Friday, March 09, 2012


Before I put up the question on Losing Clementine I didn't think things through very much. I thought through enough NOT to ask how YOU would plan out your suicide. I'm not an idiot. I know you're all mature adults who spend time on MaNiC MoMMy. I don't think that anything I would write on my blog would GIVE you all any ideas or increase the likelihood that you might do something dangerous to yourselves. I also think the author, Ashley Ream didn't think that when she wrote the book, readers would then make a trip to Tijuana to buy horse tranquilizers to plan their own suicide.

But I have worried some readers out there by the last question I asked concerning the book Losing Clementine. In NO WAY was I indicating that you should go out and commit suicide. I know it is a HEAVY subject. Many of the books we discuss here on MaNiC MoMMy deal with heavy subjects--the death of a spouse, abduction, sexual abuse, divorce, mental instability, drug abuse, infertility, murder, finding the perfect shoe ... haha, I wanted to make you laugh there, because that is what I aim to do.

But, in all seriousness, I recently wrote about my own bouts of depression here, so if I offended anyone by my suggesting you discuss ways people might consider suicide, I am sorry. If you'd like to enter to win the book Losing Clementine, you can go back and simply write that you're not comfortable with answering the question but you'd still like to enter the contest. I'm never going to disqualify anyone for stopping by and being honest. That goes for ANY book I promote here.

Thanks to those of you who have already brought this to my attention, and thanks for always coming by to read MaNiC MoMMy. And I promise you that Losing Clementine is not a depressing book -- it's humorous, the main character is spunky and lovable and she's searching for self-discovery actually, and she may just find it ... you'll want to read it!

And also, my heart goes out to those of you who have lost loved ones to suicide. xoxo



Melissa said...

You've been nominated for a Kreativ Blogger award!

Dolly said...

Manic, I respect you because you have once again, as I've seen in the past, not been afraid to apologize if you've found you said something that was indelicate.

I did answer the question on your previous post, because I did understand you asked in the spirit of the book you were reading.

However, I completely understand how many could have been disturbed by it, and in fact part of my answer was based on information I picked up when my late husband was studying material from The Hemlock Society (no, he did not choose to use it).

Thank you for being a caring person.