Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I decided to post contestants on Sundays because there has been an overFLOW (get it! Ha, of course you do!) of you who have stepped up to the Manic-Donate-Blood plate and it's been overwhelmingly awesome and I figured in order to keep track and not go any more whacky than I already am, I'm going to post contestants on Sundays.

So, here is the next batch of brave bleeders:

Tanya, looking all glam:
"You're right, the people are super nice to you. If I ever need to feel like a celebrity I know where to go!"

And this is Tanya AFTER she donated, cuz her blood center is at the MALL, and afterward, she decided she deserved a reward, and SHE SO DID! So, she went and bought herself some coffee, and look what she did? She MADE the manager at the coffee store take a picture of her holding coffee. It wasn't like she was even shopping with her hubby or a friend. She MADE THE MANAGER TAKE HER PICTURE! How cool is that!

That's like so Swishy-esque, don't you think, something Swishy would totally do? (Which, by the way, Swishy, is AFRAID to give blood. Everyone, go tell Swishy to give blood!)

And then Tanya went and bought herself some clothes. And hey, she is NOW entered to win the Manic Mania MONEY all for donating blood, so she can maybe buy a bunch more coffee and clothes if she wins.

You can donate blood too and become a contestant. There's a link on the sidebar that'll take you to the contest info... just right over there on the sidebar, right underneath the blogroll, click on it for all the details...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Katie-Kat's husband!

YAY Katie-Kat's brave and strong and blood-giving husband RYAN!

Here's what Katie-Kat had to say of her amazingly-studful hubby:

"Hi Manic!

I think this is the greatest contest! Ryan's been whining talking about wanting to donate for the longest time, but really got pissed concerned that they would call him incessantly. Apparently, his blood type is very common highly-coveted so he can donate to a lot of people.

We went to swim this morning, went to La Madeleine for breakfast and then went to donate. He had an appointment for later but he was up and out and for whole blood they don't really need the appointment."

(What about for 1/2 blood? hee hee?)

"So he went in, answered his questions, checked his iron (High! Especially impressive since he ran a freaking marathon last Sunday), and then went to donate. I was able to hover. I took this pic with his phone.

So, thanks for the kick in the seat of the pants he needed! Please feel free to use the photo and his name. :)

Kate (aka Katie-Kat)

P.S. He wasn't smiling b/c he's not a big picture-smiler, not that he was mad or even in pain. And the blurriness at the bottom is this little thing that shakes the bag back and forth."

THANK YOU MR. KATIE-KAT! You are a strong brave man! Which brings us to our next donor...

~ ~ ~ ~

And finally, here's a picture of Mr. Manic donating...

Uh, wait. Nope.

There is no picture of Mr. Manic donating.


Of course, if he read this blog, he would jump right in and say he DIDN'T chicken out, but here was his excuse, and this is his exact quote, I kid you not, on Saturday morning, when I reminded him that he had to go over and donate blood:

"I'll go donate later in the week."

"Why don't you just go today? Don't tell me you're chicken?" This is my way of, you know, raising the bar, making him feel emasculated, ball-less, like I can donate, but he can't.

"You know I've donated lots of times. I just don't want to feel all goofy and light-headed tonight."

"Goofy and light-headed!" I practically laughed in his face, practically spit in his face, I was laughing so hard. You're kidding me right? The guy is 6' 5" and weighs at least 285. Goofy yes, light-headed? No chance.

"I DONATED! I WASN'T GOOFY AND LIGHT-HEADED!" (Well, no more goofier or light-headed-er than I normally am). I mean WTF. Is it too cold out for the wittle baby and he doesn't wanna get all cold outside today? I bet THAT'S IT! Cuz it is COLD out today.

So, he's making ME look really, really bad. What does it say when I'm trying to get complete STRANGERS to donate a pint of the GIFT OF LIFE, and my own spouse is fearing a little light-headedness?

He's gonna fear more than a little light-headedness if he doesn't get his goofy ass down to that blood center THIS week to donate some of that goofy ass blood that's running through his goofy ass veins, I'll tell you that much folks.


Suburban Correspondent said...

Tomorrow - I just decided. My husband's home (federal holiday) - I'm going. With camera, of course.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Yay suburban!

xxxx said...

HA HA ... I can TOTALLY picture that whole conversation! And there is no WAY he would get light-headed!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

What Tanya did is SO the kind of thing I would do! I know, I am a wimp. I will try to get brave!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Swish! I KNOW that is exactly something you would do! That's why I said it was Swishy-esque! Doesn't Tanya seem FUN! She should hang with us!!!! And I happen to have it on the down-low that you and Tanya may live very near one another!!!!!! Tanya, do you want me to fix you and Swish up on a blind blogger date!?!?!? I will you know, but you two will have to promise me that I won't be outted as Swishy's BBFF!

Blessed said...

Swishy - I hope you get brave, but if you don't I'm there with you... actually they won't take my blood, I black out when they just take enough for a blood test - something about really low sugar levels or some business like that. But Manic I love what you are doing - this is great!

Eileen said...

You should get a Red Cross merit pin. Tiny little vampire teeth.

Laski said...

Holy "bloody" Cow! Your blood drive appears to be doing fantastically well! I'm searching for a location to donate now that the high school canceled their drive.

Regardless--congrats on the success!

BTW, I've tagged you . . . "A Roar for Powerful Words"--it is an easy one! It is my first time getting tagged and first time tagging. It really does seem short and simple compared to some that I've seen!

KC said...

We are the opposite here in the Tundra, aka Ottawa, Canada.

My husband, it would appear, is the brave soul who gives his blood for others. They call - he goes. It's beautiful. (he has a rare type of blood that is needed for neonatals).

I however, can't summon up the strength. I think I am needle phobic. I don't sew on buttons. I gave birth twice, but don't do needles in the arm. Gave it up with the birthing thing. are all getting me thinking. It's a slow process these days, but the thoughts are coming together. My blood is needed. The strength is coming....soonish.

Kate said...

Ryan was pleased that he was the first male donor and all the nice things you said about him. He said that the next time he goes he'll donate platelets.

Your 1/2 blood comment tickled me. My running partner's joke that whole day was based on a sign she had on her shirt: "1st Half!" She kept saying, "I don't know who's running the 2nd half." Okay, it was really, really funny after running for a long time. Maybe we were just delirious. :)

Roger Miller said...

I love the whole Sunday Bloody Sunday thing. That is a stroke of genius! At least in my opinion, whatever that is worth.

Glad to see that the blood is pouring in!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the wrath of manic vibes across the ocean - Mr manic, watchout! Giving blood in America is just so glam compared to UK! We still have GREAT people but the setting is MASH than Sex in the City if you get what I mean.

It's Monday and therefore on-line weigh-in day...lost 0.7kg - 1.5lbs to you! I was dead chuffed (again!) as this week was a lost cause week as I had a bottle of wine and a stilton hoagie and found I'd been eating 20%fat noodles!!!

Tanya said...

Swishy, donating blood is fun! If you do live close to me, you can donate at the mall too! I'll even go with you! We can get more coffee and more clothes!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

FEBRUARY 6! I have my appointment at 11:45am. I have to find a slot when the kids are in school. And this way I can eat cookies for lunch! I'll snap that photo. I promise!

Andie said...

I've been reading about this and I think it's so cool that you're doing this.

I can't give blood, though. I'm too anemic.

I've tried dozens of times, and they always send me away.