Sunday, September 09, 2012


Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you've all had a nice weekend! As promised, I'm trying to keep up with the blog and I will hopefully be bringing three books to you next week: How Lucky You Are, A Girl Like You and India's Summer. That is, if life does not get in the way! My plan is to bring each to you and then to choose winners over the weekend, posting them beginning either tomorrow or Tuesday. Cross your fingers that it will happen! 

Also, exciting news coming up! I will be bringing the amazing Amy Hatvany's collection of THREE novels to ONE LUCKY winner in the next couple of weeks. Her books are: 
Best Kept Secret, Outside the Lines and The Language of Sisters.

And I've got many more books to share with you that I wasn't able to share in August that I'm trying to catch up with so please continue to keep reading! I'm trying to catch up and as long as we can breathe easy over here and keep things status quo, I'll keep blogging! 

I'm also trying to get a full-length novel of my own up on and that will be hopefully up and available in the next month or so! I'll keep you posted!

Here are the winners of One Pink Line and Dare Me and check in for the next books in a couple of days. You can also subscribe to get emails when the blog is updated -- just do so at the top left on the blog. I don't ever even see your email so I have no access to your information! You can also friend me on FB as I'm always sharing the information there! Thanks, and here are the lucky winners:

ONE PINK LINE goes to: Nan from Alaska!

DARE ME goes to: Sslinsky

You can both email me the address I should send your book to and I'll make sure you receive your book! Thanks to all who entered! 

Come back later for the three books I'll be posting this week!

Thanks! Steph

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