Thursday, March 12, 2009

BRiSToL & LeVi BReaK uP

Just a quick update on Bristol and Levi before the Blood Drive winner announcement. Comments appreciated!

Well, Was there really any doubt?

Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin’s eldest daughter Bristol, and Levi, her longtime boyfriend and father to their illegitimate two-month-old son, Tripp, are no longer together.

I was so hoping for an invite to a lavish wedding this summer up there in Alaska complete with “moose” pate and Alaskan king crab legs.


The official Bristol Palin Statement:

“It is true that Levi and I are no longer together. However I am absolutely committed to being the best mom to Tripp Easton.”

Well, duh.

Dear, dear Bristol, let me enlighten, if I may. Just because you and your boyfriend are no longer together and don't want to play house, you can’t NOT stop playing Mommy.

Levi does see “Little Tripp” but he’s no longer at the Palin house as a “regular fixture.” It is noted that Levi and his family can see Tripp whenever they want. I have to wonder, does this mean through the windows with binoculars and not within 500 feet of the Palin estate?

I’m still friends with Levi on MySpace and he has not yet updated his page about the break-up. This is what it still says:

My girl is my life, for real. Bristol is what I live for, and now as everyone knows, I will be a father soon. Yea, I am young, but I still know what love and commitment mean, and love evry minute of my life.


Anonymous said...

*YAWN* Bring on some happy news please. Can you do a post where people write in comments about nothing but happy stuff? :)

Next will be a book, a reality show, and a sitcom on The CW. They are milking this for all they got. However if Palin was our VP, I'd like to note her family dynamics would be nothing compared to VP Dick Cheney's. His daughter who is gay, is married to her partner and they had a child together. This while Bush was president and was anti gay marriage, etc...

Sarah said...

If they weren't meant to last - better they figured that out now than after the wedding.

Sure, it's not easy to be young, raising kids out of wedlock - but c'mon - it's 2009! Women were gettin knocked up at 17 sixty years ago!

My brother's proof of that. Born when my mom was just 17. Her and the father got married. Guess what? It didn't last.

Oh well. Best of luck to Bristol & Levi and the raising of Tripp.

morninglight mama said...

I'm SHOCKED! Can't believe this. Oh my.

My Two Army Brats said...

Really? That's too bad. Who'd have thought teens would break up after the baby comes and throws a wrench into their teenage lifestyle. Sad.

Ok I'm over it, now get on with the prize listings! LOL!

Monnik said...

Calling a baby born to an unwed mother 'illegitimate' makes my teeth itch...

I guess I don't get the scrutiny/backlash here. Like Sarah said (commenter Sarah, not Sarah Palin), babies have been being born out of wedlock forever and ever, and many of those unions didn't last. But many do. But lots of marriages that started out without kids tank as well...

March2theSea said...

back on the market..YES

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of yours, Manic, but this post is beneath you.

Bristol is a child who made a huge, adult mistake and has the unfortunate distinction of having a famous and much-hated mom. That shouldn't make her fair game for cruel taunts and judgements from those of us who don't even know her.

I hope Diva never makes a mistake as big or as consequential as Bristol's, but if she did would you think it was ok for people to pick on her just because she's your kid? I wouldn't want that for my daughter. If someone hated me I'd want them to be mean to me, not to her.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

This originally was written as a snarky article for a celeb-based Perez-ishy website kinda post and when it wasn't used there, I put it up here. I guess it was a mistake.

My original thought is that I blame Sarah for teaching her kids that abstinence is the only way. That's just absurd. Bristol is absolutely correct in saying NO to abstinence. I'm going to teach my children that when they decide to have sex, in what I HOPE will be a loving relationship (which I do think Bristol's and Levi's was), that they be protected.

I am sorry that this post, which really was supposed to be on another celeb site and was very much tongue-and-cheeky, sounded offensive. It was really just jokey. I would think my readers would be able to tell that and know it's not a serious post.

Very sorry to have offended. I hate when I offend! : )

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Offending means you're writing from your heart and gut - and that's what we come here for. Don't apologize.

Kids get pregnant every day of the week. With and without birth control. Their mothers typically don't use them as props to woo a political group though.

Same goes for the darling infant with Down. He belonged in bed asleep - not on stage at a noisy political convention carried like a sack of flour to say "Look at me! My Mommy is Pro-Life!" billboard.

Kim - heathen liberal from the Nawth and very good Mom. ;)

Michelle said...

I just think the whole thing is so sad. People don't need to live in a fishbowl. Life is stressful enough when we just have to worry about our own little worlds. And kids who can't be kids anymore, that's just as sad. But am I surprised? With as little as I know about the situation, not at all. I just hope everyone involved finds some sort of happiness at some point.