Monday, July 09, 2007

Lottery, A Quick Ohio Recap, and ZIMA!

I'm back. Trip details to come later, but I do have to say, "A trip to Dover, Ohio is way more enjoyable and worthwhile than a trip to Disney Hell."

And, ZIMA's back!

My cousin and I came up with a whole new marketing campaign for the awesome, original malt-beverage summertime drink. We just need to ask Justin Timberlake if he'll do the print and commercial ads for it.

We envision him singing, "I"m bringing ZIMA back! Those other drinks don't know how to act!"

Of course, we came up with our new ad campaign while imbibing the refreshingest of refreshing drinks!

Anyway, Little Granny's GREAT! I have pics I'll post later, but talking of Little Granny offers the perfect seque for me to bring up the book Lottery, by Patricia Wood because my Little Granny reminds me of the spunky Gram in the book. And, once more, there's a contest!

After you read my review below, be sure to stop over at Pat's blog to tell her you're dying to read her novel, and that you've found out about it from Manic Mom (No, I'm not getting any kick-backs for this. I truly, truly, truly fell in love with this book, and you will too!) The book's not supposed to be out until August 2 but some lucky folks have seen it in their stores already! So, go look! Go buy it! Or, just go over to Pat's blog and tell her I sent you and you will be entered to win a fun prize package, including the book, an audio of the book, and more!

After I read the book, I wanted to do the book justice. This review is completely, utterly how I feel about the story. It's the type of book where, after you read it, you'll lie in bed and wonder how Perry L. Crandall is doing. He's that real:

When you read Lottery, you’ll want to hole up in a comfy room without any interruptions so you can fully immerse yourself in each word, every phrase. It’s the type of book where you tear through the pages, not getting through them fast enough but then you suddenly realize, “Wait! I don’t want this to end!” so you try to draw out the experience. You fall in love with Perry L. Crandall. You’ll remember his name. You fall in love with his life, and the people most important to him.

Perry is real. He could be your neighbor, a friend, an employee at the Dollar Tree. Your brother. A cousin. Your “cousin-brother” (you’ll get that joke after you read the book). He walks down the street. Makes you laugh. Opens a door for you. Offers you a mint. Or a Tums, depending on the look on your face.

He is sincere. He is funny. He is ambitious. He is considerate, always putting others’ needs before his.

He is not retarded.

Perry doesn’t channel-surf; he “channel-hikes” through the TV stations. His Gram taught him to study words from the dictionary every day. He listens. He bounces when he’s happy. He discovers. He learns. He is smarter than any ten people you could put into one room together – his wisdom on life and love and happiness far surpasses the wisdom of anyone I’ve yet to meet.

And there are the unlikely heroes in Patricia Wood’s sure-to-be-a-best-seller, characters who shine like diamonds in the rough. From witty Gram who tells Perry to “quit bellyaching!” to sea-faring, farting and beer-guzzling Keith, to Cherry, the pierced and tattooed Handy Mart gal Perry befriends. Even in his family members, each character lives vibrantly and realistically on the pages and the reader feels all of their inner motivations, whether good or bad. And there is a lot of both in Lottery.

In Lottery you will find love in the most unexpected places, family when you think there was none. It is full of riches, and the message you get when you read and fall in love with Lottery has nothing to do with luck or money. Yet you come away richer after meeting Perry L. Crandall, a name you will not forget.


March2theSea said...

nice review. I'll stop over to her site as well and tell her you sent me.

ZIMA..that is just gross. I thought it was banned in the USA because it would make you go blind. (kidding of course) but that stuff is hardly worth the glass its bottled in.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Zima is not gross! (Although the verdict's still out on whether it makes ya gassy.)

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I read a manuscript copy of Lottery a few months ago (yes, you may drool and hate me.) I'm the gal with three kids with autism. There, feel better about your life? ;) I started Lottery on an icy day. I sat on my front step, waiting for the kids' bus. I had about 20 minutes. 21 minutes later the bus pulled up. I didn't notice my frozen behind on the cement step at all. I was engaged from the opening line. I LOVE LOTTERY. You will too.

I proceeded to ignore my children for most of the weekend so I could continue reading Lottery. Really, "Honey, one more page and Mommy will feed you." I was terrible! The book was great.


(PS) What,no Seagram's Golden Wine Coolers with Bruce Willis as spokesman during his Moonlighting days?

Jenster said...

So OHIO is the happiest place on earth, not Disney. Glad to know.

The book sounds very good and now that I'm getting my reading mojo back...

As for Zima - it's been so long since I had one and I don't even remember if I liked it or not. I didn't know they still made it. But if there was an ad for it then I would.

Anonymous said...

Zima was test marketed where I went to college in 1992. I cannot tell you how many nights of Zima drinking there was. It was cheap and I thought then it was good. We added Kool Aid to it and other things. But now I wouldnt touch that stuff. Im grown up and my taste buds have different needs and likes now.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Anon--drinking it over the weekend just brought back MEMORIES!!!

And we used to put Jolly Rancher's in our Zima bottles.

Anonymous said...

Yes I put Jolly Ranchers in mine as well. The other big thing on campus was some wine cooler crap called Boone's. Anyone remember that?

TTQ said...

Boone's Farm..Came in fruity flavors bottled like proper wine. I spent some time partying on an airforce base and drinking Boone's in the barracks.. THEY STILL SELL IT,never stopped like Zima..but I did like me some Zima every now and again when doing summertime fun!

teahouse said...

Welcome back!!

I remember drinking Zima with grenadine when I was a freshman in college..I thought I was soooo cool.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

WHERE did you go to college? We drank "ink" - grain alcohol and purple Kool aid. Keg beer. Tons of it. My boyfriend was at Dartmouth and they tried to live up to their Animal House reputation (the movie was written by Dartmouth guys about their frat) several times a week. At Boston College, my alma mater, we drank beer and good Irish Whiskey. "For here are men are men and their hearts ring true for BAAAHHSTUN for BAAAAHSTUN 'til the echoes ring again!!!!!" The echo was our hangover from a night at Mariannes in Cleveland Circle. Not Ohio.

Monnik said...

Zima was my very first *legal* drink. I ordered it on my 21st birthday thinking it was more sophisticated than beer. Bwahaha! I'm still laughing at myself for that.

And I was in Ohio at the same time as you. cool, huh? I was in Sandusky for vacation.

Unknown said...

I meant to tell you we still have it in Memphis, but I forgot! I guess since they really did stop for a while, I should say we have it "back".

So, if you still can't get it locally, then I'll check on the laws and logistics of sending you some. :)

And I'm looking forward to reading The Lottery...

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Glad you are home. Your granny is so darn cute. Reminds me of mine.

I saw Zima at the store and does cause GAS! Ouch!

I used to drop a watermelon Jolly Rancher in mine.

LOTTERY sounds like a great book!

Jess Riley said...

May I say that I am hotly jealous that you got to read LOTTERY already? And Kim Stagliano too? I guess I'll have to await it's release with the rest of the Plebes.

Zima always reminded me of Alka-Seltzer. Perhaps that's where the Jolly Rancher trick came in. I was all about the fruity malt beverages back then. Come to think of it, I still am!

Patricia said...

I think I'm only about an hour from Dover. I would have driven that far to have a Zima with you, LOL!

Travis Erwin said...

It has to be said, Zima is the scourge of the Devil and there is a reason it disappeared in the first place.

I say bring back Bartles and James, at least their commercials were funny.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

What's with all these anti-Zima people!??!!? It was a fun, crisp, refreshing drink!

Kim--They didn't have Zima when I was in college-it came around after I graduated and was married. I even toured the factory in Memphis and bought a Zima hat. I even have an unopened bottle of ZIMA Gold in my cabinet. Wonder what I could get for that on ebay?

Patricia--we should have gotten together! Granny would have loved to have another guest at her party! Are you close to Wooster?

Monnik--Were you at the Great Wolf Lodge?

Andie said...

thanks for the review.

and I used to drink Zima with grenadine in college constantly!!!! my college roommate and I wallpapered our dorm room with zima labels at one point. LOL

Patricia said...

Zima with grenadine is how I used to drink it also!

Manic, I'm in WV, just across the river from Ohio.

LDR said...

I can not even wait to read this book! Your review is wonderful & well-written! I'm so excited that Zima's back! Unfortunately not here... in the scorched wastelands of E. Oregon... I wish I had a tall glass filled with crushed ice, Zima and a teensy squeeze of lime. Dad always said wish in one hand and spit in the other though.... ergh.