Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Opposite of Love Is ... ?

I get Redbook magazine, because you know, I follow all of the fashion and beauty advice on looking my best. I’m always trying to figure out the most up-to-date ways to keep my man wanting more, and you know, those quick-and-easy like 17 minute or less four-item recipes? Well, I'm all over those, right?

Nah, I get the mag somehow because some kid was selling it door-to-door one night and he caught me on a good day. So I subscribed.

And the first, absolute first thing I always flip to when I get my magazine is the Book Club section to see what book they have featured for the month because Redbook ALWAYS, WITHOUT A DOUBT picks a no-brainer-kickin' book every month.

So, I'm going through the February issue like a few weeks ago, or maybe it's the March one already, and I see the book featured is The Opposite of Love by up-and-coming debut author, Julie Buxbaum.

The cover of her book looks awesome--very simple, as you can see here:

Chick with her back to the reader, clean, not too pink, but a hint of girlish, which is what I dig.

Then I read this excerpt and it completely blew me away, like goosebumpy-gotta-read-the-rest-of-the-book-now kinda way, already loving the characters and feeling the compassion toward them both! That quickly!

So this is what I did. I ripped the page out of the magazine and ran downstairs and put the page next to my computer so I could Google the author, look up the book online, and then remind myself to go to B&N (the store) later and order it.


There are some books I'll read about and think, "Yeah, that one sounds good," or some I’ll hear about and say, "If I see that at the store when I’m out, maybe I’ll get that, if I don’t see anything I like better."

Not this one.

I wanted to get Julie’s book, The Opposite of Love like I want Emily Giffin’s Love The One You're With and Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner.

Of course, things were crazy over here at Manic Central. I was holding an impromptu six-week blood drive, so I didn’t get to the bookstore, and then, one day last week I get this email with a subject line: FROM A FELLOW WRITER.

From HER.

Julie Buxbaum.

The author.

Out of the blue!*

She wanted ME to read her book!



This was seriously better than being fifteen years old dreaming about the senior star football player asking you out and he finally does, takes you to the prom, and you’re hoping, and then he gives you his class ring and asks you to be his girlfriend.

Oh, and he kisses you, but it’s like that …

Oh, scratch all that football boy fantasy crap—this is like Jake Ryan kissing cross-legged, lilac-taffeta drenched Samantha Baker on the dining room table at the end of Sixteen Candles exciting. Yeah. That cool.

I was home alone when I read the email and what did I do? Well, I first yelled out loud: SHUT UP! Like all giggly and excited REALLY loud happy loud.

Cuz that’s what I do when I’m excited. I yell SHUT UP! And if someone was around, I'd probably hit 'em on the arm to demonstrate my excitement.

And of course, I Instant Messaged Swishy, cuz she would totally get my excitement, and she did. And we cyber-joyed about it for a while back and forth. With lots of exclamation points and bouncy yellow smiley faces, and a couple OMGs thrown in there.

Then, I very calmly and professionally emailed Julie back and told her I’d be delighted to read her book. Right Julie? Because come on, we all know that under all my false exterior (or would that be interior?), I am really a mature grown woman pretending to be a goofball for the pure enjoyment of the readership. Bwhahahah!

So, guess what? The BOOKS arrived last Friday.

Yep, you read that right! Julie sent TWO! One for me and ONE FOR YOU!

And they're signed.

Another CONTEST!

This is easy, ooooh, so easy! All you have to do is send Julie an email at and answer the following question. Think CLEVER and UNIQUE!:

What’s The Opposite of Love in FIVE words or less?

Again, in case you missed it the first time, like two seconds ago in your reading of this, Julie's email address is:

And don't be shy; she's waiting for you to email her with your witty and winning answers!!!

Here's an idea just to get you started: The Opposite of Love is EVOL.

OK, not clever, but whatevah!

Make sure to go over to Julie’s website to find out where she'll be on her upcoming book tour...

FYI she'll be in my 'hood March 20 AND I GET TO MEET HER so if any of you Chicagoans wanna come be groupies, we can reenact events from Authorpalooza; just bring Truffles!

Julie will pick a winner for the SIGNED copy of her book on Friday, March 7, so check back to see if you’ve won!

So how about that? And congrats to Julie for writing an awesome debut that I’m delving into each night, dying to get through, but it’s one of those books that I’m also prolonging the imminent ending because I can already tell I don’t want to let go of these characters.

Peace UP!

*Thanks AWS!


House of Jules said...

How cool is this and how cool are you? Very exciting stuff! I'm totally going to enter... thanks Manic and thanks Julie!
House of Jules

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jules--you should plan to come to the reading at Anderson's with me! March 20! I bet your sister will be out on the town stalking me anyway. I'm about ready to burn my pink coat! LOL!!!!

Cecily R said...

THAT is cool! And since you are cool and we e-mail each other from time to time, it makes me cool by proxy. Or something. If I can come up with something even mildly intelligent, I am so entering. I need a good book!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Cec--you ARE cool, and you better enter because if you guys don't, then Julie will think I'm a loser if no one enters the contest!!!

Give it some thought and enter the contest!!! The book is Fabuloso!!!

AutoSysGene said...

Holy crap my reading list is going to be 20 books long thanks to you!! Looks like I have another one to add...

Amanda said...

Yelling "shut up!" and punching someone on the arm? Manic you are such a yank! I really want to enter? Is it 40 weeks style chic lit or will it turn my mind to mush? Is it worth veggie book reading time? Oh what the hell, I'll enter and use it as a raffle prize for the fundraiser we're doing if I win. Do I get extra points for facilitating international super stardom??

Karen said...

No way! EEEK! That is just too fun. Thanks for including us in the goods as well.

Barb said...

That is so totally awesome! I love how excited you were about the book even before she contacted you. It's definitely going on my "must read" and I've already entered the contest.

Eileen said...

This one is on my list too. I hear really good things You are totally on some kind of author list. They are all seeking you out.

lilypotter said...

So cool!

morninglight mama said...

Thanks for the heads up Manic! I'm always looking for new books to read-- my 'to be read' bookshelf in Shelfari is totally weighted down!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Thanks for the tip - I'm all over it. Just entered now. And yelling shut up? I yell at my Inbox all the time. Not so benign as shut up, but I'm yellin' - I really ought to stop that.

OHmommy said...


She did not email you and you did not get a signed book. Things like that NEVER happen to me. You. Are so cool. And I am so entering the contest. That book sounds like something I would love to read!

Jenster said...


That is so cool! You're like so famous!

morninglight mama said...

So I came up with an opposite of love, in the vein of your teen movie idea... the opposite of love is "he doesn't even know I exist."

Alas, it's six words...

Amanda said...

Stop it! stop it! Stop it!!

I'm going to pee my pants!!

All I can hear in my head is that guy off Beverly Hills Cop - you know "...with a twist, it's good, you should try it..."

Tracey said...

How does cool stuff always happen to you? You are like an author magnet, I swear...

Good for you! I entered!

Tanya said...

That is so super cool. You are super lucky.

I'm going to enter. Opposite of love? hmm...

Kwana said...

Thanks Manic Mommy. Sounds like another great book.
For me the opposite of love is indifference.

Shelley said...

Wow, how cool is that? Beyond awesome! What I'm trying to figure out is, how did I not know that Jennifer Weiner has a new book coming out, and how did I not know that it's a sequel to Good in Bed, which is my favorite book of hers, and one of my favorites ever! More Cannie, and Peter and Joy! I am beyond excited about that.'s being released on my daughter's 16th birthday! I'm going to have to start a reading list now, because you know all these cool books. I went out and bought Sleeping With Ward Cleaver, and it was a fun read! *note to self, start a book list!*

Lisa said...

OMG! Ok I also get Redbook and read the book section first. I loved the excerpt from this book they printed. It had me hooked! And 16 Candles is only the second best Molly Ringwald/80's movie evah! (Breakfast Club is #1 of course, with Pretty in Pink being 3rd). So now Im off to think of the opposite of love in 5 words so I may enter the contest. You always bring such awesome contests!

MaBunny said...

Hmmm, I am pretty sure I could think of an answer, but the possibility of it being clever and unique?? LMAO !HA!!
Anyway, I'm going to enter, because like I say in my blog, I'm ALWAYS looking for a great read. I read whenever I get the chance. Currently reading a series by Jennifer Chiaverini, Elm Creek Quilt Novel Series. Really cute and sweet stories, not too sappy , just right for entertainment.

You got me excited about this book without me having even read the excerpt!!


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Jules said...

OK... I'm entering... on the off chance I might think of something inspirational and brilliant... um... before the deadline.

Thanks -AGAIN -for another book to read and another contest to enter.

Just Because

As Cape Cod Turns said...

I feel like a Manic groupie. You are a rockstar in the publishing world!


"Dong, Grandpa is talking to you."

That's got to be the greatest movie ever! Maybe I will watch it today...

MaBunny said...

Whassa hoppenin hot stuff?

Well I just e-mailed Julie my answer to her question. My husband and I settled on a answer in our opinion, not sure how clever.
Have a great day!!


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Am cracking up over these lines from Sixteen Candles!

Angel said...

I'm gonna have to check her out. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Emily Giffin! I cannot wait for her new book!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so glad I like know you in real life because you're so awesome and people send you FREE books! Free SIGNED books!

I'm going to enter, but I need to seriously think of something clever!

Anonymous said...

Well, color me jealous. (I think that would be green...) I've been wanting to read her book for ages because I've heard it's amazing. For some reason, though, I hadn't yet added it to my wish list. Am off to do that.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

The book is AMAZING. I think I will finish it tonight. Buxbaum is right up there with Giffin, for sure!

AlaneM said...

Wow, how cool is that??? Very cool of course, you are after all, Manic mommy and nobody's cooler than manic!

Travis Erwin said...

Very cool. I'll have to ponder my answer to the opposite of love.

Chanin said...

Hey there! I just found your blog by way of "And then there were 6"! I'm so glad I did! I want to enter this contest!! This book sounds great, plus you mentioned Emily Giffin and I love her!!