Friday, January 11, 2008

And We're Off and Bleeding!

Contest Details Here!

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LOOK! Another smiling, beautiful face! Nobody's crying! It's not hurting anyone to DONATE!!!

This is Cat. ISN'T SHE CUTE! Yes! She is cute!

She found me from Dawn's blog over at Because I Said So, one of my favorite blogs (and if you go over there, tell Dawn Manic Hearts Her -- SHE HAS SIX KIDS!)

Cat gives blood regularly through her company's quarterly blood drive, but, lucky for ME, she missed donating in December so she made an appointment at her local blood center (WHICH YOU CAN DO TOO!) She went last night and gave blood.

Now she's entered in the contest to win CASHOLA from me, which will probably, most likely, be three digits large (and NO, this does NOT include a decimal point, you smarties!).

Additionally, HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS is donating a $25 gift card to Outback or Lonestar to our cause over here at Manic's, and at her blog too, so if you send your picture here, make sure to send it to her too, for DOUBLE the chance to win gift cards! Two steaks for the price of ONE PINT OF BLOOD! Ha!

And, our pal at BUG TRIES AGAIN is donating movie tickets to the final grand prize winner! So there's lots of fun stuff, and lots of time to enter, and if you don't enter, then so far, either Barb or Cat will win all these great prizes! And that would be cool with me, because I am in love with both of them already because they are GREAT, but then that would mean we'd only have TWO PINTS OF BLOOD for Manic's Cause.

I know you can do me prouder than that!

So, this is what my new friend Cat said:

Hi there! I read about your contest on Dawn's blog. I give blood regularly through our quarterly company blood drive, but I missed it in December because of the holidays. Your blog request encouraged me to make an appointment at the local blood center, rather than just wait 'til the drive came by again! So, I went last night.

Here's my picture -- I hope it comes through since it's the first time I've sent a picture from my telephone! I'll post a comment on your blog too :)


Cat! It did come through, and it's beautiful and your smile brightened my day and your blood saved a life or two! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And looky here! Cat also got a cool t-shirt when she donated, so if you donate at your local blood center, maybe you'll get something extra besides some yummy snacks!

Got a pint to spare?


Cat said...

all those sweet comments - i may have to donate again :) thanks for your kind words Steph, but you really deserve them!

when i donated first time years ago, i found out that my blood includes a special anti-body that they *save* for babies that get blood. that's just ONE of the things that keeps me going back.

Barb said...

So glad I am no longer alone here! That's very cool Cat (get it - cool cat) that your blood is special enough to help babies. I'm a sucker for babies but I'm all done making mine ~ just waiting for the grand ones now.

AutoSysGene said...

Whoohooo! Two down two hundred to go!! WTG Cat!

Roger Miller said...

Cool Cat!!

That is so cool that you have special blood that helps the wee ones.

I want one of those shirts! Darn this mad-cow paranoia!

HappyBlogChick said...

Yay cat! Go you!

Robin said...

Manic, I am trying. Can you believe I couldn't get an appointment until next Wednesday?

I have a two gallon pin, (I had CMV virus free blood, so they LOVED me) but I haven't given for a long time for so many reasons.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Cat! Glad the donors are just pouring in now. Will have to go check you out now, too.

Go Manic on your cause - KR

Anonymous said...

Hrumph! Yet another swanky blood doning unit AND a free t-shirt...and I wasn't allowed to give when I showed up due to still having a dodhy hip from chasing daughter no.2 - wrist now OK but STILL hobbling! AARRGH!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Peace up!