Thursday, July 31, 2008

Prize Winners & Mamma Mia!

OK, so before I tell you the winner of the $25 Target Gift Card from this entry, I wanna show you the preview to an AWESOME MOVIE!

Mamma Mia:

It's so awesome, I've already seen it twice, and paid full-price for it both times. If you love ABBA music, you'll love it! Mr. Manic and I saw the play on Broadway in NYC like five years ago and it rocked, and the movie is IDENTICAL to the play, with a FABULOUS cast and INCREDIBLE MUSIC! So incredible that I bought the CD and I haven't BOUGHT a CD in FOREVER.

I love the movie and the music so much that while this is a post to announce winners of a different contest, I will ALSO award THREE commenters from THIS POST a Mamma Mia music CD. So leave a comment and I'll have Diva pick three random ones and I'll send you a copy of the Mamma Mia CD. Because it ROCKS!

And yeah, it's Rated PG-13, but I took Diva, who is nine, and there was really nothing too off-the-wall in there for her--one guy's nekkid butt, and some reference to some "dot-dot-dot" (which in the movie refers to sexin' it up!), but other than that, the music, the storyline, and the dancing kept her entertained. She even got a little worried at one point when I started tearing up over a very poignant mother-daughter scene. Oh yes, Manic Mommy might bust out the F-word at her kids every now and then, but I can get sentimental at the movies!

SO, leave a comment if you want to win a copy of my music CD of Mamma Mia and we'll choose three winners. Go see the movie!

And NOW, announcing the winner of the $25 Target Gift Card! But first, we'll do the three runner-ups who will be receiving an Orville Redenbacher popcorn bowl with microwave popcorn!

Randomly chosen by Tukey, Diva, Manic Nana and moi, we each chose one name from a bowl, and then Nana chose one from those four to win the grand prize.

Kelly G. who posted anonymously, but is an early intervention speech therapist who had a kid pee on her and then another one vomit on her.

Jenn, who also did not leave a link, but was having a crappy day and had stepped in cat poop, and it was also her 40th birthday! So happy birthday Jenn!

eatmisery from Comments from the Peanut Gallery

And the winner of the $25 Target Gift Card is:


Congrats, and I'll need you to each send me your address at so I can send you your prizes!

Thanks for playing at Manic's House!!

Peace UP!


I just screamed FUCK at the top of my lungs in front of my kids because they are acting like complete FUCKING animals. And you know what? It felt FUCKING AWESOME to do this.

Does this make me a bad parent? And if so? I DON'T FUCKING CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

UPDATE...For those of you who have been patiently waiting, Manic Nana will be choosing the winner of the $25 Target gift card for the CRAPPY MOMENT contest later tonight. It will be posted this weekend so if you entered, check back! Yep, Manic Nana and Papa are in town!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So, I realized something odd the other day.

I talk to myself in the car when I'm alone.

OK, not really talk, more like I yell expletives and vocalize the thoughts I usually keep quiet when I'm in the car with other people. When I'm by myself, well, that's another story.

Take the other day for instance. We were going to watch our neighbor blow off rockets in a field (don't ask, but OK, ever-skeptical nervous mom me had FUN!), so I was going to run to get Dunkin' Donuts for the Rocket Adventure, cuz what's a Rocket Adventure without Munchkins, right?

First off, I am driving to Dunkin' Donuts and talking on the phone, then I hang up and look around me. And then out loud, to no one, because no one is in the car, I say, "FUCK! I went the wrong way!"

What is the point of expletives out loud? Does it make me feel better about being an idiot and driving in the wrong direction to a place I clearly KNOW how to get to?

When I get there, and the curmudgeon Indian man looks at me and says, "What you want?"

Please note, I am not generalizing here. Not all Indian men are curmudgeons, but this one, every time I've been to this Dunkin' Donuts, he just has a mean scowl on his face. Not a nice man. Like I'm seriously afraid to order from him. Good thing his wife or sister-in-law or cousin or whoever the lady is who takes the money smiles, or else I'd never go back.

Anyway, after "What you want?" I say, "A box of large Munchkins, no jelly ones, please."

He gets me my donuts, I smile at the nice lady, she smiles back, I give her my money, she gives me change, I put a dollar in the tip cup (What is it with EVERYONE thinking they deserve a friggin' tip these days anyway?!), and then I grab the donuts and get in the car to go to the Rocket Launch.

Of course, I need a donut for the ride home, and that is probably one of the reasons I have gained 4 of the 22 pounds back ... ouch ... another post for another day ...

I open the box and ... uncontrollably, the urge strikes, and these words tumble from my frustrated mouth:

"I said NO JELLY, you ass!"

Like he could hear me yelling from my car a mile away. But it made me feel a little better to know that I somehow sent my sentiments in his direction.

NO JELLY does not mean fill HALF the box with JELLY-FILLED munchkins, YOU ASS!

Next time you're in the car alone, figure out if you talk to yourself. I bet you do. And I bet your conversations are as insane as mine are.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Well ...

I was gonna title this: This Makes Me Sick and Sad ... My neighbor's father just passed away and Diva was coming home from another neighbor's house this evening and she saw our neighbor's house getting TP'ed (the house that is in mourning over the death of their father and grandfather).

Diva ran in and said, "Mom! Someone is toilet-papering the Smith's house!" (Not their real name, of course.)

I ran out and yelled, "Hey guys, don't do that! They just had a death in the family!"

It just made me sad to think that they would all wake up tomorrow, and be sad about their loss, and then find out that some crappy kids went and did that to their yard.

So, Diva, Ajers, Tukey and I went over and cleaned it up. The jerkos even threw marshmallows all over the yard. I am sad for them.

On our way back home, Tukey said, "Mom, can I say P-E-N-I-S?"

"Why?" I asked.

"Cuz those guys who did that are PENISES!"

OK, if that's the extent of his bad-word vocabulary, then he can go nuts. Ha, I just made another penis joke.

In other GREAT-PRAISE GOD NEWS--Remember Ajer's dear friend who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in April?

Two words:


He will still need six months of chemo, but AMEN and PRAISE THE LORD!

And there's still time to enter to win the "I-HAD-A-CRAPPY-MOMENT" Target $25 gift card. Just go here.

*If you've felt a calling to help other kids with cancer, check out my very good friend, Michelle's website: it's 4 the kids!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life Is A Highway ...

Did anyone happen to see THIS while driving on the highway?**

If you're new here, WELCOME!

Thank you for clicking onto MaNiC MoMMy. No gimmicks AT ALL, and if you're a long-time reader, you know I'm not a gimmicky gal. I may be snarky, sarcastic, bitchy, whiny, moody, but you'll never find me as gimmicky!

So here's the dealio:

Want to win a chance at a $25 Target gift card? Anyone can enter (except you Mom, and my sister, and well, anyone who is blood-related or anyone I have ever had an 'intimate' relationship with). There, that weeds out a few of you ...


Leave a comment* and share the crappiest moment of your day, because no matter how great a day is, there's always a teeny-tiny crappy part of it, right?

Maybe your alarm woke you right during the best part of a really great dream. Maybe it was a dream about American Idol contestant Michael Johns singing that sexy loving lies song to you?

Maybe there was no more French Vanilla CoffeeMate for your coffee this a.m?

Maybe Starbucks was out of their seasonal cookies?

Maybe you had to get the kids up extra early for dentist appointments and when you arrived you discovered their appointment is for TOMORROW!

Take that teeny-tiny crappy part and toss it into the comment section!

A random winner will be chosen next week, so check back to see if I can make your day a little less crappy by sending you a $25 Target gift card ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Three runner-up random winners will also receive Orville Redenbacher popcorn bowls with microwave popcorn! So, here's to a less crappy day!

Also, if you're female, between the ages of 25-49, check out BettyConfidential, a great new site for women like us! Betty's Your Best Friend. Only Better.

Peace UP!

*You may enter anonymously, just please create an identifying name in case you win, so we will all know it is YOU winning, and not some other anonymous poster!

**Thanks to the amazingly talented Michelle Kemper Brownlow for her rendition of Manic Mommy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Britney is a GREAT Mom!!!

When I saw in the news that Britney had officially given sole custody to K-Fed, I felt compelled to write this.

What do you think? I'd say if she had any fans previous to this, there are none left, wouldn't you agree?

Who cares if you can sing about being back, and being a bitch when you don't even care about the children you gave birth to?


Brit article on Betty ... Your Best Friend. Only Better

Sunday, July 20, 2008

American Idol Concert Tour and I Still Heart Michael Johns!

Preface: If you haven't yet read my recap from my night out with Jess Riley, Jen Lancaster and Stacey Ballis, be sure to scroll down after this post to read it.

Also, regarding the concert last night, I did not have my camera with me because I thought I couldn’t bring it in. If I had, these videos would have been taken from my camera. However, these are all from youtube, and some of them are not from last night’s show, but from other venues but you get the idea … Now, on with our American Idol Tour Recap:

So, the biggest news was that when Michael Johns came out, I noticed immediately NO WEDDING RING! I’ve got to get to the bottom of that one! I kept saying over and over to the kids, “Guys, he’s got no wedding ring on!”

Good, smart, wise kids that I have, mentioned then: “So what are you going to do Mom, throw your wedding rings away, divorce Dad and go find Michael Johns? Duh!”

Definitely Duh.

But, it makes for the fantasy a little bit more real, right?

Definitely NO RING—check out at 2:47 on this video:

Does anyone have any scoop on THIS for me???

And get this other BIG NEWS: Tukey had to go potty and it was almost time for the David’s to come on stage so I asked Mr. Manic to take him to the bathroom. When they get back, Mr. Manic says, “Tukey has something very important to tell you.”

“What?” I asked.

Tukey looks at me all smug and announces: “I just said hi to Michael Johns!”


Yes he did! Apparently, the men’s room was in the back near the tunnel by the back stage and my future husband (especially now that he’s sans wedding ring—and yes, this is how TERRIBLE internet rumors get started!) was STANDING THERE! Tukey waved to him and said hello and he said hello back… CLARIFY HERE—Tukey just informed me that Michael Johns said HELLO FIRST! OMG!

After they came back to tell me that, I wanted to run from my seat and go find him, but come on, what would I say? “I LOVE YOU? Go to my blog because I wrote how much I love you on my blog, just in case you were wondering if another 39-year-old woman out there had the hots for you?”

Yeah … No.

Then I had to take stock of the pros and cons between Mr. Manic or Michael Johns so we discussed on our way home from the show:

Mr. Manic’s butt is way better than Michael John’s butt. Michael John’s butt looks a little odd. But I have not seen it without clothes on, so maybe I am not one to judge.

Michael John’s can sing better than Mr. Manic.

Michael John’s is most likely a bit less hairier in the chest than Mr. Manic.
Michael John’s has a way cuter Australian accent than Mr. Manic (but Mr. Manic is working on his!)

I did ask, “Who do you think has more money? Mr. Manic or Michael Johns?” At this point, we don’t know.

Michael Johns sings that one sexy loving lies song pretty damn good:

Mr. Manic and Michael Johns both have a great head of hair. I would run my fingers through both of their scalps happily.

Highlights of the show:

Carly is AMAZING live. Ramielle is cute as a kitten and can sing her little heart out! Kristy Lee Cook is BEAUTIFUL! Syesha came out looking so very hot and I’m sure Mr. Manic is doing is own comparison of Syesha vs. Mrs. Manic in his own head. First and foremost, she’s got a great set of ‘acorns’ which is what we’re now calling ta-ta’s in the family. She kinda got ripped off because when she came out singing Umbrella, the mic wasn’t working so we didn’t get to hear half of it. OK, I guess that means WE got ripped off!

Brooke ROCKED! She sang Feist’s 1234, Let it Be, and an AMAZING Yellow by Coldplay:

Group singing U2’s Pride In The Name of Love

Jason is adorable in real life! He did his Over the Rainbow ukulele song, and also sang CRAZY, which was FABULOUS!

The Davids were the Davids! Archuletta is amazing! So talented on and off the piano. And both of the Davids got the most screams. Cook came out singing Lionel Richie’s Hello, and sang Time of My Life, which I then had to call Swishy for like the sixth time to tell her I wished she was there, and to let her hear and to also tell her I think David Cook had on a bit too much eyeliner. He also sand My Hero and Billie Jean.

They ended the show with this, and really, I wanted to tell them to Please Don’t Stop the Music:

Here I am, a grown woman, mother of three children, harboring on the brink of turning 40, yet I was in a sea of screaming fans watching 10 of the most talented singers in America. And it completely, completely ROCKED my soul to the depths!

I still wanna know scoop on Michael Johns and why he is now too good for his wedding ring. Maybe this will make me not like him too much anymore. Like, did he get too famous for his britches and dump his beautiful, adoring wife? And if so, call me! Hahah!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jess Riley Sleeps Over!

So this is gonna be a quickie because we’re heading off to our 105th graduation party of the season, and don’t get me wrong, I love me a graduation party! I do! It’s fun to look at all the taut and lean 18-year-olds who know more than they’ll ever know in their lives, and to wonder how in the hell those girls get away with wearing those outfits, and do their mothers know they go out to parties without panties on? So much fun!

Wednesday was great! Except for starters when Jess and I headed downtown with plans to arrive early to meet her brother and have a leisurely dinner prior to her reading. Because, stupid me, as I mentioned, am geographically a dumbass, and well, I took the wrong way, but helloooo! I was following a sign that said CHICAGO!


It took us one hour and forty-five minutes to get to our destination, which left us with exactly 18 minutes before Jess’s reading was to start.

And yeah, about twenty minutes before we arrived, my Low Fuel Light went on.


But I told Jess that was all part of my devious plan to make sure to get her mind off track of her nerves about reading. It was all part of a plan I tell you! And actually, it was all Swishy’s fault because had she joined us, she could have driven us there safely while I backseat-drove like I did when we drove through tornadoes to get to Jess’s book launch party back in June. Damn her. All Swishy’s fault!

We finally get there, and of course, I have to pee. When I get out of the bathroom, there’s Stacey Ballis, and Jen Lancaster and it’s like a fun author party! Kristabella arrives with her very fun and animated friend Jessica, who tells a great “vomit-in-your-own-hand-while-driving” story. I was quite bummed not to be able to share my “vomit-on-the-hotel-wall-and-see-the-lady-cleaning-it-the-next-day-on-our-way-out” story, but anyway … (It’s in the archives, I think … September of 2005 or 2006).

And The Book Cellar is a great place—they have wine and cheese, so we order wine and cheese and hummus plates and hang out and listen to some really interesting local authors read from their books, and while they were all great, of course, they saved the best for last ... Ms. Jess Riley!

And she ROCKED!

She read from her NEXT novel, which I am ENTHRALLED with right now and so excited to be getting a sneak peek of the whole shebang! Let’s just say it’s an awesome love story IN JAIL with characters so real you cannot believe it. I don’t even know how to put into words how amazing it is. ALREADY. SO AMAZING. If it were a pre-order on AMAZON, I’d tell you to order it now, but Jess is very modest and hasn’t even shared it with her agent yet. Note to Jess: GET THIS BOOK OUT INTO THE WORLD ALREADY!

Wonder what Jess would do if I auctioned off a copy here on Manic Mommy … KIDDING JESS! I wouldn’t do that!

So, after the reading, we’re all sitting around drinking more wine and scrounging the leftovers from Jess’s grilled cheese plate. Stacey begins to talk about her people, and I’m thinking these are people she works with or a club she belongs to and I ask, “Your people? You have people? Who are your people? I want people!”

Everyone looks at me like I’ve got four eyeballs and six nostrils …

“The Jews,” she said.

Oh! I want ME some people too!

I guess growing up Catholic and then turning Lutheran didn’t afford me any people. That bummed me out a little bit.

Then we decide that splitting the last half of Jess’s uneaten, congealed and cold grilled cheese in thirds was not going to cut it as dinner so we decide to go to Fiddleheads, but I kept calling it Fiddlebutts; I don’t know why, but it just sounded better.

But before we head out, two really cute tall blond girls come in and are talking with Jen Lancaster, and it turns out their names are Katie and Lindsay Austin, and they claim to be crazy author stalker chicks, and I immediately feel a kindred love for them because I TOO AM A CRAZY AUTHOR STALKER CHICK (Just ask Jennifer Weiner, Emily Giffin, Julie Buxbaum, Stephanie Klein, Jen Lancaster, Stacey Ballis … the list, well, it continues).

(See: Cute Stalker Girls!)

So, Jen is as gracious and kind as you think she is in all of her books and she invites the girls to come with us and so the whole crew, including Jess’s poor brother (not poor in the sense of monetary poor, but poor because he’s surrounded by all these women who are gabbing like they’ve never chatted with other women before poor) … anyway, we all head out for dinner, and we have a great time talking about Spanish cheese, French cheese, and how I never ate an olive but I took one for the team for Jen, but I still don’t like ‘em, and we talk about fruitcakes from Steve Carral’s dad, and mini-frogs that find their way onto necks, and littleneck clams which I thought were really clams that had little necks but Stacey clarified to me that Little Neck was maybe a location?

Good times, these author events, I tell you!

Good times.

So then, it was time to go and we’re outside and I’m bidding farewells to KB who heads in one direction and then say goodbye to Jen and Stacey and everyone looks at me like I’m insane and they remind me that I parked IN THE SAME LOT AS THEY DID.

Not only can I not find my way into the city of Chicago, I can also NOT find my way into the lot where I parked my car after two glasses of wine which, to be noted, I had drunk three hours prior.

I beg Jess’s brother to let me take him home cuz he’s adorable I know he’ll be able to get me headed in the right direction home, and also he’ll be able to find me a gas station since I’m still on E.

This conversation ensues on our way to find a gas station:

Jess: "I remember when I was dating Beave and he was on E …"

Jess’s brother, clearly shocked & freaked out at this news: "He was on E! How’d he get E in Campbell’s Port?!?!"

Jess and I both BUST OUT LAUGHING because NO we are not talking DRUGS … we are talking her boyfriend from Campbell’s Port was on E as in EMPTY. NO GAS in the car E!

Jess: "And we would rummage through the seats in the car to find change to pay for our gas."

Yes folks, we were talking about paying for the price of a gallon of gas, and not how to score hard-core, mind-altering drugs!

And then Jess makes a comment about my boobs looking big and her brother has to confirm the comment and I’m like, “OK, am I in the car with MY OWN FREAKING SIBLINGS OR WHAT?”

And I absolutely love it! (The fact that my boobs look big, and also that I love Jess and her bro so much they feel like siblings to me!)

After filling up the tank and paying $148 for gas, we get Jess’s brother home safely and we then find our way back to my safe suburban bubble.

The next morning, we decide I’m gonna play Jess’s publicist and we call a couple Barnes & Nobles and I let them know that I have Jess Riley with me and we’re making some stops at the local bookstores and Jess would love to come in and sign their copies of Driving Sideways. One store employee proudly told us that they’ve sold a couple this week and had to order more but to please come in and sign the ones they still had. I loved being Jess’s PR gal and wish we had all day long to do this. The kiddies had fun too! See:

Anyway, this, in a nutshell was a recap of yet another great Authorpalooza! Check out the fabulous reads from Jen Lancaster, Stacey Ballis and Jess Riley, and maybe Manic Mommy someday!

Peace Up and thanks for reading! A special thanks to those of you who came by from Jennsylvania too! Oh, and big news for later this weekend -- tomorrow I hunt down my dream man ... yes, I will be at the American Idol tour and in search of Michael Johns! I just envision him singing on stage, and looking directly into MY eyes:

If I can't have you, I don't want nobody baby!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Coming soon complete with pictures and starring Jess Riley, Stacey Ballis, and Jen Lancaster, minus the Minnie Mouse shoes.

Check back as I'm still recovering from getting lost on the way to Chicago (yes, I am a dumb-ass-geographically-challenged-suburban-dork mom living in a freaking bubble of a five-mile radius), the Spanish Cheese plate, fun stalker chicks, and landing on EMPTY in the projects of Chicago.

But hey, that's just a typical Wednesday night in ManicLand.

more soon ...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Someone is Driving Sideways into Town!

Jess Riley is on her way to Manicland because she is taking part in a loco local author night here in Chicago and I get to be her beeyotch posse for the day!

I can't wait!

She'll be reading at The Book Cellar so if you're in the area come and join us!

Seriously. Come. There's wine too.

And rumor has it Jess will be reading from her second novel too!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Reincarnation Anyone?

I wish I had something glamorous and exciting to share. I don't. I have been a bad blogger with not too much Manical craziness these days, but I guess that's good. That's good, right? I mean, it's summertime, and we're just getting through our days, doing summertime stuff.

Like take this scenario, if you will:

Emacy and I were at the pool last week and we weren't sure if storms were coming later. Mr. Manic, being the weather-dorkman that he is, ALWAYS knows what is coming through the area, so I'm on my lounge chair and I call him.

Me: Hi, you busy? (First dumb question--Of course he's busy--he is running a multi-million dollar company or something like that I think?)

Him: (being really kind and not at all annoyed with my dumb question)
No, what's up?

Me: Are you near a computer?
(Second dumb question--he's at the office, of course he's near a computer)

Him: (still being kind but I can tell there's a smidgen of annoyance in his voice)
Yes, of course.

Me: Can you check something for me?

Him: Sure.

Me: Can you go to and let me know if there's any storms coming in?
(third and final dumb question)

Him: (Sighing and checking, probably also thinking of the tens of hundreds important things he's got to get done)
No storms, looks like you're good.

Me: Thank you! I love you! Have a nice day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So yeah, that's a perfect example of how summer's been so far. And now this story has elevated into daily conversations and ripping on me, but come on! I was checking for the well-being of our children! Like if storms were heading into the area, I would have gathered up my children and taken them to safety!

But now, he and Emacy's husband were talking the other day saying they wished they were Hindu or at least practiced Hinduism because then they could believe in reincarnation.

And no, they don't want to come back in their next life as a cat or a stripper's pole.

Nope, they want to be reincarnated at a Seven Bridges Wife.


Who or what would you come back as?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This Just In

Well, my mom had outpatient knee surgery on July 1 and apparently she's feeling a little slighted because there is no mention of her and her recovery on this here blog! I might add that I also didn't mention on this here blog that I took Tukey to the ER last week, because, well, and I learned this from my mom, some family things are just private. But, in case you want to know, Ajers and I also went to the eye doctor today for an annual exam. I did get new contacts. I am not due for a pap or a boob squish till next May, so we're set there. All is good in that department. We, as a Manic spousal team, may consider the option of a vasectomy in the fall, although I love what my good friend Sharon did when the time came. She researched insurance and discovered it was cheaper for her to get a tubal than her husband to get a V, so instead of her hubby laying on the couch for a full weekend, she got the procedure done and she stayed on the couch for the weekend. Smart gal!

Obviously, I don't share everything on the blog, but, I think Mom is feeling very close to you readers these days and wants to feel the love from all of you, so please, so you know, my mother is fine, she recovered from her knee surgery very nicely. My father is also doing well. And Tukey's visit to the ER was non-emergent.

Feel free to leave comments wishing anyone get well wishes or your thoughts or condolences, and make sure to send some special love my mom's way. I just hope she didn't really get her wisdom teeth pulled, like she told us she did when she had her last surgery, however, THAT is definitely NOT a post for this blog!

LYMI! and yes, Mom, I will KMBFY!


Monday, July 07, 2008

I Got Nothin'

I'm bored.

Do me a favor and tell me something random about something random you did today or will do today.

Me random:

Today, I got the sudden urge to clean out all the crap in the cabinets under the sink in the bathroom. I had 11 deodorants in there, but I threw out three of them because they were almost empty. There are 27 bars of soap, six razors, four separate containers of eye-makeup remover pads. I do not wear eye-makeup daily. I also tossed the "Good Head" mint flavored blowjob product I bought when I had my sex party and some other flavored sex goop because I think after four or five years of non-use, it's probably a good idea to get rid of that stuff.

Your turn, and make it good cuz I'm bored, and you must be too, if you're here. Thanks!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Moment Shared ... With Tukey

Me, as Tukey walks by in the kitchen:
"Hey Pal, hug?"

We hug, then there's a big pause, while we're still hugging. I'm thinking to myself, "Oh, this is so sweet."

"Okaaaaay ... I was just about to put this booger away."

"Ah Hah! OK!"

"And ... I have another booger ..."

He picks ... and then after having success:
"There we go!"

~ ~ ~ ~

I'll leave you with this for a Happy and Safe Fourth of July: May all your little loved ones be kind enough to toss their boogers in the trash can like Tukey! Safe travels, safe fun, safe family times this holiday weekend!