Thursday, April 09, 2009

BooK GiVeaWaYS & TRuuCoNFeSSioNS.CoM

Congrats to Jennifer at who is the random winner of Jen Singer's Stop Secong-Guessing Yourself book.

But not to worry, we have another fun book to give away RIGHT NOW!

And you'll have TWO SHOTS to enter, one here, and one over at my other home on the net, BettyConfidential. (Have you NOT checked it out yet? And if not, WHY NOT!?!)

So here are SOME are my confessions on motherhood:

Let kids go to bed without brushing their teeth: Check.

Let Tukey wear dirty underwear two three days in a row but turned them inside out because I didn't feel like doing laundry: Check.

Allowed Diva to make own bowl of ice cream as big as she wanted after begging her to eat the TWO chicken nuggets she's required to eat by-her-$65-per-half-hour dietitian: Check.

I'm a naughty mommy, and when I discovered there's a site out there for other naughty mommies like me, I couldn't get to it fast enough. It's like a secret society! A place where we don't have to wallow alone in our naughtiness, a place where we can go and shout joyously, "Me, too!" or "I did that!" or even, "I've got a better one!"

And, come on, you've got to admit it, we're not all perfect moms, now, are we? I sure as hell know I'M NOT! And you've been reading Manic Mommy long enough to know that too! Ha!

Author Romi Lassally knows there's no such thing as a perfect mom, but if there were, would we really want to hang with her? So Romi created this awesome site called TruuConfessions where you can submit the worst of the worst confessions and no one will judge you and most of the time, you'll get a "ME TOO" from another mom who's done EXACTLY THE SAME THING YOU HAVE!

It's so rewarding!

Here's my favorite confession that I'm not afraid to share with all of you: I'd secretly like to commit a crime that will get me in just enough trouble to land me in a minimum-security women's facility for about three months, just so I can sleep and write!

Doesn't THAT sound glorious? Don't call me a HORRIBLE mother either. OF COURSE I'd miss my kids TERRIBLY! (I'd want them to visit on Sundays -- hahah!)

So Romi compiled the best of the worst, and it's all here in this great book, True Mom Confessions.

Leave me a little teeny confession here, and I'll enter you to win a copy of the book, and ALSO, head over to BettyConfidential, RIGHT HERE, and you can enter again for twice the luck to win the book!

And don't forget to check out the TruuConfessions site - there are "confessionals" for all sorts women: Moms, Wives, Brides, Single/Dating, Body/Diet, Office, and Military Wives. So head on over to confess, after you've made a little confession here, and also stop by Betty to enter there too for twice the fun, AND TELL YOU'RE FRIENDS. You know they've got something to confess too!



Gina said...

During swimming season, pool counts as bath? check

Kirsten said...

That prison desire confession rings so true, except that at times I secretly wish for a small illness that is not life threatening or too serious but that ends me up in the hospital for about 1 week so I can just sleep and watch t.v. and people will bring me my meals that I have pre-ordered from a little sheet each morning. Is that bad?

Oh yeah, and I let my kids go entire WEEKENDS without brushing their teeth. And give them ice cream for breakfast sometimes. There are more but I don't want Children & Family services tracking me down.

B. said...

Well, I've only been a mom for about 13 1/2 months, so I don't have too much to confess....yet. Wait until she's about 10, and I'll probably have a book of my own to write. I think I'm still in that over-protective-only-the-best-for-my-baby stage.

So, to be fair, since I don't have a kid confession, I'll share an embarrassing adult confession. I haven't taken a shower today and don't plan to. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

B--I haven't taken a shower today either, am still in my clothes that I sweated in from last nights' strep fever, am NOT wearing a bra AND had to pick my daughter up from school to take her to the doc for a strep test too, in these same clothes! haha! here's to the no shower days!

And Kirsten--I totally do fantasize about the hospital stay sometimes too--a comfy bed you can adjust to your liking, and someone just COMING IN whenever you need them to so they can TAKE CARE OF YOU! LUXURY!

Gina--chlorine kills everything!

Unknown said...

Swimming counts as bath? Check
No brushing teeth? Check
"Eat what you want, I'm not cooking" Check
You want to sleep in the clothes you played in ALL day because you like them so much? Check
You want to go outside and ride your Barbie Jeep in your Hannah Montana gown that you have slept in for three days? Go ahead!!!!!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Yesterday, at Walmart, we were looking at Easter candy and one bag had busted open. I let my kids eat some of the gum.

Fantastic Forrest said...

MaNiC MoMMy™, Forgive me for I have sinned...

I brought my children to the live taping of a bawdy radio show, Live Wire! where they heard Storm Large sing "My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide."

I live in fear that my pre-teen daughter will mention this title to her Girl Scout Troop leader.

Who is a very nice Mormon lady unused to such cultural events.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Oh no! I just checked out BettyConfidential per your suggestion.

There's thousands of hours' worth of material to read here. I will NEVER get to the laundry or grocery shopping or anything else.

Curse you, MaNiC MoMMY™!

Kristin said...

I've only been a mom for about three months so I don't have a confession there. But I will offer an adult confession like B. I regularly ignore phone calls from my very lovely neighbor because she is long winded and I know I will lose at least 30 minutes to a quick conversation.

Shelley said...

There are days when I wish I could send my 14 year-old daughter to live somewhere else for a while. You know, just until she turns back into a human.

K. Smith said...
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K. Smith said...

If clorine can keep a pool clean it's good enough for a bath!!

Ditto on teeth-brushing.

I "confess" that I hate to cook and have, on occasion, put a bowl of cereal in front of each kid for dinner, picked up a book and gone off to read.

Valerie G said...

Well, there is always the days without baths and letting my son eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in his PJs b/c I don't feel like doing laundry...
I would love to win this book!! I am about to give birth to #2 and this would be great to keep me from feeling like the worst mom ever while I neglect my 4 year old b/c I am just too tired!

Michelle said...

Ummm how about the day I was tired and didn't feel like waking up. When Mister Man came into my bedroom and told me he was hungry (he's 5), I told him he could make his own breakfast. I sent him downstairs to eat a piece of bread.

Except the bread is closed up with a twist tie. He can't figure it out and was crying. So I shouted for him to come back up to me... then I figured out what his problem was and had him bring me the bag. I opened it and sent him back downstairs.

I think I slept for another forty-five minutes that morning.... And then I made him a much better breakfast than two pieces of untoasted wheat bread. Plain.

DawnfromCA said...

Ok, here are a few of my "World's Greatest Mom" moments:
-let daughter play in my makeup so I could take a quick nap
-bribed the 12y.o. to watch twins so I could take a quick nap
-let the kids go to school a little late because so I could sleep just a little longer

I'm noticing a theme here....

Maybe I just need some sleep! Don't we all????

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


congrats! Please email me with your full name and address and we'll get your copy in the mail to you!


Fantastic Forrest said...

Awesome! Thanks. :-)