Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Good and the Bad of Today:

Bad: Woke around 3 AM, wrote this post.

Bad: Took more Benedryl at 3 AM because I am still itchy.

Good: Fell asleep.

Bad: Slept right through the alarm and didn’t wake until my neighbor was calling at 7:20. The bus comes at 7:45.

Good: I kissed and hugged Ajers and Diva before they got on the bus.

Bad: When I got back in, Tukey was awake and crying and upset because HIS loose tooth hurts him.

Good: Tukey and I snuggled on the couch; I marveled at his long eyelashes, his fuzzy little earlobes, and his cute smiling face.

Bad: Tukey then threw a fit because he insisted the socks I gave him were Ajers. They were not.

Bad: I then threw a fit because we were going to be late for yoga.

Bad: I was late for yoga.

Good: Doing yoga.

Good: Weighing myself after yoga, exactly a week from when I last weighed myself on the same scale. The number today was 4.5 pounds less than last Tuesday.

Good: Coffee with friends.

Bad: Getting a parking ticket when I parked illegally with my hazards on for like 10 minutes, while my friend was waiting in her car nearby, but she didn’t see the cop writing me a ticket because she was busy on the phone.

Good: Knowing it was just a ticket and not something drastic in my life.

Bad: After getting Tukey onto the bus, feeling sad about 9-11 and crying as I read some of the accounts of what happened that day, to regular people, and how the events have forever shaped each one of us.

Good: Worked a little on my new novel.

Good: Went for a quick power walk with my neighbor before the bus came.

Good: Seeing my beautiful three children getting off the bus, and knowing they were happy to see me, and knowing they were safe.

Bad: Feeling for real like I was having a panic attack at the grocery store, yelling to my kids to stay close to me, for I didn’t want them out of my sight. Was scared walking through the aisles, had feelings of discontent and anxiety, afraid of the things that may happen.

Good: Getting into the car and feeling safe again.

Good: Knowing each day is a little better than the day before.

Bad: Thinking of those people who were directly affected by the attacks on 9-11.

Good: Having my family all at home with me, safe, having tucked them all in and telling each how much they are loved by me.


Ello - Ellen Oh said...

I like the way you posted this. It feels therapuetical. I hope it was. Have been worried for you, but this post sounds good - like you're finding balance and harmony again. AFter reading your post, I went upstairs and kissed the faces of my 3 beautiful sleeping children. Love is definitely good.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ah Ello, it was therapeutic. I think writing is my pychologist, only much cheaper! Thanks so much, but no need to worry for the Manic. My mommy does enough of that anyway! : )

I am more good than bad, so that's good.

I am going upstairs right now for angel kisses, and a hubby-snuggle.

Thanks for the thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Very prophetic. I like the little hairs on my baby's ears, too. My 3yo just noticed her "baby" hairs yesterday and was awed by them. It really is the little things. :)

Cecily R said...

Hey...I'm glad you had more good than bad today.

I have those panicky moments too, and they are more often than not directed toward my kids. I think, as long as it doesn't take over (it does for a friend of mine), that those kind of feelings are part of being a good mom. It's instinctive and part of us the minute we hold the little buggers.

I hope tonight is less itchy.

I still say the post you wrote is a good thing.

xxxx said...

Oh, your good things are so good! YAY!! And most of the bad ones aren't SO bad in the scheme of things, so double YAY! Good wins!

kay said...

i wanted to thank you again for your post yesterday.

i really made extra time to hug, and love on my family and friends.

that is something i need to do every day to remind myself how lucky i am!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Yesterday, I had to drive all over town because of my MOPS meeting in the am and kindergarten drop off in the pm. We don't have state patrol very often in the city limits...but a State Patrol car was leaving my neighborhood on my way in. I got nervous.

My husband was at a meeting about an hour away.

My first thought was: What if the State Patrol came by my house to deliver bad news and I wasn't there? I even checked the front door for a card or note.

I called husband and he didn't answer...

He called me about 20 min later and was totally fine.

Those 20 min. were weird.

la bellina mammina said...

Feeling better now?

KATE said...

Manic- As always, love it. I love your goods & bads. It's a good day, & your bads seem very normal bads. (which is good) I love them, good job sweetie. I love those little ear hairs too, Sammy & Brooke both still have them. It's sad when they grow out of that stuff!!
Great Post!!
- Kate

Unknown said...

Kudos for dropping 4.5 lbs! And I agree with Swish... Plus, some of those bads led immediately to the goods. :)