Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Bloody Sunday V

Grab a coffee or a beer (depending of course, on what time of day it is!), this one'll take a while ... or perhaps, more appropriately, your drink of choice might be a BLOODY MARY! Bwhahahahahaah! ...

I am totally blown away!

Through our combined efforts, guess how many lives we've saved?

If one pint saves three lives, then it's absolutely safe to say there are 99 more people out there today that are alive because of this blood drive!



What an amazing FINAL week for BLOOD DONATIONS!!!!

Before I even get to the Blog entries, I had real-life friends who donated this week too! Tuesday, I got a call from a MALE friend who said, "Hey, I was walking through a crappy part of town and looked up and saw we had a blood center. I had time to kill so I walked in and donated!"

And when I was at MY Blood Center, which I am calling it MINE now after Tuesday's escapades with Melisa, (AND my Valentine date with Mr. Manic!) we were leaving, and a friend walked in to donate, after she had received an email I sent to anyone and everyone I knew coaxing peole to donate!

I guess talking it up and bugging people and annoying friends and family does pay off! Thanks to friends Tracy and Ron for donating also this week, spur of the moment, and sorry, but you don't qualify for the contest!

But here are those who do:

Kim Stagliano ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY ROCKS. NEED I SAY MORE? Check her cute little self out on her little cot:

Kim is an amazing mother to three beautiful girls, a writer and friend of mine, and I can't tell you how hard I laughed when I opened up the photo of her donating and saw the sign she held up! Thanks Kim! And FYI everyone, Kim is going to be a best-selling author someday! (And that's the truth whether she gave me a pint of blood or not!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AND WE'VE GOT ANOTHER MAN-DONOR!!! They must make 'em Manly Men in Texas cuz Ryan, our only other male donor (aside from Mr. Manic) was from Texas too. Either that, or they're just MORE GIVING in TEXAS! Thank YOU Donald!

Here's Donald, who's a friend of Kate's! You can read about his blood-donating experience here at his blog:


At least go over and thank him for saving some lives for crying out loud! : )


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

OH! And we have ANOTHER Manly Man! Kelli at All K Names, who previously donated, used her charming womanly ways and coaxed her hubby, Kevin, to donate! And they are from Washington, so there are Manly Men in Washington too!

What a cool thing to do! Doesn't Kevin look completely at ease and manly donating blood?

Doesn't Kevin look like he wants to do this again in eight more weeks?

Doesn't Kevin look like he would do this again in eight weeks along with Kelli, and then take Kelli out to a nice dinner afterward? (wink-wink!)

Or wait! Maybe they'll skip dinner and just go for dessert--maybe out for donuts at, I don't know... KRISPY KREME! Get it... KKKKKK... All K Names!!!! I kill me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

This here is Jules!

She's getting ready to donate! Doesn't she look beautiful!

Jules is going to donate for the first time ever! Doesn't she look so relaxed? Well, let me tell you a little secret about Jules...

Jules is soooo frightened of needles she went through childbirth TWICE WITHOUT drugs because she feared the needles more than the actual pain. Yet because of my guerrila blood drive marketing tactics gentle persuasions, I convinced her that donating blood would be a selfless, generous, kind, and giving act of goodness that she would benefit from.

So, she faced her fears this week, and took one for the Manic Blood Team! And I have been bragging about HER all week! Cuz how brave is she?

Don't you agree she felt selfless, generous, kind AND BRAVE as she was donating?

THANK YOU JULES! I know that was a scary thing to do, but YOU DID IT! (Will you please do it again in eight weeks? Pretty please??)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And you've already read about my adventure with Melisa on Tuesday! We had so much fun! I swear, if I could go and do this every day with someone who was gonna donate, I totally would! I picked up heart-shaped donuts

for the staff and they were thrilled. I seriously love the people that work there. They are the NICEST people. And fun and funny, and they humored us and took pictures with us and took pictures FOR us. I told them when I grow up I want to get a job doing what they do because it's such a worthy job.

Melisa and I had really a blast. Like we could have hung out there all day long! I kinda wanted to but I had to go grocery shopping and then, well, I have kids who get off the bus and they need help with homework and snacks and they have afterschool stuff, so I couldn't hang out forever, even though Melisa and I wanted to!

Melisa donated her pint in honor of her son's Bar Mitzvah and has also taken herself out of the contest. She thinks it would look a little fishy if she were to be chosen grand prize winner. Like maybe she would win and someone might think, "Hey, Manic and she went to the donation place together. MAYBE, just maybe, they were in kahoots and decided to rig the contest and then SPLIT the winnings and faking that Melisa was the winner!"

So, in order to not even be tempted, Melisa's not even going to be entered into the contest. However, Mr. Manic is DEFINITELY entered. Ha. Kidding. He can't enter either!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here's another terrific blood-donator, ELIZABETH! Elizabeth is a busy mom, yet she found time to get the needle!

Thank you so very much Elizabeth!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And you all remember Ragdoll Billie?

She's just one of the many beautiful people who's lives you are helping by donating your blood! She's very grateful for your gift! Please stop over to her blog and tell her hello and learn a bit about how blood donations are helping her fight her disease! She is a strong spirit! She's at and life goes on.

Be well Ragdoll Billie, and thank you for all your kind and beautiful emails!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~

And Michelle Miller also donated during the contest time but didn't have a photo to share, although she did get a Baker's Square pie for donating. She's a regular donor and gave me some very pertinent information that might make you skeptics reconsider donating:


Not too bad, huh? So, I told Michelle I was sorry I couldn't officially enter her into the contest because if she were to win, those of you who did send in a photo might form a... what do you call that when people get mad and form a ... REVOLT! Yes, you might all revolt against Manic Mommy and I'd never hear the end of it.

Michelle was extremely kind and understanding, and I really appreciate her not calling me a meany-bloggy-bitch-face or anything else that might have made me cry and feel like this contest was a waste of time. THANKS Michelle... you rock too!

And btw, Michelle told me she's mildly competitive in nature, and loves to win. Well, to everyone who entered this contest, need I tell you that you're all ALREADY winners? I mean come on! YOU HAVE SAVED LIVES. Selflessly.

How awesome is that?

I am so thankful for your efforts and I hope you will all go back and donate again when you're able to!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

And this is Lisa! She forgot her camera but these are some of the goodies she got when she donated! No, the cutie-pie sitting next to her did not come with the donation!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And last, but CERTAINLY not least, if you missed my Valentine post, here he is again, MY Funny Valentine:

Stay tuned for contest winner information planned for sometime this week. It looks like it's been determined that there will be a first, second and third prize winner to share in the final cash prize in varying amounts. It's also unofficially been decided by Manic Mommy readers that the girls from Heartland Blood Center will pick three names as our winners! (Oops, maybe I should ask Jaime, Nina, Gloria, Tammy, Eileen if they're up for this challenge first?? I'LL BRING DONUTS!!!!)

Finally, THANK YOU ALL who donated and supported others during this VIRTUAL BLOOD DRIVE!







Billie Wages said...

This has been a wonderful experience for me! Just as Manic posted this, they finally took the needle from my arm! *s* My doctors agreed with me that I'll get twice the good effects of this treatment because of all of you blood donors. Just the positive spirit you all have given to me will surely have its effect on me.

While I wait to go home later today I plan to visit all of your sites, but for those of you who do not have one, please accept my Thank You right now for your donation. I will be back here in four weeks to receive the IVIG again, and remember, it takes more than 1000 donors to make up the IVIG pooled blood product that I receive, so your donation is vital.

One doctor over the weekend is recommending a change in treatment, and if my neurologist should agree to it, these treatments will go on indefinitely, plus I will lose my *lovely* (yuck) steroid face, and gain better control of my diabetes.

THANK YOU ALL for your contribution to a better life for me on my Road to Remission.

Ragdoll Billie

Melisa Wells said...

Ragdoll: Sweet! The best of health to you!

Manic: I'm going to need to go shopping for a new tiara; wanna go?

Sarah said...

Yay!! 99 people! And just think how many more that will be if those 33 of us that donated this time go and do it again! (I will be -- already got my appointment booked!)

YAY us! We rock!

Sandra in NM* said...

I so wish I could have gotten in on this. Not because of the prize but to just be a part of it. I did make an attempt to donate, however, I was born and raised in Germany (military brat). I lived there for all of the 80s which coincidentally is the same time period that eliminates me from donating (something called mad cow disease, remember that?) Actually there is a real term for it: Creutzfeld-Jacob disease and it is a fatal brain disorder. This means I can NEVER donate...bummer. Do I get points for effort. So sorry I couldn't donate. Kudos to you all for saving 99 lives though!!!

B. said...

I LOVE the "Are you my type?" t-shirt. Why have I never gotten any freebies for donating (other than the Lorna Doone's and Coke)? Perhaps the NY Blood Center will have something the next time I donate. Of course if they don't, that won't stop me from donating, I'm just sayin'. My school always has a blood drive in May, and even though I'll be on maternity leave, I'll still go back and give. Is it ok to give when you're breastfeeding? I wouldn't think it would make a difference, but you never know.

AutoSysGene said...

A big last week was an understatement. Don't forget someone will be winning a steak dinner. So you have 1st, 2nd and 3rd and then the gift card!! Lots of winners!!

Of course whether you win a prize or not your all winners for helping save lives.

Ragdoll, sending good health vibes your way~~~~

Roger Miller said...

That is so awesome!! 99 lives saved by a blog, who would have thought, right?

You did good Manic, not only in getting blood donations, but also in getting blood donation awareness out there in the blogosphere!

Talk to you soon.

Jenster said...

Holy needles, Batman!! That's fantastic!!

You and all the donors totally rock!!

Sauntering Soul said...

Ragdoll, your comment makes me even happier I donated.

Thanks again Manic for doing this. It's one of the best things I've ever seen anyone use blogging for.

Robin said...

Thanks Manic, it feels good to part of something bigger than ourselves.

PS. I tried to infuse my blood with positive thoughts as it was flowing out of me. How dorky is that?

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

This might just be the greatest blog thread EVER - the blood donation challenge. You are one fabulous lady, Manic. 635 calories? WOW! If I had known I'd have eaten TWO packs of Lorna Doones!

Hooray for everyone who was able to donate. What a great group.

And you, my dear, will also be a best selling author. Hands down. We might as well think big!

kay said...

i too thank you manic for making me feel led to give blood. seeing stories like ragdoll's really brings it home. i plan to become a lifetime giver!!

(oh and thanks for the calorie info! that alone is encouragement enough to give blood!) :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations to everyone! I've always given blood and it's never bothered me. Not a big deal at all, and I'm so happy that so many people will be helped!

Just Keep Giving, Just Keep Giving....

Laski said...

Congrats--what a HUGE success!!! And to Ragdoll--best wishes for you and here is to good, no GREAT recovery and health!

Tanya said...

Its amazing what one nagging blogger can do. I think 99 is close enough to say that you have personally saved about 100 lives, just with your words. So any publishing houses who are reading this blog. You'd better do great things with Manic's book.

Kate said...

Manic, You RULE! This is such a great idea to get everyone fired up and out there to bleed.

The friend of mine (& Ryan & Donald/Zolafan) that I mentioned before is up and almost completely back to her old self. Thanks to a number of selfless blood donors!

You saved lives. Lives of people who are loved and cherished!

xxxx said...

Look at all those cute, cute little blood givers!