Sunday, January 25, 2009

SuNDaY BLooDY SuNDaY, JaN. 25

Just when I was giving up hope thinking I would have a bloodless week, you came through for me! I figured that maybe the Inauguration kept some of you from donating blood for the Manic Mommy Virtual Blog for Blood Drive! And I did hear from a few of you who tried to donate but couldn't because of low iron -- EAT SOME MEAT!

Seriously, before I went last time, I was all about the steak tacos, and it was Christmas so I had me some filet mignon, dark chocolate, a few turkey subs, and yeah, I was at about 13.4 for the iron count -- MEAT and beans will get your iron pumped up!

But anyway, I was having serious doubts that anyone was getting the message that I'm doing this blood drive here and GIVING AWAY A VACATION TO FLORIDA -- YES FLORIDA! As in a beach destination, with sun, sand, surf, and WARM WEATHER for five nights and six glorious days, and all we've got registered so far are SIX of you caring, one-pint-less, donating folks ...

WELL, now we have added a SEVENTH and an EIGHTH blood donor to the mix!

Gracious thanks goes out to our most recent donor, another MAN! Yep, I do get excited when the wives who read Manic Mommy corale their men into doing this and I'd like to thank Brian and Erin for their efforts! Here's what Erin wrote about Brian's donation:

He did it!

So what inspired him to donate? Well, when the donation crew comes to your worksite on a regular basis it is hard to say no to donating. When you are O+ there really is no excuse, and when your wife is bugging you to donate so she can enter this competition, well what else can a guy do. (written by Erin with Brian's OK.)

Brian Hess, VA


Visit Erin's blog at and let her know her hubby ROCKS!

And then we have a Manic Mommy Blood Donor ALUM! Yep, Jules is a dear donor who braved the needle last year and Jules is extra special and I tell HER story every chance I can because Jules is deathly afraid of needles, so much so that last year was the first time she ever donated, and she said that she even gave birth to her children NATURAL because she didn't want to get the epidural just because of the needles involved.

And here she is again, donating BLOOD to save LIVES. Even though she is SCARED TO DEATH to do so. She is doing it AGAIN!


Here's what Jules said:

Well, I did it again.

Did I mention that I hate, hate, hate...... am horribly terrified of needles? Well I do and I am. Yay for all-natural birth and all that.

SO...... the photo color is how I feel/felt (green), and the motivational words scattered about are there to make sure I do this again.

I get a queezy feeling in my stomach just looking at the picture, so I needed A LOT of motivational phrases. :)

And drat! I think I just noticed that I have more wrinkles than last year.

I'm passing the word on to all my friends. Thanks for hosting this again this year. Hope you get a ton of participants!


Jules- Scared O' Those Nasty Needles

Thank you all so very much! And there is a HUGE SHORTAGE of O NEGATIVE BLOOD right now, so if you've even considered for a second that maybe you should donate, why don't you just DO it. I promise it will make you feel so good. It's an amazing gift that costs you NOTHING to do and will change the lives of people who are desperately in need of something you can give to them!

If you're reading this right now, it means you're giving it some consideration.


And thank you! : )

Complete contest details are here: Manic Mommy Virtual Blog for Blood Drive!

And to find a local blood center, call 1-800-GIVE LIFE! There is STILL LOTS OF TIME TO DONATE -- Manic Mommy Virtual Blog for Blood Drive runs through February! And don't forget, we're giving away a vacation to Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort!

More fun stuff later this week on Manic Mommy!

Peace UP!


The Queen said...

Crap.. I'm O+... but I am terrified of I had to go and read this..I feel guilty.. can that drain my blood after I pass out?

OH.. SO DON'T YELL AT ME... go bother the Princess.. she's O-

he he he... OK.. I'll think about it.. I think our Paramedic's put one on... I'll talk to them.. if I pass out..they'll wake me up when they've drained what they need..

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I'm a universal donor (O-) and the vampires love me.

Michelle said...

Ugh. I actually had an appointment yesterday for my 8 week checkup. Annnnnd 11.7 for my iron. That was after eating filet and spinach for dinner the night before and raisins in the car on the way there. I'm wondering if working out right before trying to donate blood is bringing my iron down.

Oh, and I was also told that it takes up to 2 weeks after your period to get your iron levels back up, so maybe that's my issue, too. Anyway, I have another appointment for next Saturday so fingers crossed my iron is good!

Erin said...

Jules deserves a prize for most creative picture, LOVE IT.

And to all those afraid of needles, I am as well. But I still donated, when I was eligable. Just don't look, hum a tune, and like Jules think motivating thoughts.

The kids are all feeling better. Hopefully that is the last of it (she says knocking on the wooden kitchen table.) Thanks for asking.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Regarding your period--don't let that stop you--and you can donate while on your period. I have. Michelle--you should make sure to have breakfast before you go donate, and drink water also before you go, and stock up on the iron-rich foods the week prior to donating, not just the night before--that'll help get the iron up as well!

And yes, Jules photo is very creative.

stewbie2 said...

Awww...i so wish i could help you out! I used to donate every time I could, but since i've had melanoma 2x, those bastards won't let me!! Something about, "...certain types of cancer..." and "...can never donate again..." Blah, blah, blah! However, i just wanted to stop in and say you're doing such a great thing! GIVE BLOOD, EVERYONE!!!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi! PastaQueen put the word out again about your contest. I won last year! Cool new prize! :)

Anyway I was just making an appointment for my donation since we now have a cool new website for central Indiana donors that tracks your donations and cholesterol back to the start of time, gives you points for making appointments and donating, and you can redeem for prizes.

I am taking my friend this year! Maybe I'll remember to wear the shirt you gave me last year!

I'll put the word out on my blog and FaceBook. Is there a FaceBook group yet for this contest? That could get a lot of folks. OH--I bet if we post this at you'll have more entries too! I hope your servers can handle it...

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing: I'm a vegetarian and have no problems with the iron thing! Ya don't necessarily need lotsa meat to be up to par. In fact, I used to fail iron a lot years ago when I was eating the 'Standard American Diet,' but now that I'm veg I have no problems!!

Good luck to everyone!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hi AMY! I remember you! And you are sooo right about the vegetarian diets having good iron--dark green leafy stuff and also beens, legumes, etc, right???

If you could create or tell me how to create a facebook group and also get me on slickdeals, that would be AWESOME! Am not familiar with them!!! THANKS!

Robin said...

Cross your fingers that the predicted snow doesn't cancel the bloodmobile scheduled for tomorrow.