Sunday, May 23, 2010


If you entered the AFTER YOU book giveaway by Julie Buxbaum, I have contacted the three winners already, so congrats to Jonita, Tiffany and Shannyn for winning signed copies of AFTER YOU!

Lots to say, lots to do before moving truck comes on Tuesday to fill it with all of our possessions and memories. The weekend was amazing, with beautiful friends -- cannot say enough about it. Kept emotions totally in check. Really did good. I'm sure I'll have a thought-provoking, tearful post in the next day or two. I did lose it pretty big-time during yoga Friday morning. I love my yoga instructor. Afterward, we had coffee and a huge hug and I Love Yous, and she said she is a vessel for my emotions, which is so true. I just feel like I can let go with her. She is an emotional vessel. I bet I could sit in a room with her and just let her watch me cry, and it would feel good and cleansing.

We had an amazing neighborhood going away party with the best neighbors and friends one could ever hope to live near and count on. There is no way we could even come close to hoping to replicate what we have here in our neighborhood. It is just that special. We brought the future owners of our home with us to introduce them to the neighbors they will soon have. We like them that much. We are so happy to give our neighbors and friends such good people into this home, and know they will fit right in. Plus, the people who we bought this house from six years ago - we are still friends with, and they came to the party too ... so there were three generations of home owners there! Too crazy, but it shows that a lot of love has gone into and come out of this house, and great karma is being passed along.

Enough of that. I have to walk around this house and look at what needs to be done.

Oh my God, I only get to sleep here three more nights.


The Book Chick said...

Stephanie: Good luck with the move!! I've e-mailed you my address for the contest- thanks again for squeezing it in before you moved. Thanks!!!! Jonita :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Got your address Jonita, Congrats on winning!

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

So bittersweet, I'm sure! What a blessed life you have there...and will have again in Phoenix, I'm certain. You are clearly a magnet for love and blessings. Hope the next few days go smoothly and you can look ahead with hope and faith for your family's new life. Cyber hugs to you!

Unknown said...

Awww so sweet, I hope you soon find the same comforts in your new town! It's never the same, but it is different, a new adventure and so much to blog about!! I look forward to reading it! Thanks for book! I'm so excited I won. Congrats to the other two winners also! (Jonita, your profile picture is beautiful, I love the dress!) Anyhow, I just emailed you my address! Thanks for sending it on its way before your move!!

Melisa Wells said...

I LOVE that you brought the buyers of your house to your get-together. How great is that!!!

These next couple of days will fly by, I'm sure. Don't forget, I'm only an internet away. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Tiffany, got your address, in fact, all three of you winners sent me your addresses already so I've forwarded them to Julie already! Congrats!

Heidi, thank YOU so much for always popping in with a kind word and some encouragement! Really appreciate that!

And Melisa, we are just an internet away, PLUS, I have your phone number too girlfriend! xo

Anonymous said...

I love you! Mom