Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In almost five years I've never gone a whole week without you. I'm not sure how I'm feeling. Maybe I'll write about it later.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Not lately.

I haven't felt much like I've got anything to say so I haven't been jumping to the blog lately. I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure what I'm going to write here, so I don't know.

See, I told you I was messed up.

I just wonder what am I doing blogging? What am I getting out of it? What is anyone getting out of it. And this is not my plea for those who read to say, "Don't stop blogging." I just don't know where it's taking me, or if I need to move to the next level. I've been blogging for almost 5 years. I guess that's a lot of words. I don't know that many of them have meant much to anyone but me, maybe that's ... Shit, I don't even know.

Why blog?

I don't have any grand insights to share with anyone. My kids are getting older and there's fewer and fewer hilarious things I can share about them. Yes, they're still funny, but when should I stop using them for my own expense/entertainment?

I don't know where I'm headed or where I want to go, in the literal sense, and the philosophical sense. I don't know what our family's future holds. Where will I be next year? Will it matter?

I'm sitting here in my room wondering. What am i thinking about. Deadlines that must be met. Laundry that must be done. Children that must be cared for. Books I'm dying to write. Where is this getting me. Is blogging getting me any closer to my dreams.

And what are my dreams anyway?

Do I have any?

See, I knew this wouldn't make sense ... it doesn't make sense to the person who's thinking all of this. It's just a big fat wonderment of mystery. What do I feel like doing and why? How will this make me a better person in the long run? Am I wasting my time? Am I wasting your time. I think I worry about those things too.

And why am I so good at sleeping. I swear, if sleeping were an Olympic Event, I would so take the gold. And on that note, bedtime.

Friday, September 18, 2009

a SToRy By TuKey: PuRPLe DuCK

I remember one time when my babbysitter Adrea [Andrea] was over and she said guy's it's time for bed.

Oh No! I whispered to myself.

Then she said Tukey it's time for bed. Then I said I want to wach more TV. Adrea siad no it's time for bed. Then I siad what I can't here you. Then she siad Tukey. Then I siad purple duck.


purple duck.


purple duck.

Then I siad I'm waching more TV. I'm not getting out of this chir. Then I hered the grode [garage] door open.

Oh No!

my mom and dad where here. Then I ran upstars clibed up in my bunkbed and whent to bed. Then afte two hours my mom and dad said good night.

The Next day I woke up and had a good day at school.

The End!

Monday, September 14, 2009

u2 GooD NeWS; BaD NeWS

So, the good news of this "U2 Good News; Bad News" post is that I went to the opening Chicago show of U2's new tour. The bad news, I didn't see any of it.

Now before your minds start awandering, NO, I was not drunk and passed out. I got a migraine. A stupid migraine prevented me from seeing ANY BIT OF BONO. I spent the evening in the last bathroom stall fighting a migraine and puking.

Who manages to go to a U2 concert and ends up in the bathroom the whole night? Me, that's who.

We had the whole day planned, 30 of us were tailgating and there were to be margaritas and awesome food, and music in preparation for the big show. Mr. Manic and I took the train downtown. On the train I said, "I'm scared I'm going to get a migraine."

"Don't psyche yourself up. You're going to jinx it into happening."

It happened.

I don't know what triggered it, but now this is the third migraine in a month, the second of which there was vomiting. I wondered if it was because I hadn't had any caffeine the whole morning/day, but I've gone without many days. I wonder if I have a reaction to popcorn, cuz I had popcorn that morning (Don't ask. OK, ask: we went to the Farmer's Market and they had awesome kettle corn there.) I recall getting migraines sometimes after eating movie popcorn and wonder if I have a reaction to certain oils? I have no idea.

But, the headache starts creeping up, and that's when I should take my preventative meds, but did I have any with me? Of course not! That would have been too sensible for Manic to actually pack her migraine medicine. (For the record, I didn't pack a comb, brush, toothbrush for that matter - I was going waaaay casual obviously.)

I power through, and keep saying, "I'll feel better, I can do this. It's Bono for crying out loud." Now, I'm not a huge U2 fan, but I like the band a lot, and to be in the vicinity of the band but not see the performance, well, that just sucked.

At tailgating, I tried to push through, tried to drink a 1/2 margarita, did eat some food thinking that would help, but kept cringing at the noise levels and the smells of the grills and sausages and people smoking, and that was really getting to me. I asked my friend if I could lie down in her van. I should have stayed there the whole time. But did I? Nooooo. Because I don't know my limitations. Had my limitations been with me that morning, I would have given my ticket to another neighbor so someone could have enjoyed the show.

Finally, we go in to the venue, which is Soldier Field, huge venue, the Bears play there, I've NEVER been inside Soldier Field. Let me tell you, they do a real nice job keeping those bathrooms clean. And I would know. Because I spent from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m IN THE BATHROOM!

Previous to camping out in the bathroom, I did go to First Aid at one point because I thought there would be a gurney I could lie on but the guy said I could sit there for a while but then they'd have to transfer me. Transfer me? Where to? The stage? Maybe then I'd feel better. I did manage to see 3 songs by Snow Patrol, one of them Open Your Eyes and it was great, but I knew, I just knew that with a light show and all the drums, I would never make it through the night.

The worst part, I could hear the band, could hear every single note from every song they were playing, but just enough to kill my ears and make me wish I wasn't sick so I could be out there with the whole crowd singing Sunday BLoody Sunday, and Streets Have No Name, and Vertigo ... and, and yeah, missed it. But I didn't miss the shaking of the buidling while locked in my bathroom stall. Nope, I felt all that motion, and felt it even more every time people would come in to pee. I got relief when there was a really good song playing because then the bathroom door wouldn't keep opening and closing and I wouldn't have to listen to all the drunk girls talk about how much they loved Bono and how great the show was, and and and ...

And while I sat there, I puked and then tried to clean up the mess, and it was one of those toilet paper holders where it takes FREAKING FOREVER to get a square out, and the whole time I'm telling myself, "Just get me through the night. At least I'm alive. It's only music. I can get through this."

And I could have gotten Mr. and begged him to take me home and he would have in a heartbeat, but I wanted him to at least experience the show. We paid a shitload of money to go, and he should have seen the show. I am such a martyr, aren't I? For the record, he did come out and look for me, and tried to call my cell, but there wasn't coverage, and I was in the bathroom on the level above us because that's where I landed after visiting First Aid.

Finally, when I felt like I could stand and walk and function (which I had tried two or three times before and failed), I got out of the bathroom and ran to get him, and said, "We have to go."

And he followed. Hey! I WILL FOLLOW! That's a U2 song, and yep, they played that one too, and yep, I missed that one too.

We left ...

MAJOR SIDENOTE HERE: We got into the first cab we found and when he was about to pull away, we see police lights. The cab was parked in a no park zone and the cop was letting him have it. This poor cabbie was just trying to make a measley buck. I even rolled down the window and said, "Officer, I'm really sick, can we please just leave?" But the cop was an ass and told the cabbie to wait there because he was getting a $150 ticket. I felt so bad for the guy but we got out of the cab to find another. The next cab we found was the SWEETEST cab driver. I told him I was sick and he said, "Do you want me to go slow or fast?" I said fast. I had the window rolled all the way down and I know he was going SHITLOAD FAST, but I didn't care if I died or not I felt so horrible, but at the same time, that was the best I felt, feeling that cool air whip through me. He even asked if I wanted a Tylenol! I hope Mr. Manic tipped that guy good, cuz he got me back to our friends's place, and I crashed hard, not even peeing or brushing my teeth (I know, ewwww. Believe me, I had been puking ... definite EWWWW). But all I wanted was to be in that bed with a cool pillow over my head and be unconscious. That was relief.

Got up the next morning feeling like only a huge boulder was on my head instead of all of Mount Rushmore, and we got home via the train and I slept some more. The thing about migraines this bad is that it takes another day and a half to recover. They're violent and they suck. And when they start preventing you from doing things in your life that you enjoy, well, that becomes a big problem.

I had a follow-up ENT appointment today from when I busted my eardrum about six weeks ago and mentioned the migraines to my doc. He did a nose-scope all the way down through my nostrils into my throat and vocal chords, and yeah, I watched that on the monitor and GROOOOOSSSSSSSS! But cool. It was gross in a cool way. I could see my nose hairs and he showed me my vocal chords and throat (which very oddly look practically just like a vagina!) Everything was good in that department, and next we're going to do an MRI, which I'm not worried about because I've had a couple before on my head for headaches, and we're also going to do allergy testing. He thinks they're allergy-related. So do I. That or hormonal, or food triggers. We'll figure it out.

When the doc removed the tube from my nose, I made a comment about it and he said, "Up your nose with a rubber hose."

My reply: "Twice as far with a chocolate bar."

He and his assistant cracked up and I was laughing feeling like a complete idiot, like this ENT must think I'm a total nutcase, and that I should really get out more if I'm having THIS much fun going to see the ENT.

So, bottom line, no Bono for moi. And my friends we went to the concert with have sworn to me that I didn't miss much. I told them they can tell me how great the show was in a week or two.

And I keep telling myself things could have been much worse there, and that it's just music. It's only music ...

Friday, September 11, 2009


This is what I wrote in my journal on September 11, 2001, when Tukey was just nine days old.

September 11, 2001
Today is an extremely sad day for our country. An unbelievable thing happened killing thousands and thousands of people. Terrorist hijackers crashed airplanes into the two World Trade Center buildings in NY and they exploded and collapsed killing thousands. Then, two more planes went down, one crashing into the Pentagon in DC and one near Pittsburgh. It has been a surreal day and I can’t even explain my feelings. The images on TV have left me crying and confused. What kind of crazy people could want to do this? Our country is really under attack – all airlines in the US closed down, schools, gov’t buildings, amusement parks, monuments, everything has been closed down. It is so scary to think what could happen next. Are we safe in our own home? Should I worry about sending Ajers to preschool or going to the grocery store or to a park? Where is the next target?

I get scared and sad mostly for my babies. I want more than anything in the world to keep them safe from the dangers of the world. I cried a little today and explained what I could to Ajers. That bad people crashed a plane into a building and hurt a lot of people. I think he thinks a crash is cool cuz he plays with Rescue Heroes and was asking if firemen and policemen were there and did they call 911?

This is the most tragic and devastating thing to ever happen to the United States of America and I hope it is over and that nothing like this ever happens again. I am sure we are going to go to war with Afganistan and whoever else did this. When you kids are older and read these journals, this stuff will be written in your history books. I can’t even believe our country is going through this right now.

I just called my mommy and daddy. We are all safe and sound. Dear God, please keep us safe from the dangers of the world and continue to let us be a loving, kind, caring, close family. Please spare us from any harm and pain and danger. Keep my babies safe so I can raise them to experience the good the world has to offer. Amen, and thank you for what you have given to us so far. Just keep my family in your loving arms. They are the most important thing to me. Nothing else matters but my family. Amen and please help the families of all the victims survive this horror. Amen.

Sept. 13, 2001
Two days after the hijacking attack and things are still very strange, obviously. There are a ton of American flags being hung at halfmast, I don’t even know how to write about what’s been going on. There are some horrific photos – people jumping from the Towers. They chose to die by fire or by jumping. I do not know what I would do in that situation. I keep thinking if the hijackers only had boxcutters and knives for weapons, couldn’t 10 or 20 or 30 passengers attack them or were they holding knives at a flight attendant threatening to kill? Couldn’t someone bash them over the head with a laptop? I think from now on, cockpits should be completely inaccessible even to flight attendants and huge metal locked doors should keep the pilots safe. I wondered what would it have been like had they crashed the statue of liberty? They wouldn’t have gotten so many victims which is why they aimed for the Towers. It’s like a war zone in NYC. Ash everywhere, people in masks. I think they found some survivors today but they also have 30,000 body bags of dead people. Each of those persons has a story behind their lives. It’s completely unbelievable. Many things have been canceled or postponed – sporting events, concerts, etc. Mr. and I went out to dinner tonight and there was a weird guy there and I wondered, “Could he be there to do something bad to us?” I wondered how safe were we at that restaurant? I’m going to think this way for a long time. Last night I cried a lot. Today, the kids and I went to the mall and we put $ in a can to help the Red Cross. Ajers was concerned that I was going to start crying again. It’s been tough to think about all of this stuff. I just want my babies to be safe.

Tukey has been an angel so far. No trouble at all. His brother and sister adore him and are adjusting pretty well. We’ll see if things change when their grandparents leave Saturday. That’s when reality hits.

All for now, God Bless America and please keep us safe. Keep the victim’s families in your arms.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

LiVe TWiTTeR uPDaTeS FoR GLee!

Get ready folks! I'm live blogging during Glee tonight! Stay tuned ... update: you have to read the tweets from the bottom up:

1. OK, I loved it, but really am not happy it's not more family-ish.4 minutes ago from web

2. #glee Though you don't have my bone structure!11 minutes ago from web

3. OH MY GOD!!!! #glee17 minutes ago from web

4. #glee what does she have to lay down for to kiss him!18 minutes ago from web

5. #glee "you're cool rachel."19 minutes ago from web

6. #glee Am bummed that it's not appropriate for kids. But hilarious!26 minutes ago from web

7. #glee NOT PUSH IT!29 minutes ago from web

8. #glee What song? What song? ...29 minutes ago from web

9. #GLEE Uh oh a sexy scene! Hot chalk!!!31 minutes ago from web

10. #glee GO RACHEL!33 minutes ago from web

11. #glee Skirts are Crunchy Toast. And "It's all about the teasing and not the pleasing!35 minutes ago from web

12. #glee High School Musical meets Desperate Housewives -- my husband's description of #glee. PERFECT!40 minutes ago from web

13. #glee Celibacy club meeting!42 minutes ago from web

14. @LitHousewife You're blocked-how can I DM you for #glee magnet?about 1 hour ago from web in reply to LitHousewife

15. I'm busy quoting awesome lines from #glee while some are quoting Obama. Wonder which show gets more viewers?about 1 hour ago from web

16. The girl who threw up before me left that! And Gag Reflex! Hellooo! I'm loving it. #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

17. OK, a little too mature for my kids? Touching breasts over or under the sweater? #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

18. My very own Sophie's CHOICE! Bwahahah #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

19. feak out! #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

20. Cock of the walk! #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

21. What's with the purple sweater? #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

22. GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!about 1 hour ago from web

23. Squeeeeeeeee for Glee!about 1 hour ago from web

24. I've never watched SYTYCD; now I know why.about 1 hour ago from web

25. OK, here we go, GLEE in 6 minutes! Who's your favorite character? I'm hot for Finn!about 1 hour ago from web

26. Am going to live blog #GLEE in a few at Come for the GLEE party!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

WHaT'S youR MoMeNT?

Isn't this beautiful! What are some of your life-defining moments?

Monday, September 07, 2009

MaiDeN MaNiQueLLa oF BLuToPia. a FaiRyTaLe

Once upon a time, in the far, far away land of Blutopia, there was a fair maiden, as there always is in every fairy tale. Fair Maiden Maniquella was less of a peasant but not quite royalty; she was cast somewhere in the middle. She did however, have the distinct job in the kingdom as garden harvester. Every day, Fair Maiden Maniquella would go to the garden and pick the freshest figs and juiciest plums from the garden. And every day, she delivered these figs and plums to Princesses Junie and May, who were quite pleased with Maniquella’s bounty, as she worked hard to find only the best and ripest fruits for the kingdom. Every day, Maniquella was praised for her hard work, and honored for the beautiful fruits of her labor. All was well and good in the land of Blutopia for Maiden Maniquella.

Each day, Maniquella would go into the Fig Forest and sing to the birds and flit with the butterflies, and pick and pick and pick all day long. She loved her role as garden harvester and felt very blessed to have been hand-picked by Princess Junie, as she knew many fair maidens in the kingdom were envious and had wanted to be garden harvester.

One day in the far away land of Blutopia, a handsome countryman rode upon his steed and stopped at the entryway of the kingdom’s garden. Maniquella had been plucking fruit from the neighboring trees and knelt in honor of this noble man as he dismounted his steed. With authority, he delivered a scroll that was clearly an important document from the highest order of priestesses of the kingdom. Maniquella put down her basket of plums and figs and unrolled the hand-written message she had received from the very good looking countryman.

She was being ordered to go to the kingdom immediately. Handsome countryman, with the strength of a mighty hero, reached his hand out and led Maniquella to his mighty steed. He lifted her to the horse, and then mounted the great steed after she was secure.

“Hold on,” he demanded of her, not unkindly, but as a warning to protect her delicateness.

Maniquella wrapped her arms around his waist, reveling in the firmness of his body. She settled her chin into the back of him, inhaling his strong masculine scent, and if it weren’t for the security of him, she would have surely fainted. She had not yet known man, and certainly not one of such strength and nobility. They rode away to the kingdom, and it was the first time Maniquella had not thought of figs and plums and garden harvesting for a very long time.

At the kingdom, Maniquella was ordered to meet with Princess Junie, who was weeping in her royal quarters. Maniquella rushed to her side, for she loved her friend Junie so dearly, although she was a princess and Maniquella would never be of the high honor. She knelt down, wrapping herself around Princess Junie’s cloaks in an effort to comfort her because she was clearly in conflict and pain.

“Whatever is the matter, Princess Junie?” Maniquella implored.

“Oh, Maniquella! I’m so sorry to tell you of this, but Priestesses Progresso and Magdelina say your fruit is no longer worthy of the kingdom!”

“Junie! How can this be? I’ve picked plums and figs for 16 months every single day, and only deliver the ripest, most colorful and juiciest fruits to the kingdom! How can the high priestesses think suddenly my fruit is not worthy of the kingdom?”

“I don’t know, but they are banishing you from Blutopia.”

“But there is NO better fruit to be found in the kingdom! I implore you! I scrounge daily for the best bounty! Not a bruise is worthy to the Priestesses! I am sure of it! How can they say this of me; how can they think I am not bringing only the best to the kingdom! Wherever will I go?! What shall I do? I ask you, Princess Junie, have I ever brought you fruit unworthy to your lips?”

Princess Junie could only shake her head no, and again burst into tears. “You must go now. Leave before dusk, and they will spare you.”

Forlorn and distraught, Maniquella went home to her modest quarters in Blutopia, and packed her meager belongings. She did not know where she would go. She was confused and sad, and hurt that her pickings were no longer worthy of the kingdom.

Maniquella walked for miles, and cried and wondered how on earth that suddenly, the fruit was no longer good? She had made sure daily that what she was delivering to the kingdom of Blutopia was only the finest figs and plums. She had been hailed by the townspeople; everyone knew that Maniquella would deliver only the great fruit to sustain the kingdom. And she had done so, faithfully, happily for 16 months, despite many obstacles.

Desolate, Maniquella fell to the side of the road and wept. She wept for the loss of the kingdom she so loved, she wept because she was now banished from the garden of the kingdom Blutopia, a place where she roamed and loved, a place she had called her own. She wept because she would miss Princesses Junie and May, her mentors of all good and kindness.

But then suddenly, a carriage appeared and a beautiful queen beckoned toward Maniquella. Maniquella did not know from whence the queen came, but it was clear that she was of high power and nobility, and so Maniquella bowed before the bejeweled woman.

“My dear, I have been searching for you. Where have you been?” the queen asked.

“Dear Queen, an honor. I bow in your honor. But what is it of you that you search for? I am now a mere peasant, banished from Blutopia, because suddenly, my fruit was no good for them, when before, I was lauded for the bounty I brought into the kingdom every day.”

“Maniquella. There has been mighty talk of your greatness throughout all of the land. My noble son ran to my side and told me he has found his princess.”

And then, horse hooves could be heard in the distance and a cloud of dust appeared. A great steed arrived behind the carriage, and the handsome countryman who had brought Maniquella to face her demise stood before her.

“My son,” the Queen said. “He found you. He knew your fruit was grand, and that you were the most worthy garden harvester in all of the land.”

“You must come with us, where you will now live, not as a harvester of figs and plums, but a harvester to the lineage of kings. You will no longer bear fruit in your baskets, but I beg you, marry my son, bear the fruit of his seed, and he will make you the happiest woman in all of the land. You are worthy and good and kind, and shall no longer be sad. Come, live with us in Parentopia, and all will be grand.”

And so, with great dignity and pride, Maniquella brushed herself off, wiped the stray tears from her eyes, and took hold of her future prince’s arm. He lifted her to his steed once again, and they rode off to the grandest land of all, Parentopia, where they lived, of course, happily ever after.

And then some.

Because Maniquella was good and kind, and worthy of all the goodness she deserved, plus she got the hot prince to boot!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

BooK WiNNeRS & SoMe NeW FiNDS!

Congrats to these three winners! You will receive a copy of Pocket Doodles for you your darling children!

Of Cheerios & Conference Calls

Kirsten at JustYourNormalAverageMom


So ladies, email me your addresses and we'll get you a copy of Pocket Doodles!

For the copies of After You, I had author Julie Buxbaum give me two random numbers and these are the two who won:

Sarah Pekkanen. Now ironically enough, Sarah is a debut author who will have her first book published in March of 2010. Her novel is called The Opposite of Me, which is so interesting cuz Julie Buxbaum's debut novel was The Opposite of Love. I think that's very karma-isque that Sarah won After You, and I now have a new author to look forward to! (Sarah, call me, let's chat!)

And the second winner is: Deb from Deb's Desk. And another cool thing is Deb is doing her FIRST book giveaway on her blog (how is this for amazing karma folks!), and you can head over there to enter to win Cleopatra's Daughter. And here we have come absolutely FULL CIRLCE because the book The Opposite of Me, and Cleopatra's Daughter both have twins in the story. Too weird! But too cool! So, although you may not have won any of the books I've just given away, you can win over at Deb's Desk and also you may have found a new author in Sarah Pekkanen. I can't wait to read these new books and I would have never found out about them had I not held this book giveaway!

Winners, please send your addresses to me at and I will be sure to get your books to you! Congrats!

And, just in case you missed it last week, here is a repeat of a post where I share some recent great reads!


I love sharing new reads with you all and recently had the chance to read The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf, which is a fast-paced suspenseful book. The book starts out with a mute 7-year-old and an alcoholic abusive father and the mystery erupts. Calie and her friend Petra unexpectedly disappear in the early morning and there’s no logical reason for their disappearance. Author Gudenkauf takes the reader on a surprising trip through the minds of most of the characters in this book. In each chapter, the story unfolds with the telling of the circumstances of the disappearance of the girls through different characters. From the father of Petra, Callie’s mom, her brother, and even a second-string deputy character, you’ll not want to put the book down till you find out what has happened to Calie and her friend. Written in a way that you NEED to turn the page, this book is part mystery, part suspense, part love story, and all adrenaline inducing!

His Other Lover by Lucy Dawson arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep and man, I plowed through this one! It’s the story of Mia, who discovers a text on her live-in boyfriend’s cell phone that causes her to believe he’s been unfaithful. Rather than confront Pete, Mia turns the tables and becomes the Glenn Close of the love triangle, doing everything in her power to break up the suspected affair. The reader won’t believe the lengths Mia goes to in order to confirm the affair and stop it – she’s absolutely brilliant, and I could see myself doing the same devious things if Mr. Manic was being unfaithful, but of course, that would never happen – he barely knows how to text! This book has a satisfying ending and asks the question of who was more at fault – the man who cheated, or the woman who cheated, lied, stole, deceived in order to keep her man? But does she keep him in the end? Well, that’s for me to know and YOU to find out!

What I Thought I Knew – Alice Eve Cohen
A 44-year-old woman is diagnosed with a stomach tumor only to discover she is pregnant after a lifetime of infertility. This memoir is a fascinating example of how the medical industry can screw up a person's life by a misdiagnosis. When Alice finally comes out of the shock of discovering she's six months pregnant, she then has very difficult choices to make - whether or not to abort her child, whether she should give the baby up for adoption. This book has so many Oh-My-God moments, I seriously could not put it down and flew through the book. And it was well worth it for the happy ending!

Rage Against the Meshugenah
What a great book written by a MAN! Not that a man can’t write a book, but I do know their focus isn’t what a woman’s is! Anyway, Rage is about Danny Evan’s downward spiral into depression after he is hit with becoming a father, losing his job and 9/11. Read how Danny first deals with his depression through alcohol and porn (sounds like an answer to me!), then goes through therapy to face his demons. A new daughter on the way brings him out of his longtime depression and he realizes his place in the world. This one will make you feel good and be thankful for what you have!

What are some good books you've read lately?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


In no particular order with details to follow ...

1. Today my precious Tukey Pie is 8 years old.

2. It's the worst possible thing watching your very close friend and her four children bury their husband and father. Words can't describe, but I'll try later.

3. is no longer requiring my services. Big changes over there.