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MaNiC MoMMy'S March Madness Book-A-Day Giveaway: The Books!

Look for all of these great books to be reviewed and given away during MaNiC MoMMy'S March Madness Book-A-Day Giveaway ... Do you want to win one? Do you want to win them ALL as the grand prize at the end of the month? Here are some important details you'll want to know about before the Reviews and Book Giveaways come your way! And then below, all of the books are listed!

*** TO BE CLEAR: Come back and read about each book every day in March. Choose the books you'd like to win. Enter for any or ALL the books. Each entry will count as an entry toward the grand prize of winning ALL 31+ books at the end of the month. You can win the book of the day and still qualify to win ALL the books at the end of the month!

*You may enter daily, but can only enter one time per day, per book. Please, when you enter, leave a unique and qualifying name so you can be identified as the winner. There may be more than one “Jenn” entering, so use a last name or middle name to be sure you are identified. An email address helps to ensure you as the winner.

*Check back to see if you’ve won the book of the day; winner will be listed at the top of the blog entry for the day in the highlighted area.

*You must contact me at to claim your book. Send me your full name, address, email address and the name of the book that you won. I will NOT alert winners. If you don’t contact me during the month of MARCH, you will not receive your book.

*You will have two days to enter after I post the giveaway for each book (weekend posts may be allotted more time at my discretion). Entries after the two-day mark will not be considered. I will usually try to leave a comment in the comment thread at the point where entries per book will no longer be qualified.

*Every day you enter will give you another entry to win the grand prize at the end of the month. Enter every day in the month, you will have 31 chances to win the 31 books we’re giving away. The more you enter, the more chances you'll have to win!

*Your book or books will be mailed directly from the author or publisher and may or may not be signed.

*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or leave a comment in the comments section and I'll answer them there.

*Sorry, only US and Canadian residents are eligible.

I love all of these authors and their books and cannot wait to share them with you! Thanks to all of them for their generosity and for their beautiful words!

PS ... Before March 1, I'll have one more surprise book to give away that's not on this list, but the author's FIRST book is featured here. You'll just be able to win her second book here too, before the March Madness Book-A-Day Giveaway, so be sure to check back.

And now, the featured books ...


Monday, February 21, 2011

Chocolate & Vicodin

Book: Chocolate & Vicodin

Author: Jennette Fulda

Winner: HALLY, who said:
Chocolate & vidicon, isn't that the mantra of mothers in labor everywhere? Thanks for the great giveaway Manic!

If your name appears here as the winner, please contact me at to claim your prize. Send me your full name, address, email address and name of book you have won.

In anticipation of March and the big book event planned, here is a test run of how each day will go, and a little something extra for you all ...

Well, I know March isn't quite here yet, but I'm going to start the
with two preview books that debut this week that I have promised dedicated readers. So, here's a review on Chocolate & Vicodin by Jennette Fulda, who I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life. If you'd like to win a copy of Chocolate & Vicodin, simply leave a comment in the comment section. If you sign in as anonymous, just make sure to leave an identifying name and email address. I WON'T be contacting the winner for ANY of these giveaways in March. It will be your responsibility to check back to see if you've won any of the books given away during the month of March, so please come back to see if you've won.

During the official MaNiC MoMMy'S March Madness Book-A-Day Giveaway, you must contact me at to claim your prize. Send me your full name, address, email address and the name of the book that you won. I will NOT alert winners. If you don’t contact me during the month of March, you will not receive your book.

You'll have two days from the time I post each book to enter. The winner's name will be announced at the top of each review/post!

Am very sorry, but only U.S. and Canadian residents can participate.

And here we go, a preview to what will be coming to you in March ... a fantastic book for you to win with Chocolate & Vicodin! That means THIRTY-ONE books to read about and possibly win all through the month of March, and you can enter every single day.

Every time you enter, that's one entry toward the grand prize of winning ALL 31 books at the end of the month! (Sidenote: These first two books in February may or may not be included in the March grand prize, but I love them so much, and wanted to share them with you here, so we're kicking off a little early with a couple special books!)

If you have any questions about the Giveaway, please leave them in the comment section or email me at Also, every book has been generously donated by the authors themselves.

When I first found out Jennette Fulda had another book coming out, I thought, “How on earth did she write another book, she just wrote her amazing Half Assed memoir, the book about how she lost 200 pounds through healthy eating and exercise?” Then I saw and fell madly in love with the cover of Chocolate & Vicodin which is simply a picture of a chocolate iced cupcake with pills on top. It’s beautiful.

Bad for me for not keeping up with her very famous blog,, and for not knowing that Jennette had been suffering from a chronic headache. You know, one constant headache that would NOT GO AWAY. Painful. Yeah.

I’ve been kind of on that road, but not to the point of having a headache all day long, every day for more than three years. As a migraine sufferer, I’ve done some of the things Jennette does in her memoir Chocolate & Vicodin: My quest for relief from the headache that wouldn’t go away. But how on earth did she get to take the prescription drug Topomax and LOSE weight with the drug when I take it DAILY for my migraines and all I get is … well, thankfully, no migraines. And some days because of the drug, I can’t find my words, but I’d rather be tongue-tied than holed up in a dark room unable to move all day long. I am thankful the drug works for me. What Jennette has been through has been something I would have not been able to deal with.

Jennette went through MRIs, cat scans, countless doctor visits, prescriptions, prescriptions, prescriptions, a 40-pound weight gain due to self-medicating with mint chocolate chip ice cream, chiropractic, acupuncture, visits to headache clinics. She tried absolutely everything possible to rid her of the constant suffering. She lost days and nights of her life because of a continuous pain in her head which she sometimes referred to as a tiara made of nails. Fun huh?

I’ve wondered if given the choice, would Jennette have chosen to stay 200 pounds heavier and never have had the constant headache or would she have chosen the headache but to have lost the weight?

Whether you’ve had one headache or a million, you’ll enjoy the humor Jennette brings to Chocolate & Vicodin, and you’ll feel her pain, thankfully not literally, and you’ll be happy to know that while not completely healed, she’s able to live comfortably now. Get Chocolate & Vicodin and find out how Jennette got where she is today. And a pint of mint chocolate chip along the way might not be a bad idea either!

This review was previously shared on RealMomsGuide.

Monday, February 14, 2011

MaNiC MoMMy'S March Madness Book-A-Day Giveaway!


Every day during the month of March a surprise book or set of books will be given away on MaNiC MoMMy ... A Booking with MaNiC Extravaganza!

Authors include (in no particular order):

Jen Lancaster
Kristina Riggle
Allison Winn Scotch
Jess Riley
Sarah Pekkanen
Alisa Bowman
Susan Pohlman
Jenny Nelson
Shana Mahaffey
Maureen Lipinski
Julie Buxbaum
Juliette Fay
Laura Munson
Stacy Morrison
Allie Larkin
Rainbow Rowell
Laura Kasischke
Michelle Toth
Michele Scott
Annette Fix
Jenny Gardiner
Kim Wright
Dawn Meehan
Emily Giffin
Lissa Rankin
Eileen Cook
Catherine McKenzie
Shawn Klomparens
Trish Ryan
Laura Dave
Julie Metz

At the end of the month, one GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a
complete set of ALL the books from the month!

So, check back soon for more info leading up to
MaNiC MoMMy'S March Madness Book-A-Day Giveaway!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Are You an Accidental Adult?

Congrats to Lacey In The Sky who has won The Accidental Adult! Lacy, please send me your address!
And big exciting news coming your way on MaNiC MoMMy for the month of March ... please check back soon! BIG BOOK NEWS!

The Accidental Adult
By Colin Sokolowski

accidental adult (n.): An individual whose age indicates maturity but whose approach to life suggests otherwise.

When's the first time you felt like an adult? The first time you drank alcohol? When you had your first baby? When you wrote out your first mortgage check or drove off the lot in that awesome minivan?

I bet it was a life-changing moment huh?

Colin Sokolowski knows all about becoming an adult and he shares his humorous stories in his book: The Accidental Adult, Essays and Advice for the Reluctantly Responsible and Marginally Mature.

Even if you've yet to accept your inner adult, you'll crack up at Sokolowski’s humor. Essays on the must-have ill-fated minivan, home improvements (everyone has them but no one wants to do them, right?), your hubby’s inner child, hobbies, music (then and now – Wiggles anyone?), beer – beer – beer, entertaining, parenting, athletics, and so much more.

I'm giving away a copy of The Accidental Adult here on MaNiC MoMMy and here's all you have to do to enter:

--leave me a comment telling me when you first felt like a real adult. PLEASE leave your email address here so if you win, I can let you know!
--go to Colin's FB page, LIKE him there, and leave a note there telling him you found him through MaNiC MoMMy.

That's all.
Thanks, and remember, LOTS more book giveaways coming your way!

Next Two coming up in February are:

Also, quick personal update:

Sorry there hasn't been much personal blogging going on over here, but we've made it past 8 months living here in this shithole, HA, just kidding, because it's BEAUTIFUL here, and I hope all my friends back home have done OK with the blizzard.

My very close friends from my old neighborhood were out here a couple weeks ago -- nine girlfriends, and we had a blast!

Leaving for Cabo this week to celebrate my dad's 70th with the family. Very much looking forward to that vaca.

If we're not FB friends, please friend me - just let me know you've come there by way of MaNiC. I do a lot of social connecting there these days. 

Finally, I've been blogging over at Real Mom's Guide (you'll have to scroll down if you go over there) so if you've been DYING to read me, there's a ton of stuff over there (although I doubt that's something high on everyone's priority list). I KNOW everyone is busy, I'm just thankful you've stopped by here now!

Come back for more great book giveaways!

PeaCe uP!
~MaNiC MoMMy