Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Department of Lost and Found by Allison Winn Scotch

Happy Publication Day Allison!

It’s really strange how this publishing/writing/author industry thing works out, and how closely connected people really are. When I first “met” Allison Winn Scotch, it was because she was writing an article for Glamour magazine and contacted me for a quote. (Read Allison's article in Glamour, January 2006, Things That Change After Marriage.)

We had no idea that both of us were on our quest for fiction publication. We had no idea that we both were on the same internet writer’s loop where we’d spend time learning about the craft, and helping others do the same, asking questions of those who were in the race ahead of us.

Then, one day, we realized we “knew” each other, and since then, I think it’s safe to say we’ve become internet pals. Allison has been a great sounding board for me when I need support, motivation, inspiration for my fiction, and today is the day she has been waiting for, and the day I hope to achieve eventually with my own novel.

Allison’s novel, The Department of Lost and Found comes out today, and she sent me a signed copy, which I will add to my cherished collection of signed copies of books from my favorite authors, Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin.

Happy Publication Day, Allison!

Now everyone, go out and get The Department of Lost and Found. It’s a great read, with a spirited and spunky main character, and a message that’ll leave you sighing with contentment in the end!

Would Manic Mom steer you wrong?

Here's my review:

When Natalie Miller’s live-in boyfriend discovers she’s got a lump in her breast, he bolts. And leaves Natalie battling cancer virtually alone (less a couple already-occupied girlfriends—one planning her wedding, the other, writing cover stories for national magazines). Her parents are also a bit preoccupied, and not very sympathetic, but it might just seem that way because Natalie is such an independent and strong person, who dreams of being the first female president.

When cancer strikes, Natalie goes at it, determined to beat the bastard. She’s feisty and strong, and hits her treatments full-on! Throughout her crusade, she also battles the curiosity as to why every guy she’s thought she’s ever loved has disappeared on her, and she vows to contact them all to find out why. She’s definitely not looking to rekindle any old flames, but when rocker-boy Jake soars in and nurses her through her ordeal, she can’t help but think that he’s been the one all along.

Or has he? Because Natalie’s too-hot-to-be-my-ob/gyn-but-he-is-my ob/gyn gynecologist is suddenly in the picture, providing her with pot to jumpstart her appetite, while his presence is jumpstarting her libido.

Along with her cancer battle, lovelife woes, therapy sessions, diary entries, an odd fixation on Bob Barker, and a career she’s much too dedicated to, Natalie proves that the disease doesn’t make you who you are, or who you’re going to be. For some, it’s just a snag in the journey, and Natalie takes the high road with determination, charm and wit to beat the son of a bastard disease!


Monnik said...

wow, looks like a good read!

Allison Winn Scotch said...

Hi MM! :) Thank you so much for posting this today! Yup, I think it's quite fair to say that we're internet buddies, and if I lived in Chicago, would no doubt be real-life buddies as well! Thanks again!

Mz Jackson said...

Hey, I think I've seen Allison around over on Backspace. Lots of non-fiction articles under her belt? Her book sounds great and I know how hard the road to publication is since I too am walking it. Congrats to her, and I know you're gonna see yours in print someday soon as well!

Trish Ryan said...

Oh WHEN will my copy arrive? This looks so fabu and leave it to Manic Mom to be on the cutting edge of all things wonderful in the publishing world :)

I suspect we'll be reading about your launch day here soon....

Alicia said...

This hit really close to home.

I'm totally buying the book.


Rusty Nails said...

It's your turn next, Manic! Not long and we'll be saying "Happy Publishing Day" to you.

Nice review. Doesn't sound like my kind of book but I am intrigued by the "strange fixation on Bob Barker" storyline. Sounds amusing.

PS: Got the mix. Outstanding! Ya did a great job.

Maddy said...

It's amazing the connections you make. I wonder why I'm always so slow to connect those dots? I think I tend to keep 'people' in their little boxes / the visual picture of their blog and so on.
Best wishes and congratulations

Maddy said...

Yes, [no email] that's right, via Kim.
Best wishes

Matt said...

I hate when my ob/gyn gives me pot. There's always that uncomfortable silence afterwards...

Travis Erwin said...

Speaking of lost ... Any lost teeth?

Amie Stuart said...

MM's right--this book rocks! And you write much better reviews than I do! *sigh*

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey all. I bet Allison is flying high right now, and speaking of flying high, I had to laugh (OK, I busted OUT laughing) at Matt's comment about how his gyne gives him pot and there's that uncomfortable silence. My question to Matt--"Are your legs still in the stirrups when your gyne delivers the goods?"

Rusty--glad you like the CD. It's hard to make a mixed collection for a man reader. I hope you didn't cry too hard over the Norah Jones' tunes I included. Those are tough to listen to, I know.

Thanks to all who said I'll have a Happy Pub Day someday. I hope so! I watched The Secret last night so I'm totally visualizing and asking for it! Wonder if The Secret works if I ask for a loss of ten pounds?

Travis--Toilet fixed (as I sit here listening to Tukey growning as he's letting loose on the pot -- NO MATT, not THAT KIND OF POT!). Tooth still intact.

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Cooli-o! Sounds like a great read!

Matt said...

Yep, still in stirrups. But only because I always collect my illicit drugs on horseback.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I'm your sister's friend Deena, in CT. Just stopping by to say "hello!"
Great blog! I'm just getting into blogging, but I'm featuring my photography. Any possibility of getting a link to my site from yours? I know how popular you are in the "blog world!"

Frannie Farmer said...

Oh, I am signing up for my copy RIGHT NOW!

Kate said...

Haha! I already have my copy! I was going to have it yesterday, but I'm a moron and I had the one store in town that did have it hold it for me. And then proceeded to one of the stores that didn't have it and made them race around looking for it. Doh! And since I was sick and on my way home to bed and hubby was burning up valuable lunchhour minutes, I had to wait until today.

After going to the gyno (no pot), I went to B&N and they had it waiting for me. Hooray! Guess what I'm about to do?

Manic, when your book comes out, I'll have it that day. I can't wait.