post that you will be at a certain bar/bookstore this Friday night?

Anonymous said...

I want to be your friend!

I'm sorry you had a horrible week... My brother-in-law only has two kids, and it sucks when they are sick. I can't imagine having to deal with even more bodily fluids! It doesn't help that my sister-in-law has a bad case of the crazy.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that I love when you free-form blog... and you are so never boring! Crappy weeks do happen and you had quite a BIG crappy week... Hope this week is shaping up to be a better one... and don't wait till Friday to relax, you deserve some "ME" time now... grab a ridiculously expensive Latte from the local coffee shop and go get a pedicure!... for some strange reason, pretty toes always make me feel better! And - THANKS for the heads-up on the blood drive. My fingers are crossed that I have enough iron in me to give!

Christine in NJ

March2theSea said...

take a shower will ya?

sorry the kids are sick.

Do people still really like Dane Cook? he is okay..but seems played out that's all.

Get the 'tinis and hang with swish sounds cooler.

Bree said...

Wow, what a crappy week! Hope this week goes better for you and your family gets healthy.

Take a shower, you'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

Wow its never a quiet day in the manic house hold.

Never heard of Hand, Foot, Mouth virus. What is it?

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Sometimes there is just nothing new.

Kirsten said...

yeah, we had Hand, Foot & Mouth over here too at the end of the summer. My son actually missed his first day of first grade because of it. Lovely. Have to love those mouth sores . . so, how was your week last week? ha ha

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I think the blood drive this year will be Jan. 1 - through Feb. Probably! So if you give Nov. 8, Michelle, you should be able to give during the drive! THANKS in advance!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kristin--Yes, you are CORRECT! Will YOU be there?!?!? ; )

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kim! I wanna be your friend too! I love that you said your SIL has a bad case of the crazies!

Hmmm... maybe I should read through all my comments before I start commenting so I don't have to make a million individual comments?

ANd thanks for no one saying I should quit my bitching. You guys are all so nice!

Elle Charlie said...

I think the shower might be more helpful than the life coach. At least in my opinion, a good hot shower has the power to turn things around :)

noexcuses said...

I'm with everyone else, sorry about your week. Put everything on hold and have your "tini" while you are in the shower/bath. Let Mr. Manic handle the kiddos so you can have an extra 10 minutes.

I love your blog, no matter what you write. Just don't stop!

Amy said...

I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I've been following your blog, and you are definitely not boring! I think it's ok to rant once in a while, it's what keeps us from going crazy, haha. Oh! And I really enjoy reading 40 Weeks, too! Great work :)

Kristin said...

Stephanie - I'm hoping to be there on Friday! I'm just trying to work out the whole driving situation. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kristin--email me!

Andie said...

I have a friend who is a life coach. She just started a blog and it's in my sidebar. Let me know if you want her contact info. She's actually really helpful!