Monday, September 03, 2007

Wanna Fall In Love?

Listen to this:


KATE said...

Am I just retarded? I didn't recognize the singer? Who is it? I'm sure I am retarded!
I love your comments on Dawns blog & thanks so much for looking at mine. I'm loving looking over yours!
Thanks - Kate

Cecily R said...

Cool song.

Hey, I read your 5 Minute Interview, and in regard to your comment about printing and binding your blog entries for your kids someday, check this out:

I'd never seen anything like it before last week, but I found it on someone else's blog and have since heard about other people who have done it.

For me it goes in the "someday pile", but I am really thinking seriously about doing it.

Just thought you might be interested.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey Katirocks, it's Mat Kearney, and I didn't know who he was till my BBFF Swishy gave me some music from Gray's Anatomy with this song on it.

Cecily--I am TOTALLY going to check out that site! THanks so much for sharing! And girls, thanks for coming by via Dawn!

Unknown said...

I plan to make one of those from my pregnancy and first year blog I've kept. It will start with my first post from when we got pregnant and end with my letter to her on her first birthday. After that, I'll decide if, how, and when to publish more of her growing-up-stories.

Mary said...

So... did your Diva daughter ever loose her tooth?

I know, doesn't go with this blog entry - but my thinking is scattered today. (actually every day, I just try to make it sound temporary)

My dd used to shove her teeth back in. She hated the tooth fairy. She was mad that I would let a stranger come in her room and steal her body parts. A dollar didn't make up for it. She is an amazing child who gives me perspective.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Mary--the tooth is still INTACT!!!!

xxxx said...

It's one of my favorite songs on that CD!!! My favorite line is, "You touch my lips and grab the back of my hand." I LOVE THAT PART!

I also like his song Undeniable ... listen to it!