Thursday, January 22, 2009

3 SToRieS: 1 PeR KiD


Let me please just preface this by saying that I love children. And the miracle of childbirth is simply amazing, and that there is nothing more wonderful than the journey to motherhood. Absolutely nothing. And I am so blessed to have the children that I have, and I wish that everyone could have children. Having said that, here is a Diva/Mommy conversation:

The other morning, Diva and I were in my bed, enjoying a moment of quiet during the first unexpected day of winter break.

"Mommy, why don't you have another baby?"

"I don't want any more babies. Plus I'm too old."

"But what if you had another girl?"

"Then I wouldn't have all the love for you. And I would have to share my love with her."

"Then how about you could have another boy."

"UGH! Then I would have THREE boys. How would you like to have THREE BROTHERS!?"

We both kind of sat there shaking our heads in quiet contemplation but I know we were both thinking, "Hell to the NO!"


My reply: "I would barf in my mouth. And die."


The other morning, Ajers came into my room and said, "I can't believe I'm getting braces next week!"

I said, "I know! Can't you stop growing and just be my little baby still for a while!? It makes me just so sad!"

He said, "Aw come on Mom, you still got seven good years of me left!"

SEVEN? ONLY SEVEN YEARS! He's leaving the coop in just seven years!

Yes, my heart tore a little bit at that one.


And then, just tonight Tukey took a shower and got his jammies on and then jumped into my bed. I got in next to him and snuggled up with him. We never get to snuggle that much any more.

He said, "Can we snuggle for five minutes?"

I said, "Three."

He said, "Eight."

I said, "No way! It's bedtime! Daddy'll kill us if I don't get you into bed!"

He said, "OK, five."

I said, "Two."

He said, "OK, three."

Then AJers came in and tried to make a Mommy sandwich, to which Tukey yelled, "Get out of here, this is MY MOMENT!"

It's so good to feel so loved.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that! While it is sometimes tempting to have another baby, all I have to do is spend one night (as in up all night) with a sick kid to bring me back to reality. Call me selfish, but I like my sleep - and my sanity (or what's left of it!)

Kristina said...

Awww, "My moment." I love that.

morninglight mama said...

Alright, I'm still an emotional wreck from Grey's tonight, and then you go and write all sappy stuff to make me cry some more??

Michelle said...

You've got some awesomely funny kids. Who apparently still love you at their age. Yay, you!

Melisa Wells said...

This is my moment!

That's adorable.

Stephanie J. Blake said...

So sweet!

Andi said...

My oldest left the house at 15, so no cuddling there. My son is 13 and won't evenlet me touch his leg in the car anymore. So I rubbed his back this morning while he was still sleeping...and Arielle is sick today but I get cuddles big time when she is sick. We just got out of her bed, after playing, singing, laughing, (yes she is sick), blowing raspberries, tickling, holding, kissing, all the awesome stuff about having a kid. She is my last, and I am going to take every opportunity to take that best time of motherhood. They need to bottle it. But, no,no more babies for me either. I'll just cry for years until I become a grandma and have them over to spend the night. *hugs*

MaBunny said...

Don't you just love that? granted Nicole is too big for my lap now, but I still like it when she gingerly sits down in my lap for a big snuggle:)
Sounds like you're raising some great kids!

Unknown said...

I try to remember those sweet moments I had with my 12 year old so long ago. When he was so cuddley and sweet and loved his mom more than anything in this world. So when I'm chasing after him trying to smack him for something stupid he did...well, those sweet memories just fly out the window and then I'm left with the guilt and the sadness and relief that I only have two kids.