Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cranky, Why I'm

I am extremely cranky today.

And I'm trying to free-write this post, so bear with me. I am cranky because I have a headache. I am cranky because I could deal with the Disney drama, the trip to Ohio, and so many other 'incidents' in my life sans Xanax but when I attempt to be 'nice mommy' today and take the kids ice skating, I become so disillusioned that I need to take a Xanax. Half of one, actually. I did have a nice nap this afternoon.

I am cranky because I am back on WW and this is Day Two of following points and this might be why I have my headache.

I am cranky because I shouldn't be cranky. I should be happy that it is summer and my kids are healthy and generally good children, and that I am blessed with a life where I can do what I want when I want. Does this make me a bitch. Sometimes I think so.

I am cranky cuz I want to buy a new dishwasher. Ours is filled with mung and each time I open it, I smell a gross smell. And I've always hated how it's set up because it is impossible to load it -- it's like some 'effed' up puzzle where none of the glasses and plates fit properly.

I am cranky because I think we need to buy a new bed. Ours totally sucks. I want some 400-count thread sheets and some luxurious sink-deeply-into-them pillows, and a new comforter. Do I deserve a new comforter since this one is seven years old? Maybe I'm getting the seven-year-old itch for a new bed.

I am cranky because our friends are probably getting a divorce.

I am cranky because all I can think about at any point of any day is the food I wish I could eat without having it go straight to my ass, hips, thighs, chins, you-name-it.

I am cranky because I haven't figured out how to get 'me' time in order to work on my second novel.

I am cranky cuz I've worked so hard with the first novel and it's still in limbo, and I just keep thinking that it's a pretty good book and someone should want it!

I am cranky because...

this is where my mind just went blank so maybe this is about as cranky as I am today. I sound like a royal bitch and know I shouldn't be complaining because I do have it good, and all these things I am cranky about are changeable. I can get a new dishwasher, a bed, a bedspread tomorrow if I really wanted it. I can figure out how to spend my time more productively in order to get writing done. I can be thankful that my children are mine and they are happy and good and that Diva and Ajers folded AND put away their own laundry today.

Oh, and I'm also cranky because I need to take a good, long walk with some good music on my ipod to clear this crank-ass head of mine so I can feel in a better mood. Oh, and I think I'm royally PMSing...

OK, your turn--what makes YOU cranky? And how do you clear the crankiness?


Kate said...

* I'm cranky because the new medicine means changing a patch everyday and trying to find a spot that is smooth and hairless. HAHA!
* I'm cranky because the person they hired to be principal at my new school was the reason I left the old school.
* I am cranky because I am tired even though I can sleep in all day because I'm on vacation.
* I'm cranky because I can't concentrate to read.

What do I do to chase the Bitchy Blues away? Exercise, previously mentioned anti-depressant patch, anti-anxiety meds... and G&Ts. Seriously, I just joined a program to train to run a half marathon in January. Running/walking in this weather, even for 20 minutes, is enough to make you too tired to do anything but nap.

I'm sorry you're cranky. Don't beat yourself for feeling like that. You're human. You have irrational thoughts from time to time. It will pass.

Anonymous said...

I am not cranky because hubby took the whole clan to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter Movie, so I am going to sleep. Sleep cures my crankiness much of the time.
I am also not cranky because it is so good to have you back in Bloggerville, Blogging. You were missed! I can't wait to read The Lottery.

Having said that, I am cranky a good portion of the time. I am sorry you had a tough day. Hopefully, a good night sleep will help a lot. Take Care. XOXO

Monnik said...

Do you really want to know why I'm cranky? Ok, you asked...

My 13 year old daughter is spending 3 weeks at my FIL and his wife's house. She got there on Sunday. I suggested one week visit, two max, but got cajoled into 3 weeks. Tonight she tells my husband that she's spending the night at the neighbor's house. I have *huge* issues with this because I have never met these people, and my FIL and his wife are letting my DD spend the night there?

Also, when my DD emailed me this morning, she told me about these neighbors. The girls are 10 year old twins, and they have a 13 year old brother who think's she's cute.

Warning! Warning! Warning! you don't let a 13 year old girl spend the night at the home of a neighbor who has a boy the same age without asking her parents first. (I'd have said H-E-L-L No.

I am VERY cranky about this, and my FIL and his wife are getting a piece of my mind tomorrow.

So anyway... sorry that you're cranky too. We can be bitch buddies together.

The Anti-Wife said...

I usually only get cranky when I have to deal with stupid and/or annoying people. I used to be cranky a lot more often, but then I got cancer and it put everything into perspective.

Loved your review of Lottery and your pics of your grandmother. You matter!

Liane Spicer said...

Hey, manic mom, thank you for stopping by my new blog. When I'm that cranky I tell myself: It'll pass. It's a cycle. You pay for the up days this way. It's effin-biological.

That doesn't really make me feel better, but I become a tad more resigned.

Hope you feel better soon.

B. said...

I'm cranky because my shorts are too tight because I'm 6 weeks pregnant and feel like a whale.

I'm cranky because I'm supposed to go to a pool party today and look awful in my swimsuit.

I'm cranky because I can't eat the foods I really want to because they are on the DO NOT EAT WHILE PREGNANT list.

I'm cranky because I'm already sweating and it's only 8:20 in the morning.

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

I feel you on the WW crankiness! I'm just plain cranky to be cranky!

Andie said...

Lots makes me cranky. I won't bore you with the details of what makes me really cranky.

But I will tell you that if its been 7 years since you got a new comforter, then GO SHOPPING and get yourself something nice... a nice down comforter and a pretty duvet and some nice pillows and 600 TC sheets.... that'll instantly make you feel better.

Patti said...

i am cranky cause i have to start painting the living room/great room and dining room and kitchen on saturday. husband will help but you can bet we are so gonna fight.

i release the crankies by sitting in my tiny pool, drinking an umbrelly drink, and cussing out anything that dares speak my name.

afterwards, when tipsy and all cussed out, i feel so much better.

XYZinn said...

I get cranky when my kids whine and when I think I've lost a few pounds, so I weigh myself, and then it is actually worse than it was when I was feeling fat!!

Anonymous said...

*I'm cranky because I am getting married, and I don't think anyone approves. (and some vocalize it)

*I'm cranky because the father I have not known for the past 17 years now decides that today is the day he wan't to reforge the relationship that he originally wanted no part of.

*I'm cranky because I am not on WW, and probably should be.

*I'm cranky because I hate my job, but can't quit.

*I'm cranky that I just found out that I need a blood test ASAP that will determine whether or not I can have kids. (Some thyroid thing, i think they called it.)

I don't really know what I can do to be un-cranky. I was hoping for some advice.

Till then,

Cranky Connie

cubmommy said...

I'm cranky because I am not getting a whole lot of sleep. The solution will be in a few months when the baby can sleep through the night.

Don't get me wrong she has good nights where she will sleep 3 to 4 hour stretches it is just I like my full 8 hours a night.

Patricia said...

I'm cranky because...

-preteen daughter has been a moody mess this week.

-I'm having the longest period ever.

-it's hot and HUMID.

-I feel like I'm running a cafeteria out of my kitchen.

I could go on.
I hope you're feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

I'll bust you out of your crankiness!!! I have an offer for you ... go check me out ....

Jenny said...

Hi Cranky, thanks for visiting my blog! You're funny when you're cranky.

la bellina mammina said...

I'm sorry you're feeling cranky! But I think we all deserve to be cranky ONCE A MONTH!! Feel better soon!

CLH said...

I'm cranky because my hairdo is too tight.

I am cranky because I miss my kids.

I am cranky because I don't even enjoy food anymore. (I've been doing bootcamp style dieting and exercising, and even though I am exhilirated that I was able to purchase AND wear a pair of cute size 8 denim capri's from Old Navy while on vacation, I MISS mindlessly stuffing my face with something chocolately and sweet...)

I'm cranky because we are attempting to tile our floor, and we've only gotten as far as buying the tile.

I'm cranky because it's my God-given right as a woman.

You know what, MM? Go do something for yourself. Like sleep. Or a long, hot shower. Or, take a walk but make it a different path than you normally go. Be easy on yourself...