Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MaNiC's MoBiLe (aS iN CaR, NoT PHoNe)

Bloggy Bloggerson here. I have been a horrible blogger lately and not because there’s not anything to blog about. I should be blogging daily, but I guess my excuse is when there used to be time to blog, there is no time any longer.

You see, I don’t carpool anymore.

Way back when, I had a posse of people who I could count on to either take, pick up, drive here or drive there. AND, these drives were quick and easy, right down the street. Across the way, up and down the avenue. AND, I knew where I was going to get to places. Things were simple.

Not so much anymore.

Not only do I not have a posse of people to help me get kids to one of these following events each week:

Two basketball teams
Art class
Another basketball program

… But I also have to figure out where all of these basketball games are being held in this place they call “The Valley.” Apparently, I live in a valley now. And I drive around in this valley in my “GT” aka The Green Turd minivan that the kids so lovingly christened it and I have no clue where I am going because when we got the GT like nine years ago, GPS wasn’t even invented! In fact, when we got the GT, DVDs were NOT even invented yet! Seriously! We have a VHS player in this minivan! And it’s so old, the back windows don’t even open and it’s dripping some fluid now that looks like snake blood (because you know now that I know what snake blood looks like), and well, it is about to DIE!

So, having said that, the good news is I’m getting another TURD! Oops, I mean, I’m getting another MINIVAN.

Shall we all jump for joy here?

One of the very first articles I ever wrote that got published (and if I can find it, I will repost it here) was about how I swore I would never do three things as a parent: Let my kids watch Barney (did that), let them dictate my life (did that), and drive a minivan (have done that for nine years)… and now apparently, I’m going to be doing that for ANOTHER NINE years.

Yep, my life rocks.

And like the last time I got a brand new car, I don’t have many requests. I told Mr. Manic that I only wanted the kind of doors that slid open. I got that. And that was about it. That was my only request for that car.

My request for this new and improved minivan?

No leather seats.

Because living in this “Valley” it’s too freaking HOT!

Actually, I do have one more teeny request for this next minivan I receive, and I won’t even go to the car dealer with him. I won’t even test drive it with him. I have that much faith that he will provide me with a winning automobile. And I really don’t even care what color it is, as long as it’s not black cuz that will suck in all the heat possible and continue to burn me (see above request for no leather).

My other request for this new car?

Please get me one with a GPS – I keep getting lost with all this driving around in this God-forsaken desert I live in!

Thanks! And MaNiC is out!

PeaCe uP

~MaNiC MoMMy


Kathie said...

I just sent you a virtual glass, no, jug 'o' wine... I have the old van blues here, too. Except I'm dying for leather seats in my next one because at least they wipe off!!

Making It Work Mom said...

I love my mini-van, but then I am so not a car person. My mini-van is 6 years old and I am desperate for a new one. And my next one has to have those doors that close by themselves. I live in constant fear that one of my children are going to lose a finger when another slams the door.
Happy New Car to You!!!

LisaSam said...

Get a honda. I love mine. I have the CRV though. No minivan. My sis has the Odyssey and loves it.

The Book Chick said...

I never thought that I would buy a minivan. I always told my husband that he could put me in anything but one of those! Then our truck was stolen in late January 2010, and we started looking at them, and I fell in love. It's great with the kids still little, and we have extra room for friends who need a ride. Love this thing! We have captain's chairs in the middle row, so easy for getting the kids in and out of carseats, and I love the dual sliding doors. I'm a convert, apparently! Enjoy your new one!!

Unknown said...

Ya know, I bought a TomTom for $99, and that think rocks. Well, except if I don't follow her directions and she yells at me and tells me over and over and over

"Turn around. Turn around. Turn around. And the next available place, turn around."

Travis Erwin said...

You need a Sisterwife.

Amy said...

You know, they do sell GPS units separately. :)

Anonymous said...

Red fluid leaking is probably from the transmission. Better check to make sure the level hasn't dropped too low. The car can keep going on a slow leak but you have to watch the levels and keep extra trans fluid in the trunk (see owners manual) for correct type. Also, you're in the desert now...keep bottled water in the car in case you're stranded.