Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So MuCH To WRiTe

I've been MIA and this is a short post but I'll be posting about my weekend trip to AZ which I wrote on the plane Monday. Roller coaster continues. Was sick today feeling hungover and run over like a steam roller took its turn with me. Couldn't function. Felt like a ball of stress, hungover, flu-like, migrainish, nauseous, like my insides wanted out but didn't know how to come out. And of course, today was the day the whole kitchen was getting new appliances. Yesterday we signed the contract to get the house on the market. The weekend in AZ was great, then coming home was like just horrible. Even writing this is horrible and bringing me to tears. The emotional turmoil is just having its way with me and it's uncontrollable. I think a relocation is listed as one of the top ten or top five most stressful things a person goes through in life, after death and divorce, and it just messes with all types of the emotions. Like you want to crawl up into yourself and fast-forward to the future to get it all over with. So, that's where I'm at in this moment. On top of being sick all day long. Just get me outta this moment and into the next ones, the better ones.

Florida a week from tomorrow. I'm going to make myself enjoy doing nothing. That'll be the point where I can do nothing but hope the house sells to get me out of this point and onto the journey. I just gotta ride the wave.

I PROMISE I'll be doing the blood drive drawing very soon; I know there are some of you out there waiting to see if you've won a Southwest Airline ticket and some other prizes, and I thank you so much for being patient. What I'll do is make the announcement on who wins, and you'll have two weeks to contact me to claim your prize. I will do this before I go to Florida! OK!?

Peace UP!


Unknown said...

I hope things settled and you guys find peace soon.


morninglight mama said...

Oh Manic. This is the hardest part- the preparing to leave, the heartbreak. Once you get to AZ, you get to start fresh- setting up a new house means fresh organization! :) You're such an amazingly cool chick that I'm confident you'll quickly build a new community for yourself out there.

Thinking good thoughts for you guys!

Amy said...

Florida will help your sanity. Or at least the drinking will!

Unknown said...

busy times!

not too serious i hope

Anonymous said...

I hope you can enjoy Florida...get some rest :)