Monday, August 06, 2007

My List of “I Need”…

I need to take a sandblaster to my feet. They are disgusting. Seriously, if you saw my feet, you would be like, “Oh my God, Manic, you have the most vile feet soles of all of eternity!” You understand now why I am a foot-picker?

I need to lose 30 pounds, but I’d settle for 10. My high school reunion is in TWO MONTHS FROM TODAY! I wonder how many other DGN grads, class of ’87, are fretting about their weight right this very minute? Cuz, how can you want to go to your high school reunion feeling like a lard. Cuz that’s how I’m feeling.

I need to GET INTO A ROUTINE! My goal when school starts (TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!) is to work at my freelance job from 8 – 10 a.m. every day. Then spend time with Tuke. Then feed Tukey lunch at 11, and get him to the bus at 11:20 for afternoon kindergarten. Then, from 11:30 till 12:30, I will exercise in some format, and then get my A$$ in the chair and write, write, WRITE! I firmly believe that learning to write is just like training for a marathon, or doing a sport. You have to do it every day to get your fingers, your mind, your stories into shape, and I have been very bad at doing so this summer.

I need to go HERE tomorrow!

Even though two-thirds of our children have no idea we are going to this tomorrow night, Tukey once said if we were ever to see American Idol in concert, he would make a sign that says: “My Mom wants Blake Lewis to be her next husband!”

I need to do laundry.

I need a cool treat.

I need to continue with the points because after all, it is, once again, MONDAY, diet day, and I have stuck to the points thus far.

I need to get back to WW meetings.

I need to not crave French fries and pizza. BTW, I did have some Kashi pizza tonight (you know, there’s a cereal called Kashi, right?). Well there’s pizza now too, and it was really good, high in fiber and all that crap. (Ha, fiber and crap in the same sentence!).

I need to show you this:
OK, so for my reunion, we have a website with our NOW and THEN photos. Let’s see if I can upload the THEN photo:

OK, so that’s my THEN photo twenty years ago. What's with the hair? The pearls are a nice touch though? You could tell, even then, I was a classy chick!

To be funny, I have started putting up goofy photos in place of my NOW photo, everything from my tattoo:

to this:

And currently, I have this picture up for NOW:

with this caption:

Is this funny to everyone else, or just in my own little warped mind? It’s my little Granny who is 95! Isn’t she a cutie?!

So, gauging from all of this, I guess I can end this post emphatically saying…


Wouldn't you agree?

And hey, if you're a DGN grad, delurk and say hey!


Patricia said...

I skipped my reunion last month, but I'm anxious to see the pictures. I can make fun of them since I'm not in them, LOL!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny! You look great now too, seriously, you don't look like you have changed much since High School, except for the hair. But, your sweet granny picture had me laughing, very, very funny.
Don't sweat the weight stuff, almost ever person going is doing the same thing. Just go and have a ball.
I need to get off my ass and move it too. My goal is to try to walk 1/2 hour a day. Wish me luck! Gotta wait for this heat to go down first.....Have a great week. Oh, as for your feet, pamper yourself and get a pedicure. You deserve it.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Eileen, the only way I'm going to get my feet fixed is to get a weekly pedicure! Yikes!

Christy_Ann said...

Totally with you on the French fries! I agree with Eileen: for your treat... go and have a pedicure!

XYZinn said...

I felt the same way about my feet the other day. So, here is the scrub them with that foot scruby thingy and then you put vaseline all over them and put socks on. I do it at night and then just sleep with the socks on. When I wake up my feet are sooo soft and the cracks are all gone in like 2 days! Sick I know, but it works.

Monnik said...

You're funny. Don't sweat the weight - you'll have a blast at your reunion no matter what.

Love the photos. Your granny is the cutest granny evah!

Beth said...

Nothing - but nothing - gets rid of those callouses on feet permanently. I would need a twice weekly pedicure - or maybe stop walking around in bare feet?
You crack me up with those "Now" pictures. Great sense of humour.

Patti said...

my weakness: sonic onion rings. ugh.

I read you not wanting to show up as a "lard" as not wanting to show up as a "tard". oopsie.

Anonymous said...

I never went to my reunion, so it'll be cool to hear what it's like for you to see everyone else. They're going to think you're a fab mom and they'll wish they were as cool as you!

Unknown said...

Your THEN picture looks so much like my sister-in-law that I did a double-take! I swear I've seen a picture of her with her hair cut like that and wearing a yellow shirt (my SIL, not her hair).

And I'm with you on the losing 30 but being happy with 10. My reunion is next year, and I'd really like to lose the weight before then.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

I love the 80's! My hair never feathered. I had curly hair before curly hair was considered pretty. ARGH! I had my 25th last year and it was kinda astounding seeing who had gained a lot of weight, which guys still had hair and such. Just go an enjoy saying, "Oh, my agent was JUST telling me...." :) Remember that reunion piece I wrote for your contest???

Trenting said...

My next reunion isn't until 2010! So I have all this time to lose this 30 lbs, right? I was pregnant at the one in 2000 so I'll look great compared to that anyway..

Jenster said...

I think your life is just fine! And I love the granny pic. Heeelarious!

I "need" to get back to counting points, too. The last couple weeks have been awful - yesterday one of the worst. I'm glad to say it's almost 1:00 in the afternoon and so far I haven't blown it.

One day at a time!

Trish Ryan said...

My reunion is this fall, too - only I'm not sure when??? ARGH.

Weren't our senior pictures hysterical back then? We dressed like soccer moms when we were only 18.

Anonymous said...

Trish, you're so right. Even my prom gown had long sleeves and a high neck = NOTHING like the "slips" the girls wear today! LOL! I think we tried to dress "older" because older was cool. Today some of the Moms try to dress "younger" and look like idiots. I'm very conscious of that now that I've hit "a certain age." KIM S.

Anonymous said...

I love that there is another Eileen! And she gives great advice. You look fab.

Anonymous said...

No, that's totally funny to me too! ;-)

And amen to the sandblaster. I need to start accepting donations toward a pedicure instead of cancer research for a while.

Kidding, of course!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard at your now picture and commentary on it. You're hilarious!

The routine you have planned sounds really solid. Hope it works out when school starts.

cubmommy said...

I just read that it is the 20th anniversary of Guns N Roses album Appetite for Destruction. With this knowledge and the fact today is my birthday, I feel really old.

I love your sense of humor! The pictures are great.

Andie said...

I think you are a trip! and I think I read your quote in glamour today....
was it an embarassing story?

The Anti-Wife said...

Didn't go to my 10th, 20th, 30th, or 40th. I'm saving myself for my 50th in 2016. Looking good is all about attitude. Just tilt your chin up, put on a wicked grin, put your shoulders back and your chest out and laugh. Everyone will love ya!

xxxx said...

I need to talk to my Manic! We need to catch up!

I looooove your picture!!!

Ro - said...

You SO sound like me right now!

If you figure out a way to achieve all that let me know! :)

March2theSea said...

there was a cartoon in the sunday paper here in Boston about a 20th reunion and that it was the best one cuz before that everyone is trying to proove they "made it" and after the 20th people start dying. It is funnier than I am saying..but it made me chuckle.

Cecily R said...

I started making what I call "Thurday Lists" a while ago. It came from a week when I needed to buy a bunch of stuff like laundry detergent and a new set of curtains that we couldn't afford until payday...which happened to be on a Thursday that week. I wrote a Thursday List and stuck it on the fridge.

My lists have since evoloved to things more like yours with the occasional jumbo bottle of fabric softener and dinner at Cafe Rio thrown in.

And yes, I think you are super funny!

P.S. Is it weird that everytime I tried to type 'list' I typed 'lust' first? Does that mean anything? I bet my husband hopes it means something saucy!

Cecily R said...

Hmmm. I meant "ThurSday Lists". What a dork.