Sunday, March 01, 2009


*****Entry I missed!!! So sorry:

A Day Of Blood Loss A very unique take on donating blood! Thanks so much Claire! And sorry for not getting you into the post sooner!


This is IT folks! Here are your FINAL donors for Manic Mommy's Virtual Blog for Blood Drive!

Alum Donor Amy, from Indianapolis

Here's Amy's blog post from this year.

Inspiration: Just seems like a nice thing to do! I'm over 1.5 gallons now.

Thanks Amy! I'm always SO thrilled to have alum donors show up again! And I see you brought a friend this year ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kristy - Amy's pal donated too and here's her blog post,
Nicole, Deipnosophist, and photos:

Amy and I have been blood sisters for several years now, encouraging each other to donate blood when we can. I have been out of the habit due to first my pregnancy, then nursing a baby. I am not sure if nursing precludes donation, but I had enough going on!

Anyway it’s my job to drag her to the gym, and her job to drag me to be poked by needles.

I really detest the needle stick, but it’s worth it to save lives. Thanks for the motivation, Amy!

Do you donate? If not, give it a shot. It’s easy and the cookies afterward are tasty.

YES! Even though Manic's blood drive is OVER until NEXT YEAR, you can still donate - it is EASY and there are always FREE COOKIES and LIVES SAVED!
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Hey Stephanie,

It's Sue from As Cape Cod Turns ...


... thanking you for getting me to go donate blood. I did it when my nephew had cancer, but had found excuses since then not to. You gave me the push I needed, or was it the potential trip to Florida? Either way, I went. I planned it well; I first went and had my hair cut and then went to give blood. I look good in the picture, right?


Yes, and quite colorful because I am tired of all the brown around here and am ready for spring!


Since I live on Cape Cod, they gave me a squishy lighthouse to hold to get my blood pumping. I should have slipped it in my purse!

Sue :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~

Candace B.
ROyal Oaks, MI
if you post this pic of my Sat. morning hair, I will cry. One pint of b positive in the bag, sister!!

Cry sista cry, cuz I'm posting it, and you look beautiful with your Saturday morning blood-donatin' hair!

I had just been at my favorite moms to moms sale & a ponytail/headband combo is the only option when you're fighting for the good size 5Ts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My friend Carlos, who donated not only blood, but also $50 toward prizes for the event and he knows he is ineligible to win the trip to Florida so he is NO threat to those of you who are in the running to that vacation! Which I know will make morninglight mama's hubby very happy cuz he is dying to win that trip to Florida and one fewer contestant in the mix will just make his day. Thanks to my bud Carlos!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Me, donating again, which was a very close call, even though I had a double-burger the day before and was eating broccoli and spinach a lot, I was only 12.6 on the iron scale and you have to be 12.5, but I did it! TWICE during the blood drive! YAY ME!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ALUMS Martha and Laura:

Hey miss manic, Martha and I both made it to donate today (I was not sure they would take my blood cause I was sick a bit ago)

Laura and Martha, Laura's Blog

This is of course the greatest contest! Everyone wins plus so many more who are the recipents win the most LIFE!

love ya
Laura and Martha Jean

Thanks so much Laura and Martha! I loved that this Mother-Daughter Duo donated AGAIN this year. Martha was just 16 last year and it was her first time donating then!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey Steph,
I finally did it. After weeks of trying and being told my hemoglobin levels were too low and being deferred again and again, I kept at it, and today... my hemoglobin levels were 12.7. Phew! I'm the consummate try try try again story. And there are four neonatal babies that will benefit from it (I'm a neonatal donor).

My Heartland Center refused to take any pictures, even after I cited your knowledge that once the needle was in, it was fine. They wouldn't allow any pictures on premises at all, not even post donation. The best they could offer was a note written on their letterhead that I donated today. I took pictures of me still in the parking lot, so I hope that works...

Yay blood donation!

Thanks Michelle--I know you've gone like three or four times to donate--this is what I call DEDICATION!!! And you musta had some crabby Heartland folks, cuz at MY HEARTLAND they are great and let us take photos all the time, and YES, you're right, I did clear it with the headquarters there before I started the blood drive, so you must have just had some cranky people. But good for you for getting the letter, and I know you donated last year but didn't get any photos so good luck in the contest this year!!


In fact, good luck to everyone this year. Here's how it will work. Later this week, I will put up a list of the prizes and also show everyone's photos again. Some of you indicated that a trip to Fla might not be possible. Here is what the trip details so if you think you cannot swing it, let me know and I'll not include you in the Florida drawing:

A complimentary stay of Six Days/Five Nights in a 2 Bedroom Resort Classic or Northside Villa at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.

Expiration date: 2-28-10.

Reservations must be made within 30 days of arrival. Recipient must be at least 25 years of age or accompanied by a legal guardian. Blackout dates apply for the following months: March, April, June, July, December 30-January 2. This certificate does not include gratuity or incidentials and is NOT TRANSFERABLE, REDEEMABLE FOR CASH OR FOR RE-SALE. We appreciate your attention to the expiration date noted below. No extention will be issued. Please present coupon upon arrival.

(And there is an 800# to call when you win the Florida trip.)

So, if you want to win this trip, you have to be absolutely SURE you're going to be able to use it for yourself and your family, or please let me know to withdraw your name from the Florida trip drawing. We have other prizes in the contest you can qualify for!

So, next week, I'll announce the other prizes and those who are qualified to win, and the following week, we'll do the live video drawing like last year at the Heartland Blood Center so stay tuned, and please, to all you donors, just leave me a comment that you either CAN or CANNOT do the Florida trip to make it easier for me to regulate the contest!

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WONDERFUL PARTICIPATION, and if I have any last minute donors that show up in my email TODAY, I WILL INCLUDE YOU! xo


Michelle said...

Thanks, Manic. They aren't cranky but they're very rules based. I actually did cite that you had cleared it with Heartland itself, and my blood taker went to talk to the team lead and he said it was against policy for them to have any pictures taken in the building. I'm not going to fight with them about it though! Have your Heartland people call my location and get them straight for next year ;)

And YES I can totally do the Sandestin trip. We're going to head to Florida at least once if not twice in the next year, so the free hotel stay would go over nicely :)

Lastly, have I ever mentioned that I HATE pictures of myself? *sigh*

Ok not lastly... this is lastly -- yay you for donating again! I love how you snuck it in there to be able to get both bags in. Any kids with you this time?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I was by myself this time! and I'll put you down as Florida bound, so everyone hear that, you need to tell me if you can go to Florida so I can include you in the drawing!!!

And sorry, I love the Heartland people, they're not cranky!

Reagan said...

Ryan doesn't have a blogger identity, so I'll answer for him: YES! We can do the trip!!!! :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thank you Reagan! I totally need to know this from all of you donors so keep letting me know everyone who entered the BLOOD DRIVE! Thanks!

morninglight mama said...

In case you weren't 100% clear from my very tactful hubby... he is MOST DEFINITELY desiring to be in the contest for the Florida drawing. He's also made his next appointment to give blood the next time the Red Cross brings their blood sucking implements to his work site! Thanks so much for this Manic!!

Nikki K said...

I know you and I discussed it in our emails back and forth, but just to put it here easy to see, I CAN'T do the Florida trip. Good luck to everyone else though!

And what a great turnout for your virtual blood drive. I'm so excited at the crowd that donated. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

morninglight--yep, I already marked you down as a Florida yes, and Nikki, I'll make sure you're entered for everything else but the Fla trip! : )

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I don't need airfare, since I'm already IN Florida. So yes, by all means, keep me in the running for the vacation. Lord knows, I need one!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would love to be entered in the Florida contest. Thanks Amanda

Shelley said...

My iron is like a 9 and I wasn't allowed. I've been taking iron supplements that are like 278% of the RDA, but once I stop taking them my number drops like a rock again. So frustrating! Kudos to you for donating twice!

My Two Army Brats said...

I can't wait till prize day! And I can't wait till my 56 days are up, I'm pretty sure I have plenty of blood in me!

RainDncr97 said...

As much as I would love the Sandestin trip, I honestly don't think I'll be able to come up with the airfare from California. I really hate to say this, but please take my name out of the running for the trip. *sniff* Good luck to the rest of you!!

Erin Hartmann

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ok, guys, so this is what I've got:

Feisty yes.
Amanda yes.
Michelle B. yes.
Erin Hartmann, no to Fla, but yes to everything else.

Shelley, low iron. :(

I keep waiting for some random person to say ENTER ME who didn't even donate! LOL!

WeaselMomma said...

Put me in for FL! And everything else too!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

I guess I should be very proud of my iron count because I was in the high 14s. No wonder the lady was excited!

Snowy, windy day here. Florida is looking better and better! Count me IN!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Florida List:

michelle b.
Ryan & Reagan
Michelle M.

WHO ELSE ... I mean, I know there are more of you and I won't NOT INCLUDE YOU, but it would be better for you to make it known here, so my work won't be as difficult later on! Thanks!

Andi said...

Andi yes for Florida...I told you on FB but wanted to make sure it was here too. *hugs*

Sarah said...

YAY! Yes, I'm totally on board for that FL trip! (crossing my fingers, too, I could use some good mojo after getting the bad news about pay/hours cut at work :( .... *sigh*)

Anywho .... I tried to get my hubby in, but it just didn't work out as I had planned. He was totally on board to donate, but we just couldn't find the time to get over there once he was off the antibiotics and able to donate.

Anonymous said...

Hee! I guess I'd better chime in, although I think I'm the Michelle B that you already have listed. Unless there are two Michelle Bs!

And hooray for giving twice! You really are super!

Anonymous said...

I can and would love to do the Florida trip!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OK, gotcha all now. And there are TWO Michelle Bs so I have you both now for the Fla trip...

added now:

Michelle Behy.
Alicia W.

Anonymous said...

Put me down as definitely available for the Florida trip. Thanks!


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Debbie, you're good!

Waiting to hear from some more of you!

crpitt said...

Thanks for including me in the post, I think everyone did an amazing job! and hopefully converted lots more folks into blood givers :)

Anonymous said...

Please put me down for the FL trip too!
Thanks, Gloria

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

You got it Gloria!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

HEY I have been slack on blog reading ... If you have not drawn yet... I'd say take us out of the florida drawing ... I am not so positive we could swing it.
HUGS laura

zolafan said...

hi Manic -

I do want to be in all drawings. Thanks.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Laura, I'll include you in everything but the Fla trip, and Zola, I'll put you in everything plus Fla! Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Definitely can do it!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jen T. you're in.

need to hear from a few more of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Manic! Kudos to you for donating twice! I tried to get my fiancee in to donate so we'd have twice the luck in the contest but no go....oh well! I am definitely in for FL! It'll be a long drive but well worth it!

Shelley (

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Shelley-got you listed! Thanks for letting me know!

Scott Mooney said...

I know I'm late in saying this, and Wifey (morninglight) already did anyway, but I am sooooooooo down for selling the kids and going to the F-L-A. Oh, wait. Did I say sell? I meant rent, or maybe we'll just leave a huge dish of food for them cause I DON'T CARE!!!!! If I win they are on their own. I'm sure the oldest can figure out how to use a can opener. 8 is old enough for that right?

Oh, and you rock for doing this. I know I said it before, but really... this is so impressive! And cool! And you rock.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kiwanji dude. It's a two-bedroom. I'm not entering you in the contest unless you promise to take your three squawling kids with you cuz that's just rotten parenting.

And yeah, you do get extra entries each time you tell me I rock, you know that already, right? ; )