Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RaW aND uNeDiTeD

So this is what I wrote Friday, April 23 on the plane when we were coming home from Arizona ... unedited ...

I guess a lot can happen in about a month’s time and as I write this I’m going through a bit of a bumpy descent into Chicago and my xanax is waearing off and it’d be kinda nice if the pilot would say, “hey, we’re hitting acouple of bumps, just so ya know.” But whatever.

We are heading back from a whirlwind 4 days in AZ, (OK he did say we are descending to Chicago, and we will be bumping all the way down, but at least he told me to expect them so that makes me feel a bit better). So whirlwind trip – came out to AZ to ‘start’ the house hunt, and guess what? We started it and finished it!

So yep, in a month’s time we put our house on the market, sold it, came out to Arizona, found a house and bought it. Things have been moving at tremendous speed and we will be moving from the Chicago area, Sweet Home Chicago, on May 28 and heading from Phoenix Arizona all the way to Tacoma I’ve got seven women on my mind that same weekend. Sorry, I just had to incorporate two sings with those cities into it as I typed. Why? I’m not sure. Might be the bumps on the plane.

So, new house—in Scottsdale, not even Phoenix, but don’t know if there’s a song with Scottsdale in it, not that it matters and holy fuck these bumps are freaking the hell out of me right now but I’ll just keep focusing and typing God only knows what the hell I’m writing but concentrate on the words Steph and I’ll be on the ground soon. Shit shit shit. Breathe breathe breathe…

I hate bumpy flights like you wouldn’t believe. OK, smooth spot.
The house—well,we love it .We saw some other mac daddy homes too, but I am telling you the truth when it’s all about location. One we would have snapped up in a New York second however it was right across the street from a business complex and it backed up to apartments. No thank you. Another was gorgeous but was a foreclorsure/short sale and we did not have the time or enegery to do the work to it that it would have needed to be done.

This one, our new home, is move in ready. No paint needed, nothing. I get an office. We’ve got an oasis like pool complete with a freaking lemon tree in the backyard! And a bazillion rose bushes that I will no doubt kill.

And we just are going through huge bumps and I’m frfeaking out and asshole Mr. Manic looked at me like I’m a freak of nature bedcause I NEEDED to hold his hand and he looked at me like I’M THE ASSHOLE FREAK. Effer. That is just rude. I am freaking scared to death holding my breath over these bumps and am afraid of dying on this plane and there I said it so maybe that means I won’t die so I’m stopping here because I’m going to flip out….

Well, apparently, we didn't die on that plane ride, and we are home (whatever constitutes the word home, which I believe it to be "WITH FAMILY"... so yeah, we are WITH FAMILY again, and will continue to be with family until we are with family in our new home. Much work to do, headaches and sleep deprivation be damned, and I will get through the next ... holy shit, THIRTY-ONE days.


Travis Erwin said...

The place looks great.

Sydney Lakewood said...

Mister S hates it when I hold his hand during lift-off (which, barring turbulence, is the worst part for me). So know that your Effer is my Effer, too.

Great house with terrific pool AND an office? So nice. I have my own office, too, and I love closing the doors and keeping everyone out. Sadly, my doors are French doors and they can still look in. And there are no locks. So they can come in, too.

You'll love people-watching at Fashion Square Mall. Love, love, LOVE it. The ten-year-old girls in their Tiffany necklaces and bracelets and carrying their Louis Vuitton bags and having a Mean Girls moment every other minute. Although, I haven't been to that mall in three years--wonder how the recession has affected the Little Monsters. :o)


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Susan, my office here in Chicago has french doors so everyone can look in. However at the new house, we just got word that there's a leak from the bathroom upstairs into the office so I'm freaked out! (But the current owner is the realtor so she is adamant they will have it fixed, and my "effer" is on a plane right now to AZ to head to the inspection so it WILL be handled!) Plus, I'm hoping that my 'off-site' office will be the patio overlooking the pool! haha. As for lift-off--hate that the most too!!! I am worried about the Little Monsters out there, hoping to keep MY children grounded in the midwestern ideals! I don't wanna raise any Mean Girl! I do know she won't be getting any Tiffany or Louie -- CUZ I AIN'T GOT NONE! LOL!

Moll said...

Here's to sauvignon blanc by the pool late at night when the warm breezes ruffle your hair and the sky looks impossibly big and the stars, and your future, look incredibly bright.

Randy said...

I haven't commented on your blog in, like, forever...but I feel compelled to say, 1) your new home is gorgeous, and 2) you WILL be fine. Your family will be fine. Take it from an outsider looking in, you have your priorities straight--family IS home, no matter where you happen to be PHYSICALLY. I have every confidence that y'all will make tons of new great friends cuz that's just the way you are. It shines through on your blog. I know the whole thing's gotta be terrifying, but you'll look back on this life change as a good one. I just have a sense about these things. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Randy--SO NICE to see you on here! Thank you very much for these awesome words of cheer! I needed them especially today as I had mini breakdowns throughout my day! So kind of you. Awesome to know there are people out there looking in and knowing exactly what to say, and speaking of knowing exactly what to say -- Rebecca -- YOu know it sister friend! And I can't wait to get out there by that pool and lemon tree and get inspired to back to writing my novel! Thanks all for the awesome thoughts and messages - you're pulling me through! xo

jennydecki said...

My friend once bumped into Alice Cooper at a gas station in Scottsdale - there be some purdy snazzy folks in that thar town :)