Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"TWoS" DaY: THiS TooK TWo MiNuTeS To WRiTe

It’s Tuesday
I’m cluttered
I’m crabby
I’m freethought
Sunny today
Over 70
Stuck here
Computer clogged
Break through
Why here
Always stuck
Trapped on
This thing
What hold
Does it
Have on
My soul?

When I
Could be
Out there

Living with
The people
Who breathe
Who live
Who are
Out there

Instead I
Sit here
Day after
Day after
Day after
Every single
Day here.

This computer
Sucks my
Soul dry

And for
What point?

To bring
You readers
Two words?

Do you
Really care

What I
Have to
Say to
You today?

And if
So why?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

How's your daughter? Saw your tweets last night

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

thank you anon, she is OK, but it made me upset that they left a message like that. The moles were benign. Thanks so much for asking!

Andi said...

I care
about you
that's all
it's ok
all fine
love heals
i'm here
for you
any time
to talk

thank you
so much
for drive
you're welcome
to come
with us
to Sandestin
two rooms
huge beach
what fun
we'll have!

Cheer up
life good
PMS bad
not long
over soon
Hee hee

Love always
your friend

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is ok. I was recently at the dr and they have a new consent form. it asks if you want them to leave a vm if no one picks up, call you at work or on a cell phone, or if they can contact you via e mail. Id rather they not leave a vm and call me at another number.

Kirsten said...

Hey You
You Cranky
Get Up
Get Out
Shut Down
For Awhile
We'll Live

Unknown said...

Of course I care! Because you are so funny most of the time and so creative. That's why we ALL come here!

Amanda said...

It's not a computer, it's a window to the world! Just think, you have a friend in Scotland who's awake when your other friends are snoozing so at any time of the day you can rant and some one will answer, say yes and no in all the right places and all will be right with your world once more. How cool is that?

PS open the window wide as it'll go

As Cape Cod Turns said...

I care :)

Michelle said...

That Why
I read
at 11

Today: crabby
Kids tired
Me repeating
None happy

Sleep Time!

The Celing Family said...

I care.

out today
well yesterday

outlet shopping
coach deal
gift card
no cost
change back!

baby clothes
five shirts
twelve dollars
no clothes
for mommy

beautiful day
baby girl
smiling lots
Eight weeks
Totally shocked.

Friday morning
first shots
totally freaked.

Weekend wedding
more nerves.
First event
without M.

Enough me
Night night.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to Twodays, but Kirsten is so right. We'll live!