Monday, February 16, 2009

SuNDaY BLooDY SuNDaY, FeB. 15

Sorry for the delay this week, but even a Manic Mommy has to take some time out for some Valentine fun and OH SHOOT! I just looked at a note on my desk and I owe Christine, Kirsten and Katy and Reagan a sexy CD! I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN! OK, I did forget, but thank goodness for that piece of paper with your addresses that will forever be here reminding me to make you gals a CD ...

Anyway! On to this past week's awesome blood donors for the Manic Mommy's Virtual Blog for Blood Drive, and if you haven't heard about it yet, WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE PAST SIX OR SO WEEKS??

Here's the lowdown, with not too much commentary cuz I'm a little bit tired, but great photos and much thanks to all you wonderful awesome folks, and everyone who donates blood until February 28 will be entered into the grand prize drawing for a trip to Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort!

And there are other great prizes to be had, including fun presents and gift cards of varying dollar amounts, thanks to great people:

Melissa at Hope Floats is donating a generous gift card!

My Pal Carlos has donated a check for prizes!

Rick at Organized Doodles who is donating a cartoon from his site!

Karla with a K, who has been a long-time Manic Mommy reader but cannot donate blood because of anemia but is donating a check toward gift cards!

And Jen, who you'll meet down below, is donating an adorable bow purse on page 31 on this site:, which retails for $28, PLUS she also donating a pint of blood! So thank you Jen for DOUBLE-DONATING! : )

And thank you all, and if there's anyone else who would like to donate a check or other prizes toward the Blood Drive, please leave a comment and I will contact you! Thanks to you all for your kindness and donations!

Now on with this week's donors:

Here's ALICIA:

Good morning! I heard about your contest from one of the other blogs I frequently read. What an awesome idea! I have been donating for over 24 years, and am now up to over 18 gallons donated! I go in every four weeks and donate platelets and/or red blood cells. I went through a weight loss program about a year ago and was quite bummed that I was not able to donate for over six months! That is also one of the reasons I have not yet got a tattoo, because I would have to wait a year to donate blood! It is such an awesome feeling to know that you are doing something that could save someone's life! Anyhow, I've attached my picture.

Thank you!
Hesperia, CA

Thank YOU Alicia! When I got MY tattoo at age 35 -- 'nother story for another day, which I probably already blogged about that one, I didn't know I couldn't donate for a year afterward--that bummed me out! Thank you for your donation Alicia! Don't forget to donate every 8 weeks, and also to come back next year for Manic Mommy's THIRD ANNUAL drive too!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And we have alum Donald, who generously donated last year too! Thanks "Zolofan!" You look great my friend!

Hi Manic -

Attached is my pic. I am now a 5-gallon blood donor! This was the second time I gave double red blood cells. They talked me into it when I last gave back in September. But you do have to wait for 16 weeks instead of the usual 8 between donations.

I am B-negative, the second-rarest blood type. While I can't be a universal blood donor, I figure I must be useful to the other B-negative people out there.

You can perhaps notice from the picture that the tubes going to the apheresis machine were laying across my lap. My best vein for donating is in my left arm, but the machine was to my right. So if I wanted to, I could look down from my magazine and actually see my blood starting to flow through the draw tube on the draw cycles. The machine alternates drawing blood and returning fluid on 30-second cycles. Kind of weird, of course, because you're used to the tube and donation bag hanging down at the side of the chair, well out of sight!

The phlebotomist who took my pic turned the screen of the machine toward me, in case I wanted to see when it was on the return cycle and I didn't have to squeeze the foam ball. But I also noticed that I could see the progress of my donation, realized that when I was about 420 ml into the donation, they had the machine set to draw 502 ml. There was also an estimated time bar creeping along at the top of screen, it was supposed to take 32 mins.

Turned out I gave 502 ml of red blood cells in 31 mins. Best wishes to you and to all my fellow donors.

Donald B.
Houston, TX

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi Manic,

I am an annual (sometimes twice) per year blood donor, as well as a runner who is training for a May half marathon (I've done two marathons with Team in Training and raised more than $12,000 for blood-related cancers, so I am very aware of the need for blood). Your contest came at the perfect time - before I got too into my training and during a blood drive at work! Thanks for the reminders!

Additionally, I am a consultant for 31 Gifts, and I would be honored to donate one of our bow purses as a prize, if you're still looking for prizes. Have a great day!

Jen T.
Robbinsville, NJ

Thank you Jen! Sounds like you do an AMAZING job raising money and spreading the word on the need for blood and helping with blood-related cancers! Thanks for helping out in my cause this year! And for also donating a purse too! That's so very cool of you! Good luck with your training! Run a half-marathon for me while you're at it too! That's something I should put on my list of To-Dos some day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hello. My name is Amanda H. I live an Temperance, Michigan.

I went and gave blood today. I had to take my own picture while I was there because some young man decided to pass out in the chair. I didn't want to bother them while they were so busy.

I don't really have an inspirational story as to why I gave blood, it is just something that I have been trying to do on a regular basis. (and they keep calling reminding me that it is time and they REALLY need my blood - lol). I figure why not donate, I love to do things to help people and what better way then to give them life. I started reading Dawn Meehan's blog and was directed to the Carepages so I guess you could say that those families inspired me. I know that my blood won't save the lives of those children but it can help them in the fight. I hope your blood drive is a success.


Amanda! Your story sounds pretty darn INSPIRATIONAL TO ME! Just the fact that you want to do it to help save people's lives is inspiration! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DONATING!!!

And I noticed you have a Tampa Florida shirt on! That's where I was born and my parents now live there again! So that's extra cool!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey Manic-

As I promised, three adorable first time donors - and their stories.

What possesses high school kids to give blood? I'm sure for some it is the idea of skipping out on a class period. For some it may be a right of passage into the "adult world" - sixteen years old are finally eligible to donate. Whatever their reason was - at LHS in Saint Louis on this past Wednesday February 11, a barrage of teens rolled up their sleeves and drained their veins. My daughter and her two friends signed up for there own reasons.

It wasn't just the lure of getting out of a class period (or two), it wasn't even the free stylish pink and white "Hero-Donate Blood" T-shirt, or the free snacks (shortbread cookies,pretzels, raisins and apple juice) ... instead it was about life - saving a life:

Madison A.
"I want the satisfaction of knowing that my blood may save someone's life, so they can hopefully live long and go on to help other people in the world in whatever way they can."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nikki B.
"I remember having my blood drawn before I got my tonsils out and thinking this is pretty cool. It didn't hurt. So when the opportunity came up to donate blood at school I decided I needed to jump at the chance to help save a life. And, even though I passed out several times during the day - the Red Cross staff was quick to come to my aid when I was dragged back to the gym - I will give again! A moment of fogginess does not deter."

~ ~ ~ ~
Maddie S.
"To be honest I was in it for the T-shirt. But, in the end if I can save a life then my free cute T-shirt was totally worth it!"

There you have it, three adorable sweet adorable sixteen year old high school girls -the blood donors.

Take Care,

Jodi! What great stories from three very brave and BEAUTIFUL teenagers! I think this is WONDERFUL that they all went for it and donated, and man, I am sooo sorry Nikki passed out throughout the day! Do they know the importance of their act, that they have saved so many lives by doing this, and that since they started donating at such a young age, hopefully it will become second nature to them and they'll donate every 8 weeks! Give them all kisses from me!

I hope all of you who have taken the time to read this post will think, SERIOUSLY THINK about what it means to donate blood, what it REALLY means to share what's INSIDE OF YOU with another human life, to save a PERSON, to do good for another, and think about these people you've just read about, and how easy it was for them to take a short amount of time out of their days to spread the love of humankind. To give of themselves to help to make this world a better place. To give life to another human being who may not have the chances or the good fortune that we have.

Think about it, and if you have the time to spare, you've certainly got the blood to share.

Consider a donation. 1 - 800 - GIVE LIFE.



Anonymous said...

I love the donator stories. Go high schoolers - even if it is primarily for the cool fashion ware.
Way to go!

Michelle said...

Yay donors! And umm sorry, I was sick this time. I'll make it eventually though -- even if it isn't until after the contest is over.

Kate said...

Hooray donors! A special shout-out to Zolafan, my buddy. I thanked him especially for donating his B- negative blood since that's what I have and they won't take. He's a good man!

P.S. I hold out hope that they'll decide that Mad Cow Disease isn't such a risk and I'll be able to donate again in the future. I'll do it every 8 weeks on the dot!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I know Kate--I can't stand that Mad Cow disease ban.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Michelle--get yourself better! Even just so you can be better, not so you can donate, just feel better! : )

Karla--thanks again for your monetary donation! I'll let you know when it comes in the mail. No mail today--Obama Day! LOL!

Anonymous said...

lol Obama Day. My kids told me it was Pikachusident's Day!

I guess I should go to bed. DONOR stories. I knew donator looked funny.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Donator works too! LOL!

JODI said...

The way to a man's heart is through food. The way to a women is with a good pair of shoes...or in this case a really cute, the cutest I've seen, donate blood T-shirt. And, I bet you the Red Cross knows what draws teens in...and they come with an extra large surplus of T's for the day.

The girls all got size appropriate shirts too boot. I donate, get a T-shirt and it is an XXXL. I end up with a night shirt which only then promotes blood donation to myself in my sleep LOL.

Hey, the three adorable girls, it turns out are now-- walking bill boards.

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks like they had fun, despite having needles in their arms!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

That's the great thing Colonel Tribune--they're ALL smiling, knowing they've done such a great thing! Thanks for stopping by Manic Mommy!