Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Got The Goods!

Yesterday, I was in a low mood; this agent thing is getting me down, but I know that if I quit, they win. Not that that makes any sense right now, but I have a little motto, and it's:






So, I'm hoping my talent and persistence will pay off one day and it'll be the right timing for the right agent to come along so we can both fall madly in love with one another (or, at least with my novel)...

I was in a funk but I won't go into details cuz they're boring rejection details, but yesterday afternoon when I was begging Lovey to piss on my lawn already, or even just make a teeny-tiny poo-poo near my mailbox, I saw it...

and timing, as it is said, was everything. In that fraction of a moment, I saw it...

a brown box begging to be opened just sitting there on my front porch.

I got the goods!

The Tim Tams from Ramblin' Rose in Australia!!!

Whooooo Hooooo!

And what better way to nuture a starving-in-a-bad-mood-and-majorly-PMSing author/wife/stay-at-home mother than with the love of CHOCOLATE!

I grabbed the package, ran into the house, and ripped open the UPS box, thankful the kids were down stairs and would not be witness to my chocolate frenzy. There were four varieties of Tim Tam biscuits from my Ramblin' pal in Australia! The Tim Tam Original, Caramel Tim Tams, the Double-coated Tim Tams, and some Cherry Ripe Chocettes, that I have to admit were so melted that even after I froze them for a while, they came out of the freezer looking quite like something I had hoped would emerge from Lovey's you-know.

I opened the Caramel ones first because I love caramel. I tasted one. I don't know how to describe them accurately to let you know how really, really good they are, but they seriously started my heart racing. I've never done cocaine but I think there's more than just chocolate in there! And hey, isn't cocaine made from the cacao bean or something like that, and doesn't chocolate come from the cacao bean? Hmmm...I might be on to something!

So, while my heart raced, I wolfed down three of those suckers in a matter of a minute. Then the kids came up (I wondered if I was unconsciously moaning in delight and they had heard me, or did they smell the chocolate?) and I had to share.

I.Hate.Sharing.FOOD. With anyone. Ask anyone you know who knows me. If you try to stab a fry from my plate, I will stab you back with my fork. I would kill over that fry. Seriously.

But, being the good mother that I am, I shared. Ajers had found religion after he tried one! In fact, this a.m. he asked me, "Mom, after I eat something healthy, can I have one of those Australian things?" And while he was eating one, he said, "Are these really from Australia because I want more!"

I had some for breakfast today. I had three more tonight. I don't think these are treats you should indulge in with such focus and thought. I am thankful that Tim Tams are across the world because I would be a ... who knows what I would be if I had these suckers available within arm's reach. But hey, these could put an end to PMS across the world! Yes, that is the answer to every woman's PMS problems of the world.


I feel so much better now.

Thank you Ramblin' Rose. And your Reese's package has been ordered as promised. And to all of you who won the chocolate bar of your choice, I'll be sending those out soon. I totally believe in living by the Pay-It-Forward rule of thumb, however, I can pretty much guarantee you they're not going to be as decadent as the Tim Tams, but if you're REALLY dying to try 'em, you can order them in the U.S. here:

Australian Catalogue Company 1-800-808-0938. You can tell them Ramblin' and Manic sent ya, but that won't get you far!

(And no, I'm not getting a kick-back!)

Geeze, isn't the Internet a powerful and wonderful tool?! It may not have gotten me out of a $20,000 debt like it did for my friend, Karyn, but hey, it did bring me some Tim Tams!

xo Manic


Anonymous said...

hey there MM

just delurking to say how cool that you got Tim Tams in the mail! I love tim tams too (i'm from NZ) and the caramel ones are totally the best! some ppl here get a cup of coffee, bite off both ends, and then suck the coffee up through the tim tam and scoff it all once it's all soaked through. it's messy, but damn it's good, so if you've got any left, give it a go! I'd only recommend it for the original ones tho, caramel are perfect just as they are. Enjoy!

Susan Senator said...

I love the quote from your kid: "Mom if I eat something healthy can I have one of those Australian things?" That is so right! That is exactly what my Benj would say. Maybe I'll order some; do they come sugar free? :-)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

nicola--THANKS FOR DELURKING! There are a 'few' left and Ramblin' told me about the TIM TAM COFFEE SLAM! I really might need to try it today. I have to eat them all today because tomorrow is Monday--time to start ANOTHER diet!

Susan--HI! Thanks for stopping over! You should order some, but be prepared to eat a whole package. They are too good to keep around the house. I doubt they are sugar-free, but didn't I mention they ARE fat free!!?!? LOL.

xxxx said...

I just ate three chocolate-covered Oreos ... I could use a Tim Tam to shake things up!!

OK, TPT, TPT, TPT ... just keep remembering that and it WILL happen!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your agent troubles, but it sounds like you have a positive attitude about it. That's what everyone says--you have to be persistent, or it won't happen.

Oh, and those Tim Tams sound yummy!