Saturday, September 21, 2013

Temporarily Shut Down

Hi Booking with Manic Readers --

I've had to close down the blog indefinitely for the time being (what does that mean anyway?) Does that mean I will be back in the beginning of the New Year? I honestly don't know. We've had some family issues that need to be addressed and with that, it means I don't have time to do some of the other things that I would love to do -- read, write, review.

I don't want to be cryptic on here and I am pretty sure I've mentioned my son and his epilepsy. While his epilepsy is still controlled, he is now having severe mood disorder and anxiety. He was recently hospitalized and treated. We hope we are on the way to a better future.

For now, being Mom comes first.

Keep reading!

xo PeaCe uP~