Friday, November 21, 2008

Reasons Why Day Sex Six Didn't Happen

First, read the previous post or this if you have no idea what the title means.

OK, caught up?

So Five Days in, it was Day Six on Thursday, and here, in no particular order, I bring you "Reasons Why Day Six of the Sexy Challenge Didn't Happen" ...

1. It's Mr. Manic's Budget Season, and no, that is NOT code for anything.

2. He didn't get home until 8:00 p.m.

3. While we did discuss a nice backrub with some "warm lotion," we didn't think that would constitute as "the act."

4. I considered calling up the church to ask the Rev. Young who instituted this challenge if his definition of sex was the same as Bill Clinton's definition or if Mr. Manic and I may be able to orally discuss the situation. If you get my drift. And then smoke a cigar afterward.

5. I had Panera black bean soup for dinner.

6. Diva had a report to finish on the Liberty Bell AND had to work on her multiplication facts. AT 8:00 p.m. Of course.

7. Ajers' guitar practice was moved to 6:00, which is why we ate Panera for dinner, which is why we didn't get home till 8:00, etc. etc. excuses, excuses, I KNOW IT ALREADY DAMMIT!

8. At tuck-in, Tukey had a stuffy nose, and I had to help him use the Neti-Pot to clear his sinuses (and yes, he is home sick today, ruining my one day of the week where I had planned on yoga and then lunch with friends).

9. At tuck-in, Diva had a tummy ache so I laid down with her until she fell asleep, which was 10:04.

10. When I got to my room, Mr. Manic was snoring.

11. Honestly, we were both probably tired of having sex!

12. And probably, in the back of our minds, one of the main reasons we didn't go for Day Six was that Diva busted in on us on Day Five! Yup. FORTUNATELY ... yes, fortunately, and don't ask about logistics here folks, I was facing the door and yes, I had it cracked open for this very reason ... I saw her 'arriving' ... I cannot use the word coming in this context, that would be SOOOO wrong ... And I moved away and said, "What's the matter Diva!"

I was scared to death she was gonna say, "There's too much noise in here, what are you two doing!?"

Instead she said, "I can't sleep."

"Oh," and then stupid me said, "Well, I can't find my sock," because it was apparent I was on the wrong side of the bed. So she grabs my cell phone and opens it to shed some light on the bed and Mr. Manic and I both scream NOOOOOOOO, and then I said, "OH HERE IT IS, I FOUND MY SOCK!"

So, those are the reasons, my friends, why we only got to Day Five. Mr. Manic said before bedtime last night that we could skip Day Six but then we could make it up on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but you know what?


I think we've proved to one another that we still and have always loved each other, and that we have fun together, and maybe that was the point of this whole sexperiment.

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pixiemama said...

Hi, Manic -
I've been following along in your sexcapade posts. Good for you for giving it the old college try (when we may have been game for 7 times in a day!). O

ne time, I heard someone say that sex is like chocolate cake. You think, "Hmm. I could eat chocolate cake EVERY DAY, because I really, really love chocolate cake." But then you do, and you realize, chocolate cake doesn't taste so good on, say, day 6. But a little time passes, and you realize that sometimes TALKING about chocolate cake every day (or as often as the conversation naturally arises) makes the chocolate cake worth the wait. Since then, chocolate cake has become our "code phrase." Mmm. I LOVE chocolate cake.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

OMG! Pixie--chocolate cake is a GREAT analogy! It's true! You think you could eat your favorite food every single day but yeah, you would get tired of it! GREAT! Thanks for not beating me up for not meeting my challenge! : )

pixiemama said...

Hi, Manic -
Thanks for visiting my blog. I think I actually found you through Betty Confidential. Loved your blog name (felt like I should be calling myself the same) and found I liked reading about your kids, who are a little bit older than mine. I especially liked the story you shared a while ago about your son mouthing "I love you!" to you out the school bus window. I swear that will be me and Reilly in a few years.

Reilly is doing fine. We've had ups and downs, but for now, his situation seems stable. Thanks for asking. I wrote about it a couple of days ago, in my first Thanksgiving post, if you want more details.


Eileen said...

This whole thing has cracked me up.

You realize of course your kids will read this at some point in their lives and be horrified that you had sex any more than was required for their creation right?

Monnik said...

Girl, you crack me up! Love these posts and I might even give this challenge a try. Though I have to tell you, it would totally FREAK out my husband.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Eileen, at one point this morning, I sadly thought to myself, Someday, this blog will HAVE to come to an end, or I will have to stop posting these types of things. And then I thought also to myself, someday, far, far into the future, I'm going to totally say to Diva, "Remember when you were nine and you came into my room and I said I lost my sock? You totally caught me and dad having sex!" Bwhwhahahahah!

Monnik--I'm telling you, It will shock the MR!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Oh my god MM, you are so funny.

It's like cupcakes.
1 or 2x month = good
every day = tired of cupcakes

MaBunny said...

I'd go in for a whole day , or even two of bedplay, and I think the hubby and I accomplished that a few times BEFORE we had the kiddo, lol. NOW? well since shes a night owl, we r lucky if shes in bed by 1030-1100 on weekends, then we are able to have fun...but I'm already usually on the verge of sleepy :)

March2theSea said...

well you did a great job trying...i am sure you will be back in the swing before you know it..make up for it and do it x2 one day.

Michelle said...

Well, you did far better than I did. I half expected you to say that you were going to start over today. Quitter ;)

And ummm I'm so glad you only got SORTA busted. After she left, were you able to ?...

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Colorado--isn't it funny that we women relate sex with food!

MaBunny--I'm with you--No late-night owl lovin' for me. Always been a morning-girl when it comes to that stuff.

March--no way twice in one day. Although, HSM3 is now at the cheapy theater--If I get my Zac on, maybe that'll inspire me! LOL!

Michelle--OF COURSE We ummm. yeah. UH HUH!

Kwana said...

Oh my. Thanks for the laugh. You are so brave to blog this. I love the link. 7 days straight is a bit much with kids in the house. You gave it a great try.I so have to talk about this challenge on my blog. This pastor is funny. Only a man would come up with this.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Back in the swing?? You have as swing? Is it fun?? LOL! I could probably pull of that contest (no pun intended) if I used dog years....

Barb said...

Okay ~ this is hysterical. Unfortunately I have to "watch" what I say on my blog cuz I just found out that my 9 y/o reads it. EEK!

Shawna Lee Coronado said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shawna Lee Coronado said...

Isn't it funny... love is so intimately connected to sex, yet it has so little to do with sex sometimes. Love is when you spend all night up with a kid. When you two share a tragedy. It is especially when you are exhausted, but are still awake trying to run the family.

Love is blind. And love is particularly selfish. Defining love by what your sex life is... welll.... it just ain't possible.

Life is too fast and too furious... and well.. too life....

Best wishes Manic!


Anonymous said...

Hey Manic,

Today while perusing the headlines on I found this story--looks like the minister is also too tired for sex!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Yasmine--I know! I wrote a follow-up article for BettyConfidential that I OUTLASTED THE PASTOR! Hahahaha

Trish Ryan said...

This strikes me as the type of challenge with no down what if you and Mr. M "fixed the shelves in the closet" fewer than seven times? Your closet is no doubt better for the attention it received :)

Andie said...

ok. reason number 5 had me in stitches. SOOOO totally sounds like something I would say.

You guys are great for trying it out! Scott was trying to get me to do it, but I was like, I'm too busy with other stuff this week, there is no way! LOL