Monday, May 28, 2012


OK, everyone, I'm ready to do this again! Every day starting tomorrow through June 29 (Monday through Saturdays!), I'm bringing you a brand-new book to win! 

You come here every day to enter to win a book and leave a comment, and the more you enter, the more chances you have to win a pile of books at the end of the month! The pile of books at the end of the month is a mystery batch o' books but I guarantee it'll be a good batch!


I'll be picking the winners quicker than usual though, giving you all about THREE DAYS to come to the blog and enter per book, and I'm going to once again have to list the winner's name at the TOP of each of the posts because I'll be posting DAILY. Speaking of winners, you should check back on Rock Star in Seat 3A to see who has won that book. 

We're starting FRESH here TOMORROW with at LEAST TWENTY FIVE books lined up DAILY for you to win throughout the month! So come back and get ready for a fabulous line up! 

Want to know what great books are coming your way????

You'll have to check in each and every day, and remember, enter every day, and each time you do, that's an EXTRA entry for you to be entered for the GRAND PRIZE ENTRY at the end of the month where you will win AT LEAST TEN GREAT TITLES, but probably closer to 20 BOOKS!!!!

Got questions, ask away! And remember, Booking with Manic is only open to US and Canadian readers only! Sorry to all those great readers who are international! And thanks to all the publishers, publicists and authors who greatly support our love for books and reading!

Need to reach me?



susieqlaw said...

I am so excited about the give away!

sendsusanmail AT gmail DOT com

Susan @ The Book Bag said...

WHEEEE! Here we go!!

Thanks so much for your awesomeness!!

Brenda G. Spalding said...

Okay I am excited about the chance to win some of the books. You can reach me at bichonlady21 AT comcast DOT net