Sunday, November 16, 2008


First the shopping:

Met up with my bestest high school friends today for lunch and shopping and it's always so much fun and we're always like, "How come we don't do this that much?!" We had lunch at PF CHang's where, JUST like in high school, THEY peer pressured me into drinking!

So, since I didn't want any wine or my typical appletini, I asked our waitress if she could ask the bartender to make Pool Boys for us. So my friend K and I had Pool Boys. You can take the summer out of the girls, but you can't take the girls out of the summer. Or something like that. Our other friend, S, sucked down a Bloody Mary and we all looked at the empty glass and were like, "Where'd your drink go?!" Some things never change, even after 21 years post high school.

And then there's "T-Back" who drinks WHISKEY at lunch. Hard core. She's hilarious though because of course, the conversation very soon leads to blow j0bs and sex and thong underwear, and she says, "I only wear thongs when I want to RAMP IT UP!"


OK!!!!! So. Basically, thongs as sex toys.

And I have to tell this story, so T, don't kill me! She said she called up her husband to the bedroom saying she needed his opinion on something. When he got up there, she had put on a garter and said, "I'm cleaning out my drawers and wondered if I should give this to Goodwill?"

How's THAT for ramping it up! Keeping the marriage alive!

Then we get on the subject of jeans, and S is a very intuitive shopper. She knows what she likes and she's always dressed so nice and classy and KNOWS the name brands, whereas I, well, if it comes from Target, then I know the namebrand -- Momisimo anyone! Hhahah. Well, I do like my MACY's brands, so I have a teeny bit of class.

So S is a firm believer in the "Get one good pair of expensive well-fitting jeans" and life is good. We made her take us to Nordstrom's for a jean-fitting session and it was hilariously fun! T-Back got a couple pairs of jeans that look great on her, and I found one that I liked but I can't rationalize $180 for a pair of jeans that I have to sweat my ass to get into in the first place. Although we all did like this one pair of JOEs (is that the name of 'em girls?) Rockers. They were like a boob job for the butt cheeks! I will admit I am going to go to Nordstrom's Rack (the outlet) and see if I can find a pair for cheaper. I could use a butt lift.

And of course, T-Back locks herself out of the dressing room and she decides to crawl under to get back in so I had to take a picture. Cuz why not?

And we also celebrated that K is CANCER-FREE! She was diagnosed with breast cancer about six years ago and it mastasized into her brain and she has had about 28 surgeries, has had kidney failure, and so much hardship and has NEVER GIVEN UP! We are all so proud of her and she is amazing and such an inspiration!

So, it was a wonderful day with great lifelong friends on the verge of 40, and we missed our other pal Peg, who is at home with her sick little boy. : (

Now, for the SeXPeRiMeNT part of this post:

Last night, at dinner, our friends were telling us about this pastor who has challenged his married members of his congregation to have sex with each other. Not with each other as in an orgy-each-other, but with their OWN SPOUSES! Duh. You can read this link to learn more. So our friends were going to take the challenge. Of course, the husband is all for it. What husband WOULDN'T be?

I said, "I think the only time we ever did it that many times was in college when we did it like eight days in a row." (I don't know what was up but SOMETHING was in the air then!) And then, when we were trying to conceive Tukey, I MADE Mr. Manic "have relations" with me THIRTEEN days in a row. What's the big deal? I wanted to make sure he got me when I was ovulatin'. For the record, HE DID! And I didn't want to have to try again the following month. Making babies is a pain in the ass.

So, during dinner, we continued talking about this challenge to have sex for seven days in a row, wondered if we could do it (ha, pun intended!). I made jokes about it being just like an exercise program. We would HATE it in the beginning. It would be a chore. But then we'd feel great after we got it over with. And then maybe after the seven days, we'd continue to want to do it. Maybe we'd find that we'd like it.

Maybe it would become like a game, trying to figure out how to sneak away from the kids, like instead of being in the old days when we would try to figure out how to sneak away from the parents (and dear God, yeah, my mom reads this, so now she's gonna call and say, "When and where were YOU HAVING SEX when you were UNDER MY ROOF!?!?!? -- So Mom, just don't call.) now we will just have to figure out how to hide from the kids, which usually I just say, "Honey, I need you to help me with this shelf that fell down in the closet up here!" That's code.

So, we're talking at dinner about doing this challenge and I'm like, "So, you wanna try it" and Mr. Manic looks at his watch and says, "Sure why not, we already got one out of the way about three hours ago!"

How's that for romance?

And for the record, today, Sunday, is Day Two, and we're officially Two for Two.

I've told him we don't have to be romantic. I don't want romance. I don't care about the Big O for me. His are easy. I don't care if it doesn't last more than 2.2. I'm all about meeting the challenge.

I'm excited to see how this affects our relationship. I'm excited to see how our moods alter. I'm excited to see how he acts toward me when he comes home from work. I'm excited to see how we interact during the day. I'm excited to see if he'll notice I won't do any laundry this week or make dinner or unload the dishwasher either. I'm excited to see how we communicate differently. I'm excited to see how we connect physically, emotionally, spiritually.

And Mr. Manic?

Well, he's just excited.

So, check back to see how things are going! And let me know if you take the challenge or what your thoughts are on Seven Sexy Days!


Michelle said...

Ahhhh ... the good old days. I remember doing it ummm five times in a day when I was younger. Somehow, it's just not as appealing now that we have the wee ones. But I have a feeling my husband would be up for the challenge... next week ;) (And did you read about the women who did it for a whole YEAR?)

Anonymous said...

So now you get to call him "Mr. Bangy," too.
Mr. and Mrs. Bangy.

Hey, thanks for the closet motivation. I did get to clean my boys' closet out yesterday. Thank you, thank you! And today they put a kind of fort in there and played. (Not that it's big, just barely enough room for the 3.)

Oh yea, and speaking of jeans... (and not to be stalkerish about this, but I've been meaning to ask you) the jeans you have on in the pic of you at Blue Man Group. Are those Target? Because they look great on you. Just wondering. (Only because I could use a new pair of "girl jeans" (not the boy Levis I usually wear.))

Kristabella said...

Steph, you look so skinny in those photos! You look GREAT!

mamashine said...

I didn't realize that was getting national attention- I live pretty close to that church and a LOT of people around here are talking about it. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Mr. and Mrs. Bangy--hahah, love it!

Karla--those jeans from Blue Man Group are either Liz & Co. or Ana from JCPenney. They are not expensive at all! : )


Kelli--YEP, everybody's talking about SEX baby, talking 'bout you and me, talking about all the good things ... OK, I don't know all the lyrics from that George Michaels' song but now I want to listen to it, and yup, as of 5:30 a.m. today, we are three for three baby! : )

March2theSea said...

now that is a workout I'd like to start just need to convince the Mrs....hahahahah hahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

I love the excersise/sex very true. JUST DO IT (both of them that is but not at the same time....).

morninglight mama said...

"I'm all about meeting the challenge."

That is hysterical-- it's like the opposite of the no-masturbation challenge on Seinfeld... :)

noexcuses said...

They have support groups for people like you....(jk)

I won't wish you luck, because I know how you love challenges! I just know you're going meet this one...and then some!

Enjoy, and keep us posted!

Shawna Lee Coronado said...

Steph - Luis and I will be your cheerleaders. Imagine us in the room with you doin' the wave and chanting, "YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT!"

No pressure here....

Best blog of the day my friend - keep it up!


AutoSysGene said...

LOL! If making babies is a pain in the ass, I think you've found your problem...wrong spot, hun! ;)

Tanya said...

We tried the Sexperiment too. It was fun for about 5 days in a row before it became too much of a "chore" and we went back to normal.

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