Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"TWoS" DaY: GooDBYe RePRoDuCTioN

(New Feature
Two Words
Every Tuesday)

On Wednesday
It happens
Giving Up
My fertilization
I’m feeling
Very sure
Children done
For me.
Completed family
Populated enough

More time
Maybe four
Love three
They’re Good
Adore them.
I’m Old.
Not really.
Almost 40.
Hubby is.
It’s time.
For permanence.

I’m OK
I am.
Aren’t I?
Little Unsure?
Not me!
Babies DONE!

So tomorrow
It happens.
Quick procedure
Called Essure
No pain.
I hope.

No tears.
Not sad.
Really not.
Goodbye Babies.

My husband
Thanks me
He still
Will have
His nuts.

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Monnik said...

hope it goes well! I hadn't heard of Essure. Spent some time on their site. Interesting! i might have to make that decision too. I *think* I'm done, but I guess I'm not sure enough to do something permanent quite yet.

Good luck!!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

As my great grandmother would have said, "So, you closa tha factory?" Good luck. It's wonderful not to have to think about babies any longer and yet, not have hot flashes. There's a bit of mourning - yes. But a freedom too. You'll love it. KIM

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Monnik--you're younger than me, right? Or are we the same age.

Kim--I don't think this comes with a "No Hot Flashes" card! I wish!

PS--I currently have an IUD I'm going to ask if I can keep and I am going to post pictures of it! It's been "up-in-dare" since 2003. Nasty!

AutoSysGene said...

I had the husband fixed...yeah, I'm mean like that :)

Good luck!

morninglight mama said...

I want to say that I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, meaning that I'm wishing you the best, but it sounds kinda creepy to say that I'll be thinking of you when you got docs all up in your business...

So, instead, I'll say: Good luck!! Hope you get to keep your souvenir. :)

Amanda said...

I did the birthing, he did the snipping. Job done and shared experience all round.

PS word ver - calididli - just kind of tickled me!

Melisa Wells said...

Err...have fun? :)

Seriously, I'll be thinking about you. Hope it goes well: I'm sure it will.

Andi said...

tubes tied
in 2006
minimal pain
2 days
then better
no regrets
whatso ever
Good luck!
Love you!

Kisses hugs

Kirsten said...

Good Luck
Good Idea
But wait . .
Nuts Gone
Still Does
Sound Better
To Me

Anonymous said...

I had Essure done 3 years ago and had no pain - LOVE not having to worry about getting preggo.


Unknown said...

You are freaking hilarious!

I had my tubes tied after when I had my c-section with my 4th baby. It was sad, and I almost cried, but I was also 38 and knew it was time to quit while I was ahead. But still. I WISH that I had been younger, had more money, and could have had more babies!

Good Luck and I hope it goes smoothly for ya!

MaBunny said...

haven't heard of Essure before, hope all goes well! And happy hubby will still have his nuts!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ooh, anon, wish I knew who you were and that I wasn't getting this done in 12 hours so I could ask you questions. Will have to just go with the flow now! Thanks for all the well wishes ... off to bed now guys! Thanks!

Michelle said...

Good luck.
Lemme know....
Totally done.
Want mine?
Generous wife.

domestic_valerie said...

Good luck! Such a hard decision...I'll be thinking about you.

(and tell your hubby he's lucky to have a wife like you--mine has already had the good ole snip)

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Yanno, Manic (to quote Miss Snark, whom I still miss EVERY day) when we say, "We love everything about you!" as readers, we don't mean your IUD. I beg you, keep your tiny coil of birth control off the blog. But I know you. Not only will you put it on the blog, you'll drop it into my drink when I see you in Chicago in May - like a swizzle stick.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kim, not only that, and you'll absolutely hate me for sharing this ... I had a tampon stuck up in there that I forgot to remove. Totally YUCK, but total, IT FIGURES MANIC MOM would forget to remove one before a procedure like this! Bwhahaha!

I'm good though, slept for 4 hours, little cramping.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Oh, Manic!!! How the F are you not dead from Toxic Shock? Or shame? Did you keep it? Frame it in a little shadow box? (Get it? Shadoooowww box?) Do not bring said tampon to dinner. Do not hang it from your rear view mirror. Flush it. 'K?

Glad you're feeling better.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Hope it went well. You are allowed to be sad a little. I like 2s days!

TTQ said...

I just had mine in late 2008, I was 34. I don't feal any different, just lower sexual libido.
BUT! They can give you a shot to cure that. Haven't needed it yet..

xxxx said...

WAIT! I thought HUBBY was getting the snip-snip!!! How'd he get out of that one?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Because I am one damn good woman Swish, that's why! LOL!

Anonymous said...

A surgical procedure with a f***ing BRAND NAME??

This makes me SICK.

that strange poem-like something makes me sick too.