Sunday, February 01, 2009

SuNDaY BLooDY SuNDaY, FeB. 1

We've had a GREAT week of donors and I'd like to thank you all! And let's NOT FORGET that you still have THE WHOLE MONTH OF FEBRUARY TO ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVE TO DONATE!

All Manic Mommy Virtual Blood Contest Details are here.

Or Here.

Or Here.

So what's stopping YOU? Nothing stopped these fine people, and they are all now entered to win the grand prize, six-day, five-night stay at Sandestin Resort in Destin, Florida!

So let's meet these latest wonderful people:

Shelly Pepper, Illinois:

Here's what Shelley wrote:

You said my last name makes you smile and I'm betting this email will make you smile too ... I donated blood today! Yes, I am no longer a blood donor virgin ... and we'll just leave it at that. Keeping my fingers crossed cuz' while a gift card would be nice, Florida would be SOOOOO much nicer - I'm sick of this snow!! I told my fiancee he's going back to donate so he can enter too (and you can get another man in your contest!). I made him go with me today as I have a track record of passing out when my blood is taken (no worries - I was fine today!) and to prove to him that it's no big deal - why are men such wusses about stupid stuff? Haha! Hope you get bunches of donors this year (although I shouldn't as that will reduce my chances of being Florida bound! ha)! Well, I'm off to eat me some red meat! Talk to ya later!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here's Tiara-Wearing-Melisa-with-One-S, who is an Alum Donor. And Former Manic Stalker Turned Friend. She called me up on Tuesday to tell me she was donating and although I was at my kids' school reading to the first graders (YES! I do volunteer and do cutesy mom things SOMETIMES!), I was able to sneak over to the blood center and surprise her and hold her hand while they jabbed the needle into her arm. What a great gal she is--she teaches spin class, and then comes over all hot and sweaty to give her blood, which flowed really fast they said because she is an exercise guru!

You can read her version here at her blog Suburban Scrawl, which is always funny and I'm sorry Melisa that I don't get over there as much as I'd like to, but I don't want you to think I'm stalking you or anything! : )

After Melisa donated, we sat and had a brownie and Diet Coke and chatted with the gals at Heartland cuz I just love 'em over there, and we caught up on some blog gossip and the usual, and she told me about Weaselmomma and how cool she is, and her husband's awesome Exorcist soup and how they have like more kids than that chick who just had like a bazillion kids. So of course I wanted to know all about this cool new person who calls herself a weasel, so I checked out her blog. Now, that's a clue for you to go over and say hi to weaselmomma and then tell her Manic Mommy said to do so, so then she'll be like, "Why are all these people coming over to my blog to say hello, and then she'll come over here and see why, and that'll be kind of funny, don't you think? Oh, and then she'll read how I am CHALLENGING HER TO DONATE BLOOD! Bwhahahaahahah! WeaselMomma, do you accept this challenge to donate blood?

And YES! I have just decided that every Sunday now, I am going to challenge another blogger to donate blood, even though we don't have many Sundays left, but this challenge officially goes out to WEASELMOMMA, so someone (EVERYONE!) please go to Weaselmomma and let her know she is now challenged to enter Manic Mommy's Virtual Blog for Blood Contest.

And you can thank Melisa with One S for introducing you to me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And next up, we have Michelle, who found out about the blood drive through my good friend Dawn at Because I Said So

This is what Michelle wrote:

Hello! I found your blog through Because I Said So (OK, it was your
Sunday Shout Out question! Apparently, that worked!)

FYI, for the TWO of you who don't read Dawn's Because I Said So, she answers questions every Sunday, and I always leave her an obnoxious question asking her something irrelevant about blood donating or something silly so she'll laugh and say, "Manic, you're crazy!" Apparently, this tactic got Michelle to notice the blood drive and she came over to see what it's about and she DONATED! So, thanks to Michelle and Dawn! (PS--Dawn, I left you ANOTHER Sunday Sound Out goofy question TODAY too!)

Now, back to Michelle:

I love seeing all the people in the chairs! It's a great addition to a contest! And even though you didn't convert a new donor with me (I'm a pretty consistent donor), you did convert a new blog reader :)

Thank you!

Thank YOU Michelle! And check out Michelle's blog at naiad-kitty

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And lastly, but NOT leastly, we have Nikki, from NICE, and WARM, and SUNNY Phoenix! I have been FREEZING in Chicago lately so Phoenix sounds SOOOO WARM to me!

Here's what Nikki wrote:

I’ve always been a donator of blood. I started when I was 17 (YAY FOR YOU NIKKI!)and have been an consistent donator at least once a year, except when I had my children. I love being able to help others, and with a blood type of O+, (I'M O POSITIVE TOO NIKKI!) I find myself in high demand. We relocated to Phoenix a few years ago, and I was thrilled to find out that the building I work in holds 3-4 drives a year. It was my time again, and it just happened to coincide with your virtual blood drive. I was so thrilled to find it!

Just as an aside, getting to Florida is not an option for me right now, so please don’t include me in the grand prize drawing. Any second or third prize drawings I would be happy to be part of. Florida is just out of our reach.

No problem Nikki--how 'bout since I'm soooo cold, I'll put your name in and if you win, I'LL GO IN YOUR PLACE!!! HA! I'm kidding! That wouldn't be fair, now would it!?!? I will make sure that your name will go into the hat for the other prizes, just not the grand prize trip to Fla!

So everyone, here you have it! These darling ladies have all saved some lives this week. It was easy for them. No one passed out. It wasn't an inconvenience for anyone. No one complained about anything. They all have beautiful smiles on their faces ... Why don't you go out this week and do ONE SMALL KIND THING ...


All the details are RIGHT here.

Let's see how many of you we can get for next week. Not only am I counting on you. So many others are too!

And there really is a desperate shortage of blood out there, so please, go help!

Thank you!

Peace UP!


Melisa Wells said...

Thanks for remembering to put in the post that I just came from a workout (and normally don't go in public--or have pictures taken of me--when I look like that. :) ).

Nice try on the "sorry I can't get to your blog as much as I like to but am worried you'll think I'm stalking you" excuse, had better just get your Manic boo-tay over to the Scrawl more often, Missy! :)

Happy Sunday Bloody Sunday!

WeaselMomma said...

If they take my blood, I'll do it. But if I win Florida, where am I getting airfare?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

If you don't think you can swing Fla airfare, you can always just enter to win the gift card options! OR, you can DRIVE! It's only 15 hours in the car with your kids--ain't that worth a pint of blood .... hahahah, maybe not, huh?!?! Hahahah

Kirsten said...

Congrats with the donors, you are inspiring. I did go and donate last Friday but I forgot my camera. It's OK though, I just went to St. Thomas ~ I don't deserve another sunny trip! I am vowing to give every 3 months at least from now on. Thanks for the push! :-)

Shawna Lee Coronado said...

WOWEE WOW WOW!!! I'm so proud of you Steph - you rock big time! Keep up the Bloody Sunday's! You're doing awesome!

Kirsten said...

Manic, thanks for stopping over. We were at the Wyndham Sugar Bay which I think is near Frenchman's reef. Yes, it was gorgeous and I already can't wait to go back, although it is super pricey in St. Thomas. Maybe next time . . Mexico. I know I can't drink the water, but whatever . . . no water in rum drinks, right? And thanks for a shout out next Sunday, I love shout outs and selfishly always hope it will bring masses of new readers over to my little blog! :-)
hmmm, 2 comments on one post, am I getting stalkerish????

Veronica Lee said...

Hi and welcome to MBC!

TTQ said...

I always pop in and say thanks to Manic and her cause! I've had more transfusions thanks to people here. wait that sounded wrong..what I mean to say is thanks to blood donors giving up a pint a blood that helps keep me alive.

P.S. I married my husband because we have the same blood type....just kidding! He's chicken shit, he keeps promising to go to the blood bank and donate for no reason.

Tara R. said...

Weaselmomma told me about your blood drive after reading about my daughter finally facing her fear of the sight blood to donate at her college. What was funny to me is that I work in Destin... maybe my kid could win a trip home to visit. I can almost see Sandestin Resort from my office!

Good luck with the contest! I'm rooting for WM!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey TTQ--good to see you here!

ANd Tara hi there! Maybe I'll come stay with you! LOL!

Nikki K said...

You're more than welcome to come to Phoenix, the weather's great! I think I'll refrain from posting our actual highs and lows, for fear of being virtually strangles. :)

Just be warned that my house is as crazy as anyone's, so you may want a hotel if you come to the valley. :)

I'm so glad the virtual blood drive is going well. I can't think of a better way to make a difference in the lives of others, all across the country!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thank you Nikki, especially in light of the fact that I got some odd email this a.m. that I am being discriminatory with my contest?!?!? I'll share that on Sunday Bloody Sunday. WTF!?!?

Billie Wages said...

Here I am Manic, *long but needed for new donors* and headed for an IVIG treatment next Sunday. The IVIG is comprised of the pooled blood of AT LEAST 1000 donors, FDA requirement.

I get five (5) every four (4) weeks at a cost of $20,000+ per treatment which is per day (?=ask). Your blood is very valuable in many ways. PLUS, there is a shortage now following the ice storm storm_outages. AND. . . this gets really good now . . . we were in the ice storm and were without power (looked like a bomb hit us) for 6.875 (shortens to 6.9 ;) days, 165 hours, just getting our power restored yesterday. Still not used to this life of comfort. Jim went to run the dishwasher; the largest jug of Cascade Wal-Mart sells, and it was solidly frozen! THAT is cold, and was our ambient temperature, and it had been below freezing w/o heat!! I had 4 quilts folded over two (2) times on top of me, only getting up to use the potty chair directly next to my hosp bed, and then right back, he'd bottle-cap, twist my legs back under the covers. . awww warm, but HEAVY and immovable! Another goodie - I had back surgery Thursday B4 that and was recouping, having to change my dressing one time during the week.

PRAY for those still w/o power.I'm used to abnormal lifestyle adjustment, most people are not, and it was beginning to drain on me; options were running out, plus this was after Jim's cancer surgery. HE's going to try to donate for you & me if it has been long enough since his surgery. ;)

I KNOW this sounds like a Betty
story! LOL
Still having to update my blog as I regain my strength from last week. It weakened me noticeably.

Will send you email with some ideas after I've recouped from writing this. Love ya, my BFF!

Ragdoll Billie on the Road to Remission

Michelle said...

Sorry, Manic. I tried again on Saturday and my hemoglobin was down to 11.0 from 11.7 the week before. I even made my husband go out and get me that hamburger on Friday night AND ate seaweed and raisins before heading over to donate. *sigh* I'm trying again soon though, promise (do I get partial entries for every rejected attempt?) ;)

OH OH! And my word it FLOWD. Almost flowed like blood. Ok, so I'm the only one who thinks that's funny.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Billie--you take care of yourself girlfriend! Sending hugs, and BLOOD DONATIONS!

Michelle--I laughed when I read your word verification--that IS FUNNY! Keep eating those iron pills and burgers!!!! It took Andi FOUR times before her blood was good enough to donate!!

Billie Wages said...

Oh, Manic, you rmember how much good the drive did me last year? I'm in MUCH better shape this year BECAUSE of the IVIGs! I'm taking this to the nurses, and everyone I can reach while we are at the hospital next week. PLUS.... I've got Jim on the bandwagon this year. He'll help me spread the word since I cannot leave the room while receiving it. Oh, I just remembered, we know people all over that hospital. hehehehe

Sorry, I talked so much, girl, but I am sooo excited about this. You are doing the best thing in the world. I and others are owing our lives to your efforts! Life is exciting!

WeaselMomma said...

I'm now officially one pint low.