Sunday, July 01, 2007

ELEVATE ME (Pictures Added)

If you could hear me right now, my voice sounds like I sucked down a pack-and-a-half of Salems and slammed four Jaeger bombs last night.

However, I didn't! I was a good girl, but had an awesome time!

We saw ELEVATION, touted (like my big word?) as the planet's No. 1 U2 Tribute band, and guess what?


From Sunday Bloody Sunday to Vertigo, and all the old school songs, Bullet the Blue Sky, With Or Without You... Oh my gosh, they were IN CRED IBLE!

And this band played till like 1:30 in the freaking morning. While we were loving it, and singing along and hugging other patrons, they kept playing and playing and playing. The lead singer, "Danno" is a dead ringer for Bono, complete with the aviator shades, Bono's mannerisms, his jackets... Just fun, fun, fun!

And I paced myself, one drink to every two glasses of ice water. I think I only had five or six drinks, and while that seems like a lot, put it in this perspective -- we got to the bar at 6:30 because we heard the place would be packed and we wanted to make sure we got in. So, from 6:30 till 1:30 in the FREAKING MORNING, (which is just way, way, way too late for this Manic Mom), we drank and ate, and danced, and laughed and listened to an incredible group of musicians.

And the best part? Unlike last Sunday, I am awake! I am alive! And hubby's making the moves on me as we speak...


(Hahahah, that's a line from a U2 song, Sunday Bloody Sunday, very appropriate as he is reading over my shoulder massaging my neck and ... well, I guess I'll go start my day... )

Who's YOUR favorite band to see live?

PS--check out earlier posts--I blogged each day this weekend, busy, busy, busy!


Patricia said...

Sounds like you had a great time!
My two favorite concerts were U2 and Eminem, very different but both very good.

Anonymous said...

I just saw Roger Waters from Pink Floyd do "Dark Side of the Moon" and other Floyd hits last week. The greatest concert ever! I really want to see U2 live.

Jenster said...

That sounds great! I'm impressed that you made it until 1:30. I seriously couldn't do that anymore. I need to start working on my stamina. lol

I was just griping about the lack of "day starting" on my blog. But in a very delicate way as to not shock my family members that read the blog. LOL

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast! I am so jealous! Last concert I saw live was Cheetah Girls Live in Concet. How sad has my life become? I did get into "never underestimate the power of a girl....." Yeah, I totally need to be committed. Glad you had fun thou!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Patricia--U2 and Eminem--what a combo!

Anon--Pink Floyd makes me dizzy.

Jenster--I actually made hubby 'start' his day by himself! Ha!

Eileen--not laughing about the Cheetah Girls--I would like to see them! Also High School Musical concert. My NEXT concert is actually going to be American Idol on Tour! Go Blake and Jordin! See, I am a geek at heart!

Drewpy Drew said...
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la bellina mammina said...

Sounds like a fantastic concert! For me - Bon Jovi ROCKS!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

How exciting! He's sexy!

My favorite concert was Jewel in 2002. I was preggo with son #2 and he loved it.

Of course the Monsters of Rock tour in 1985 was fun too, but I really can't explain losing my top...

Kirsten said...

speaking of U2, they are great live. Melissa Etheridge is amazing live, as are the Eagles. John Fogerty was amazing when I saw him a few years ago, and surprisingly -- please don't laugh -- Lionel Richie was really, really good live. I saw him as part of an all-day concert several years back and he was totally awesome.

Unknown said...

While I wasn't one of the first 5 to post (I would have been #7 if I'd posted right after reading), I decided to play, too. I decided to go ahead and start a blog here, and I figured what better way to start a blog than with random information! :)

I bet the concert was amazing! I'm envious! My favorite concert was Billy Joel and Elton John together on-stage. KISS came in at a close second place.

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

My goodness, I would've spent the night peeing from all that water :) Sounds like you had a great time!

(Oh and great job on the weight loss!)

B. said...

I've only been to a few concerts, but all very good. Pearl Jam (Rusty, from Off the Pace took me) was probably the best, but I also saw Ani DiFranco, The Monkees(on their reunion tour), Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Darryl Worley, and Patty Loveless. However, U2 would be THE band to see!

Chrissy said...

Very fun!!! Great pictures

I saw Keith Urban last Thursday....he is so talented, way more rock than country, and his jeans are cute. :-) I looked up the rest of his tour when I got home, but he's not headed back this way. Seriously, being at the concert makes you want to take a road trip to the next stop on the tour! Chrissy