Sunday, November 14, 2010

aRe you a ReaL MoM?

Hey there! I wanted to share something with you - I'm going to be blogging about some mom stuff over at Real Moms Guide daily, but STILL dishing about the real personal stuff here, like how Tukey has visited the ER twice in three weeks, and like how I have been FREEZING here (OK, it is only 70 but wow, does the blood really thin THAT quickly?) But I'm NOT going to tell you how our 'sex' code has gone from "Can you come fix the shelf in the closet?" to "Honey, I need you to help me out here by the garbage cans!" ...

Oops, I think I just spilled the beans on that one...

But anyway, here's a new endeavor for me, blogging for Real Moms Guide that I'm really excited about and I hope you'll stop by and check out some of the new posts that I've written and comment on a few!

I've shared the recipe on how to make an official Pool Boy over there, and also written a post called Football Schmootball. There are also loads of great holiday gift guide suggestions, so why don't you hop on over there to see what the Real Moms are talking about!

You can visit the Real Moms Guide HERE:

Real Moms Guide

Then come back over here to visit because I do have a copy of You'll Lose the Baby Weight by Dawn Meehan to give away before Thanksgiving ... I PROMISE!!!

Thanks for reading!

PeaCe uP!

~MaNiC MoMMy


~L0SERM0M~ said...

Hey there Lady!!!
I've been reading over that at 'Real Moms Guide' something something!

Thanks to you my 'M.Damon McConaughey hey hey Salvatore' will be our NEW get through the holidays drink!! =0)

I will keep checking back over there to see what you're running your mouth about. WHY?!?! You're funny and make me laugh. THAT'S WHY! ♥

Ohhh yeah...I WANNA WIN DAWN'S BOOK!!! =)
Have a GoOd Thanksgiving ((hugs))

Stephanie said...

Dawn's book coming soon girlfriend!