Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forget Obama or McCain:

Vote for Manic Mommy!

over at Divine Caroline!

Yep, I've been nominated for one of the Best Parenting Sites, so stop by and cast your vote if you will! Yes, you'll have to register to vote, but come on, puhleeeease! I don't ask you guys to do much for me, do I?

And you can also still enter to win the Build-A-Bear $25 gift card here through the weekend!


Anonymous said...

I voted...YAY!!

Shelley (SPepper22)

morninglight mama said...

What's your stance on the Russian invasion of Georgia? What experience do you have with executive responsibilities? Can you give a rousing speech?

Okay, okay... you got my vote! :)

Anonymous said...

Manic! You must ask for the vote!!!Don't we all agree mcCain and Obama are asking for our votes? In my youth, I found myself as a finalist in the "Miss(name your own city) contest. Pretty sure I would not win, I voted for myself for "Miss Congeniality" and "Miss Photogenic" That didn't help, but I certainly amused myself!!! You will be getting more votes because I am passing the word around. Good luck and Congratulations!!!

Unknown said...

WTF??? I voted for you, but underneath there saw a blog called "Manic Mommies". The hell you say!!!!!!!!!!!!

But yea, I voted for you.