Friday, July 08, 2011

June Blast O Books Quick Update

One week of our trip is over.

Read This If You Want To Know about Grand Prize Info and the last of the book winners have been announced! It could be YOU! I will need you to send me your address, but you may not get your book until I return.

Read This if you want to know what's been going on since we headed to Chicago.

Also, please note, my email, if you need to get in touch with me, is spelled ELLIOT with ONE T. There is an awesome other Stephanie out there who spells her last name with two Ts. She has been getting my emails, and I have been getting her emails. Please make sure you spell it correctly when sending me your address for books and stuff. It's One T. Thanks guys!

If you have any questions about the book contest, or anything else, or if you have a suggestion for an author you would love to see on here, please leave a note here in the comments and I will try to answer them next week! There are TONS of great books coming your way in September. I am soooo excited to be sharing them with you!

ALSO, if you have reader friends who would like to know about books, It would be so awesome for you to share this blog with them. I would LOVE for you to help spread the word. Thanks! Hope you are all enjoying your summer.

For those of you who asked, Summer Shandy is an awesome beer made by Leinenkugel -- lemony and light, it's a great chick beer. And I am so not a beer drinker. But it doesn't give me migraines OR hangovers!

PeaCe uP and happy reading! I just finished Jennifer Weiner's Then Came You, her BEST YET! And also read my first Beth Harbison - Always Something There to Remind Me. Next up, I'm getting down and dirty with Chad Kultgen's Men Women & Children -- he's hardcore for sure, and I LOVE his books!

What are YOU guys reading!?

Can you tell I MISS YOU with how much I am blogging? Hope you'll leave me a comment! xo



Carly said...

I wish I could tell you I was reading one of my wonderful new books but I have had to take a break from fun reading and return to my text books.
So, I am reading "Assessing Reading: Multiple Measues", "CORE" and "Creating Strategic Readers".


Laura Kay said...

I'm reading The Last Letter by Kathleen Shoop.

Have fun in Chicago, I miss N. IL summers!

Laura Kay

Krystal said...

It sounds like you guys are having a great time in Chicago! :) Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

I just finished, The Penny Pinchers Club by Sarah Strohmeyer.

Also, I LOVED the family pics! :)

MonaLisa said...

Right now I'm reading multiple books. I guess I'm restless for a really great read... The Last Letter by Katleen Shoop, These High Green Hills by Jan Karon mostly. Hope you are enjoying your time in Chicago.

Hally said...

Manic, you're so funny!
I just got referred to the newest book by NerdFighter Author, John Green. He has a couple out already, so I'll see which one the library has in stock.

Sounds like Chicago was fun, but emotionally exhausting. Hang in there and remember that 'HOME' is where you, MrManic, and the kidlets are. Wherever you are.

Travel safely and enjoy the summertime with friends.

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I am reading "A Thread of Truth" by Marie Bostwick for one of my book clubs.

Ready To Be A Momma said...

I'm getting ready to start The Orphan Sister! I love your book giveaways! :)

Melissa said...

i'm book multitasking with "take it like a mom" by stephanie stiles (you'll love funny), "little black dress" by susan mcbride (an intriguing story so far) and "confessions of a call center gal" by lisa lim (appeals to our snarky sides). :)
have you seen "mystery girl?" it's a movie that was on cable a few times this spring. it reminds me of your e-mail situation with getting this other stephanie's e-mails and vice versa. anyway, it's a cute movie that has a chick lit feel to it. and the guy in it is handsome. :) hope you're having fun in chicago. enjoy some lou malnati's pizza (or gino's works too) for me!

Liz said...

welcome to Chicagoland!! I'm out in the 'burbs. Have you ever tried Leinie's Berryweiss beer? It's AMAZING!

michelle m said...

I am reading an old one The Pilots Wife by Anita Shreve, while also reading If You Were Here, Jen Lancaster

Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying your vacation. I agree with Liz about Berryweiss! I just finished Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan earlier today. It was fantastic. I think it is my 2nd favorite of the summer. Top honors belongs to Laura Dave's The First Husband. Thanks for all the great recommendations!

Colbey J

BrendaL71 said...

Hi Manic,

I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. It was a great story, I laughed and definitely did cry. I recommend it highly.

Anonymous said...

I haven't touched a book in months. well except for reading to Izzy... I am in need of a good adult read.

Thanks for think of us... enjoy the rest of your trip.


Joelle said...

LOVE me some summer shandy!!! <3

IandSsmom said...

I just finished Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson and adored it!!! It was so good! Glad you enjoyed Chicago!!It's my city so I just love it!!

Anonymous said...

I recently read "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson. It's a hilarious memoir of growing up in the 50s. Really funny and filled with interesting details about what the national mood was back then. So now I'm hooked on everything he writes (including books on language and grammar). Just started his "A Walk in the Woods" and love it already. He has a newer one called "At Home" that I'll probably try next. All-time favorite summer reading for women is "Gift From the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.