Friday, September 18, 2009

a SToRy By TuKey: PuRPLe DuCK

I remember one time when my babbysitter Adrea [Andrea] was over and she said guy's it's time for bed.

Oh No! I whispered to myself.

Then she said Tukey it's time for bed. Then I said I want to wach more TV. Adrea siad no it's time for bed. Then I siad what I can't here you. Then she siad Tukey. Then I siad purple duck.


purple duck.


purple duck.

Then I siad I'm waching more TV. I'm not getting out of this chir. Then I hered the grode [garage] door open.

Oh No!

my mom and dad where here. Then I ran upstars clibed up in my bunkbed and whent to bed. Then afte two hours my mom and dad said good night.

The Next day I woke up and had a good day at school.

The End!


Unknown said...

How freaking cute is that!

I found a note my 6 year old wrote to a friend. It said,

"Dere Angelia, in six munths and I mean in February it is my birthday. Im just saen. Love Ariana"

I LOVE stories by little kids!

Purple Duck? LOL LOL LOL

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ariana's planning a big birthday. Im just saen!

Adorable Bina!

Anonymous said...

great story TUKEY! Hey, we didn't forget your birthday present, something should be coming in the mail soon!
lovvvvveeeee YOUUUUUUU!
aunty stacy

Michelle said...

I love those stories. Ok except when I find out my kids haven't been doing what they were supposed to ;) But so cute and so sweet! Make sure he saves those stories for when he's older, so much fun to look back on!

JODI said...

Little man busted himself through his writting for not going to bed on time. Gotta love it!

Amanda said...

and the significance of a purple duck is??

Tanya said...

Now there is a good babysitter trick. Keep a garage door opener in your pocket and when kids won't go to bed...

Grace Matthews said...

Purple Duck? That's funny. Love it!Kids do the darndest things.