Friday, September 26, 2008

A Tukey Talk Installment and ... It Is Friday, What's Your Plan?

Me, yelling from upstairs: "Tukey, do you have clean clothes on?"

Him, downstairs: "Yes I have clothes on."

Me, all-knowing mom: "CLEAN ones?"

Him: "Oh dang."

~ ~ ~ ~

On a completely UNRELATED note, Mr. Manic and I have a babysitter lined up and the world is our oyster – we have the freedom to do whatever we want to tonight – we can go out to dinner, we can go ‘clubbing,’ we can go to a bar and drink appletinis till I fall on my face or puke on a wall. We can go see this movie, but I love him too much to ever make him see this one with me.

We can go shopping for diamonds or cars (maybe a new Lexus for me?), but I’m telling you, and I know I can clearly speak for him, it’s Friday, and we’re both zonked-out-of-our-minds, and what we’re really like to do is get each other in bed for 10 uninterrupted hours straight and …

... Snuggle and sleep.

That’s hot, isn’t it? So hot.

And PS. Tukey just came in here TWO MINUTES before the bus is supposed to come, and is wearing the SAME clothes from yesterday that, yes, he slept in. I said, "I BROUGHT YOU CLEAN CLOTHES TO PUT ON!"

Maybe I do need to go out and drink appletinis and throw up on a wall (read that if you want to read about the worst drinking night of my life!)? I just reread it and it makes me think I still don't want to ever drink again!


Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved that I'm not the only mom who has kids who think it's cool to wear clothes, sleep in clothes and keep on wearing those same clothes the next day. I have to be very specific when I tell them to get ready for bed: Brush your teeth, wash your face, PUT PAJAMAS ON.

Moll said...

I have been a loser procrastinator this week, so I have to work! Lame me! No appletinis for this working girl.

Kate said...

I'm trying to do schoolwork today. It's very hard because:
a) there are no students here (thank God)
b) there's a TV here
c) it's been two weeks and I'm starting to forget how to do it

My lovely husband calls "Nights in Rodanthe" The Trapper Keeper. (From the author of The Notebook) He's so rude.

AJay Piniewski said...

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Amanda said...

Manic I'm so glad you said the whole sleep thing - Oh the joy of snuggling up in bed with my hubby and NO little visitors, to wake up without cricks in my cricks and at a reasonable hour by my standards not the sparrows doodah that my kids go by...

MaBunny said...

haha, Nicole has never tried to sleep in her clothes thenwear them the next day, but i'm sure that day wil come.Hope you and the hubby get all the sleep you want!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Reminds me of the follow up questions I ask about a million times a day:

Did you wash your hands?
With soap?


Did you brush your teeth?
With toothpaste?

The answers to both questions are invariably "No." You'd think that by now they'd learn to lie, or just use the darn soap/shampoo/toothpaste.
Have fun tonight!

Kristin said...

I will be attempting to sleep and breathe at the same time. I managed to pick up a cold from my husband (who is usually the healthy one of the two of us)! And getting up early tomorrow for the Komen Race for the Cure.

Michelle said...

At least he has clothes on. I had to chase Mister Man upstairs twice to put underwear and pants on. And I had the bottom windows open to the front. Lovely.

So how was your date? :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I had to chase Mister Man upstairs twice to put underwear and pants on.

Sounds like what I have to do with Mr. Manic!

Date was good! Some funny stuff happened! Might have to blog about it later! Off to bed though--soccer at EIGHT AM!!!

Hope you all had a fab friday night!

Amanda said...

Friday night was great, it was Saturday morning that wasn't so hot!! 2AM start with little Miss Bear, who is now permanently blue due to a pen stealing incident courtesy of big sister. we have family arriving for birthday celebrations in 90 minutes and my house looks more hovel than home. I'm off to do something about it


mommeeof10 said...

I have mine take baths and then put on their clean clothes for the next day. Since we usually oversleep, I can just have them put on their shoes and grab something to eat on their way out the door.

Four in Costa Rica said...

Funny about the clothes! Like Dawnfromca, we always have to ask the "with toothpaste??" question after our daughters reassure us that they've brushed their teeth. Sigh.

We went out to dinner last night and it was yummy, voted today (yes, for president!), and are going to a party tonight. Busy weekend here.

Hope you had a great date night!

Anonymous said...

My last 48 hours...the husband went to Vegas to register voters, leaving me with our 4 year old and 22 month old. The 4 year old slept in my bed last night (which means I didn't sleep), and awoke at 6:45, followed by the 22 month old at 6:50. So, we were out the door by 7:30. We went to breakfast, the car wash, and the grocery store all by 10:00. I dropped the 22 month old at the sitter so I could take the 4 year old to her 11:00 soccer game. Came back for lunch, fed both kids, and they both took 3 HOUR NAPS!!!! Love soccer! I actually got a chance to scrapbook (still on year one for the 4 year old - nice). I cannot wait to go to bed tonight! It was a tiring, but a very productive weekend. Husband comes home tonight. Sunday night - off to see Cheap Trick and Journey! Whohoo! I seriously need a weekend to do nothing!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

JLS--a friend saw Cheap Trick and Journey and said Journey was awesome--better with the new guy even!!!

Have a BLAST!!!

Chris Redding said...

Now you guys are making me feel as if I have Stepford children,
I've never had these issues.
I've had others, but not dressing or cleaning.