Friday, May 16, 2008

Sneak Peak at Jess Riley

A sneak peak at one of my BEST Writer Pals EVER HERE! Take a minute to read this great article about Jess Riley, her new book, and what it took her to get freaking published already! I met Jess when she first got her book deal, TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO, and her book is FINALLY coming out NEXT WEEK. What a long, strange trip it's been, but it's finally here, and I know Jess is in a corner somewhere sucking her thumb, scared to death, petting her adorable pup Daisy, shaking like a leaf, hoping the world loves her book, cuz she's just that kind of modest!

The world will LOVE her book!

And not to worry, I'll be giving away her book, Driving Sideways, the week of May 26.

And if you're a Target shopper (and who isn't?!?!!?), you'll be seeing her book there as a BREAK OUT NOVEL in June, all over their shelves! Check out Jess' hilarious blog at Riley's Rambling.

Love you Jess, and am SOOOO excited for you! And see, Tukey loves Jess too! He has excellent taste in women, and in literary selections!


DeeMarie said...

So can't wait to read it!!
My giveaway starts next week. Be sure to stop on over! :)

Monnik said...

I preordered this thing last YEAR. It had better come SOON. :P

I have a serious girl crush on Jess - and Wisconsin is my second favorite state. Her humor cracks me up.

Unknown said...

LOVE the front cover of the book.

Read some of the first chapter on, and I would LOVE to win this book!

Jess Riley said...

Aw....!!! You are every kind of awesome known to mankind. And some kinds that haven't been discovered yet, too.

(Daisy sends her love...)

December said...

I can't WAIT to read her book!!

Eileen said...

I feel all special cuz I've read an early copy. And it is sooooo good. And Target loves her. sigh. We can say we knew her when

Bunny B said...

Looks like a fun read! Will be on the lookout when it's raffled off :)

Mary said...

Sounds like a great book!

Back in the old days when we lived in the tundra... I drove sideways a time or two.

There's really only one good method of driving sideways. Scream and pray. Loudly! With enthusiasm!

Looks like a fun read and I am so very ready for some fun reading!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I just got mine yesterday!!!

What a great picture. And Jess looks absolutely beautiful in it too.

Danielle Younge-Ullman said...

It's a great book--I can't wait to get my hands on a real, live copy.

Michelle said...

Very cool article about Jess. And I'm so glad it wasn't a snippet of the book since they SO tug me in and I know I won't be able to read them for awhile. That whole having small children thing... but that is so cool, and I'm definitely putting it on my list!