Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Spring Break
Gone Nowhere

Entertaining Kids
At home
All week
So fun!
(Insert sarcasm!)

Bad weather
Including snow
Dampers spirits

Dropped The
Eff Bomb
Monday Morning

Some sun
Led us
To animals
The zoo!
With friends!
Big bear
Attacked us
Thank God
For glass
To keep
Her away.

Kids fighting
And yelling
Me, thinking
Of things
For us
To get
Through the
Very long
Week ahead

Now today
We’ll see
Monsters! Aliens!

I wonder
Which one
The kids
Think that
I am.

The monster
Or the
Gruesome alien?

Because most
Days I
Am both.

Kid crying
Right now
Outside playing
A game
And got
Finger hurt

Dear God
Can it
Please be
Monday yet?

Because I
Need a
Freaking Break!

I will
Admit though
Sleeping in
Every morning
Is the
Best part.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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DawnfromCA said...

Brave, brave Manic for staying home for the break. I've been there, done that at it ain't no break for the mama! Hang in there, girl! How about giving them each a few bucks to wash windows or scrub down your kitchen cabinets then take 'em to the Dollar Store to spend their $?

pixiemama said...

I.Feel.Your.Pain. +1!

Kate said...

Spring Break is mostly a break for the teachers. It's just not right that the weather's bad, too. Sorry!

Michelle said...

Good Luck.
Mine sucked.
Better weather
for you.
Lotsa rain.
Six Days,
school again.

Amanda said...

well the good bit is sleeping in, the bad bit is having to get up again when they go back to school! We kind of stick to running about an hour late and no more or it's too much of a culture shock when it's over

MaBunny said...

That would have sounded a bit like my spring break, after my car wreck... thats why my child was shipped to my moms for 4 days for a change of scenery! lol:)